Saturday, July 31, 2010

What a small world!

Can you believe it? I know I still can't.

Nini's akad was today. And as usual it is a sad moment. it went well. Now Nini is someone's wife.

Don't ask when I am going to get married. I am still asking around, asking who wants me. hahahaha.....

Anyways, this one women caught my eyes. I know that women. I know Nini's husband's mother. I know her. I am sure. Now I' m trying hard to remember where I know her. Then I look at his father. Then it stricked me. OMG! I know this people. I actually know the whole family. What a small world.

This is Ashraf that I knew when I was 6 y/o. Their family are friends with ours back then when we were in the UK from the 1990's. Hoh! How I know and recognized this people is still a mistery. I was 6. and knew them for a short period. I still remember them!

Hoh! There's pictures of all of us. I remember his sister spent the night at our house. Such a small world. Almost 20 years.

I am so excited. Very excited.

Congrats Nini. Semoga berbahagia sampai infiniti. Ashraf, please take good care of Nini.

I still can't believe you are that Ashraf I knew almost 20 years ago! Uncle Othman and Auntie Haniza, I am so excited to see you again. Hope to catch you all tomorrow at Nini's reception. Just to say hai. Hope you all still remembers me.

I am watching Cerekarama 'Takdir'. Ada Saheizy Sam. Berlakon jadi despatch yang nak kumpol 50k nak kawin. Heh! I'll marry you anytime! FOR FREE!!! hehehehe...


It started to feel like Ramadhan. Hehehe... and I love Ramadhan. Shopping malls ans supermarket are now starting to decorate with Ramadhan stuff. They even started selling Kuih raya stuff too. Hoh!
Kami puasa semalam. Biasa lah, dah dekat nak Ramadhan baru sebok nak ganti puasa kan. Heh. Yang jadi rase macam dah start Ramadhan bile saya buat Ayam Percik untok berbuka.

It is different from the KL version. This is Ayam Percik Kelantan. Very easy yet soooo delicious. So I would definately suggest you to try it. Here's the resipi:-

  1. Perap ayam ngan bawang putih dan halia yang dah blend. Bakar ayam separa masak. Set aside.
  2. Tuang santan dalam periuk. Blend cili (or just use cili boh), bawang merah, bawang putih, halia, belacan dan tuang dalam santan tuh. Masukkkan asam keping, serai yang ditumbuk. Hidupkan api. Masak sampai dia pecah minyak. Gula garam secukop rase.
  3. Masukkan ayam yang separa masak tuh dalam kuah tadi. Masak lagi sampai ayam masak. Siap. Makan. Sedap. Jilat periuk. (seriously I did jilat peruk!) Hahahaha...
Bila dapat berbuka ngan ayam percik memang sedap. Seres rase macam dah puasa.

I went to Tesco with Daddy tonight. Heh, saje teman Daddy shopping sambil ambil barang yang aku xmampu nak bayar. Hahaha...

I love going shopping ngan Bapak. Sama macam ngan Mak dulu, shopping time is time to catch up with things. Usual topic bila borak ngan Daddy adalah...well, My mom of course. I know it is hard for him, but hey, this is why we talk kan? So that we can support each other. Suddenly I felt like I am stronger than my dad is. Tipu sangat!
Other than that, one topic he love to discuss with me is politics! Why Daddy why?? I was interested in politics before. Love to hear what he have to say about some certain things. But now, I am sick and tired of Malaysia's politics. It will never change. It will get worst and worst until we all go bankrup and we have to fled the country and live somewhere like zimbabwe or something. It sucks! So I stop caring. It doesn't matter if they reveal one corupted politician or even 100 politicians, or cronies, or whatever wrongdoing they have done, it will just be forgotten just like that. Nothings is going to change. The rich go richer, the poor just get poorer.

My political view; All I want is change. That is all.

Have all of you watch Inception? Please watch it and let me know what do you think about that movie. I love it. I love movies that get you confused and thinking about it many2 days after you've watch it. Heh..

To me, Inception is just Nolan's idea in putting in everyone's brain about that dream in dream in dream concept. He left the movie hanging, with lots of things unclear to keep people thinking about it. That, is his inception. To get people starting to accept that this dream in a dream idea seems possible and logic and rational enough. He is the one planting ideas in our subconcious. Hoh! one brilliant man he is. It get me thinking about it in my sleep.

Well, I think the idea of dream in a dream is somehow possible. But you certainly need loads of practice. It is not easy to control your dream. I always thought of dreams as a very thin layer of memory. That's why you can't remember your dream. About controlling your dream concept, I did it that when I was little. You know, when you were little you always pee in your bed. Hah! I know I did. I always dream that I was in the toilet, than I pee, not in the toilet but in my bed. So I told myself if I dream that I'm in the toilet, I have to wake up. It is not easy. You need practice of course. It is hard to tell that you are in a dream. But I did it. So it is possible to control your dream. But I don't do it anymore. Obvious right, hahaha... I don't wet my bed anymore.

