Thursday, May 13, 2010

when my eyes pop

I watch TV a lot... from Spongebob, Project Runway, Desperate Housewives, Gossip girls, CSI, Lost to House md. from listed, House is the most amazing character of all time!! I am totally in love with him!! That sarcasm is just toooo cute to hate...hehehe...*blush*

Petang kol 6.30 adalah mase untok tengok TV3. hehehe...yes..I watch that slot...and now showing cerita Adamaya. I'm not sure wether you are familiar or not with that drama. but I'm not explaining anything. I assume everyone knows about it.

Adam's character was this super loving comitted cute guy/husband/daddy. Does this exist in real world?? I wonder...

Or it's just a written character just to make a story out of it? He married a girl he barely knew. Didn't even flip (not even a bit!) when he knows the wife was seeing her xbf. Trying so hard to please the wife even she didn't appriciate him at all. Didn't even try to kill wife's x bf, even he knows she is seeing him, even when he saw them together!!

I don't think Adam exist in real life...he sounded like erkkk...stupid...or xpunya perasaan...right...I think Adam is a bit too much..even in a fairy tale story he doesn't exist...kannn...Too nice..Too much..

I love romantic stories like that..make me smile..hehehe...but this is too much right..even in Nur Kasih, Adam's character wasn't THIS nice..He have a normal human being!!

arggghhhh...I'm writing about a non existence thing...I hate that...xmemberi pekdah langsung!! Why am I thinking about this, I don't even know!! menyemak jek..

To find a guy who is half as nice as Adam pon dah cukop bagus dah!! please..Introduce to me one..hehehe..

Baik lah layan cerita least those sarcasm jokes made me laugh like crazy!! sampai tercabut anak tekak..uhhhh...I love House...

Did I mention I love House?? oowhh..I did..hahaha...saje jek..

updated: adamaya dah habis!!fine...but I like it she (Maya) said " Dia (Adam) tuh syurga I" oowhh sweet...Only after she realise she made a mistake!

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