But I love the story. It is kinda confussing at first, then you get the idea. To me, we are still watching Cobb's dream. Huh. If only he jumped with his wife.

Enough review. and enough writing. I'm sleepy. Night everyone.

I wonder how will it be if Kurt Cobain is still alive.
Seriously off topic. Just thinking nonsense.But, what if.....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

food and more food

I promise a food posting right? Instead of me membebel kan? hehehe...

So this is it. Walaupon makanan yang xseberapa, I don't care. I'm still putting it on the blog. ;P

Mee goreng for dinner.
Heh. I have the step by step pics but just too lazy to do a step by step posting.
Besides, it is just mee goreng. Mehh..

This is the dinner for today. Sotong goreng kunyit.

dan jugak sayur goreng.

See, not so much pon.
Just normal bujang food.

This is makanan for sahur untok puasa esok.
Nasi goreng ape-ntah-pataya.

Did you remember our quick trip balik kampung?
This was us having our breakfast.
That is the view from the restaurant.
Can you see how near it is with the sea. I like!

Below is what Terengganu people have for breakfast.

Nasi air.

Nasi minyak.
Dimakan hari2 untok sarapan.
Bukan untok majlis kawin

Roti Sardin. Sadap gile.

Okay habis dah.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Juga nasihat untok diri sendiri

What a beutiful Tuesday morning. And I'm a bit sleepy. Lately nih susah sangat kalau nak bangun pagi. Malam diganggu mimpi-mimpi indah. Hoh!

Yes! Akhirnya berjaya jugak invites my UM buddies to come over my house and makan-makan. Walaupon x sehavoc dulu. tapi dapat jugak lah kite kumpol sebelom Wani pi Jepun and makan Nasi Beriyani. hehehe... Xdok gambar sekeping pon sebab malas nak amik.

Anyways, my best buddy from Matricultion days called up. Well, with the same story and the same problem. Here's her situation. She fall in love her best friend who is a guy from work. I know him and I've meet him. He is about 2-3 years older than us, but he knows his way around girls. He does makes you feel kinda special..hoho..I do remember telling Dils, that she better be very careful and not fall for him, for her work sake. But, she did anyway. Haish... She have told her feelings to him, and of course he said no, He is a married man with two kids! And she is complaining that this guys is running away from him, and not as close as before. They were close, they went everywhere together, work requirement of course.

Many2 times I have told her, to forget about this feeling. I know it is not easy, but this is quite obvious that this relationship would never work. Yes it sucks to be rejected and it sucks to be rejected by your own best friend. But she should see this coming from afar, right? And after all this, expecting that guy to be the same as he is before is not going to happen, right?

I have been in both situation, rejecting and being rejected. In where if it involve a good friend, it is definately turn into a weird situation and always and always terminating that very good friendship. Let me tell you my story. FYI, I don't have many good guyfriends as trying not get involve in this awkward situation.

This guy is a very good friend. He is like a your best girlfriend who you told everything, meet up in any occasion, spend time as much as you could, just minus the romantic stuff. I remember telling myself, "Cool. I have a guyfriend that I can rely on, and he has no personal feeling towards me. Yeh." But he have to ruin everything. What seems to be too good to be true, doesn't gonna last that long. Hoh..

One very fine day, he confessed everything. I thought he was kidding that this was some kind of joke or something. Instead, he was real. Sunggoh ralat. I don't know what else to say or do, So I said why don't we just friend like we always do? Why not just stay friend.. I love him, I do. But as friend, no more than that. What happened was so unexpected. At the beginning it seems okay, it seems that we still can be friends even after his feeling wasn't mutual. Then, what I expected is happening. We are just getting further and further away from each other. Then he said, I can't do this. I can't see you anymore. We can't be just friends. I am expecting something else from you. And each time I see you it hurts me. So this is goodbye. I am sorry.

And that was it, ruined friendship. Same goes when I was the one being rejected. I know exactly how that guy felt. And I know it sucks. But what can you do? You don't fall in love purposely. It just happen. And when it happen, nothing is going to stop it. But falling in love with your best friend and having those feeling not return back, is just disaster. So my advice is, if you ever tanpa sengaja fall in love with your best friend, just shoot to his/her face. Tell him. So what if you get rejected. It hurts, but atleast you know. Ruin friendship? Rather than getting hurt each time you see him, might as well end up that friendship right (It's already over the moment you realise you've fallen for him right?). Hoh! It is hard.

So Dils, forget him. Just forget him. The damage have been done. It's unreverseable. You just can't do anything about it anymore. He can no longer be the best friend you used to know. Just accept the fact and move on. You may loose him, but I'm pretty sure there's plenty more. Just forget him. So me confessing to another guy? Not anymore. I just want to wait and keep on waiting. Yes you. Please be brave and say it to my face okay?! haahahaha....

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Woh..lame rase nya menghilang lagi kan...Miss me? hehehe...
Nak kata busy x lah sangat. Cuma x berkesempatan nak meng'update' blog. So this one is going to be one loooong entry. Hah..Let's see how long is loooong. hahaha...
Semalam hantar kakak and her hubby balik UK. No, bukan hantar sampai UK, tapi hantar pi KLIA jek. (Kan best kalau dapat pi sekali). Satu mende yang saya pesan pada kakak adalah... The moment her husband started crying homesick, Call me!! and put it on loud speaker!!! ngahahaha...Aku jahat!
Hari ni pergi PAWS and amik kucing sekor lagi!
Korang ingat kan iklan mencari Abang ngan Adik. tapi x dapat ditemui! mana ntah diorang nih. Abik and anak2 xde kat rumah bapak sebab they are with me in my house. Disebabkan ketiadaan kucing, bapak dapat haiwan peliharaan baru....yerk... Tikus!! besar punyer!! Hoh! Dasat gile. tikus nih memang x takot orang langsung. selamba badak dia jek keluar jalan2 lalu depan orang ramai time ktorang tengah wat BBQ kat rumah!
So adopt a new cat and we named it Chibi! and this time kucing itu adalah 'Besar punye'. tapi kalau kucing tuh x reti tangkap gak tikus tuh, xde harapan lah. xtau lah nak buat ape.
Can you believe this? I got stuck in my own bathroom for more than 30 minutes! (42 minutes to be exact!) Demmit! I can hear you laughing, It's not funny. Okay fine, it is funny. Laugh all you want!
Boleh pulak door lock rosak. Nasib baik masa tuh Ulfah ada kat rumah. Buatnya kalau kene masa xde orang kat rumah, nak mintak tolong sape? Nak tunggu adik datang rescue pon 30 minit. Lame sunggoh!
Hari rabu buat bridal shower for my Girl! huhuhu...dah nak kawin dah, and yang paling x best adalah Nini nak pi jepang lepas kawin! xdapat la nak jumpe gelak2 macam sokmo-sokmo. Mana lagi nak dapat member yang bawak kete buat corner pakai gear 5 at 80 km/j (Aku pon xreti nak bawak kete cmnih?!). Sapa lagi nak berebut mic kalau pi karok ngan budak2 tuh? yang nak gaduh2 sampai kene kurung dari luar? yang nak jadi pengacara gile time jalan2 balik Tganu? Yang nak menyamar konon2 dia Rossa? Yang nak buat tempahan catering untok makan 10 orang je? Yang ade suara nyaring gile, 10 batu pon ko tau tuh Nini? Yang xbolih berhenti bercakap? hehehe... And yang paling xdapat dicari ganti....... Brownies ko yang super sedap tuh! bile nak bagi resipi nih? W'pun aku xreti nak buat kek, akanku cuba jugak! I am definately going to miss you (your brownies actually!) lah.
And I'll be waiting for only one thing from you. Yup, a free air ticket to Japan! hahaha... Anyways, goodluck and all the best! I know you make a good wife and mother... Owh, and speaking of that, there is one thing good about you leaving. Baby won't remember who her Mak Lang is and suddenly Auntie Fifi is her new fav! Hahahaha....
A few hours before my sister's boarded her plane, we went to visit my mom's kubur. That was probably my shortest visit ever. I just couldn't hold my self. Two seconds and I went back in my car. Trying so hard not cry.
It's easy for other people to say things like "She's gone. Accept the fact that she's gone. Move on" or "You can't cry. It's fate that your mum is now dead". Shut up bitch! Let's see what will you do when your time comes. What normal people who doesn't fell sad, or cry or sometimes just smile when you remember the one you love and lost? There's something wrong with you if you just go, Owh. she's dead. Lalalalala...lalala... Is it wrong to even remember and feel sad about it?
It's hard to explain to people until you experience it yourself. But I realise that there's one thing good that I've learn when my Mum passed away. That I can get thru anything!
You see, when this most unthinkable happened, watever comes after that, is just a small matter. If I can get thru this, I can get thru anything!
I still couldn't find time to invite friends over my house. Plannye nak buat esok. Makan nasi beriyani. Sorrylah. Susah lah nak buat weekends, susah jugak nak buat weekdays. Hoh...Gimana nih? Ideas???
I am out of music to listen to. Radio sucks! They keep on repeating the same annoying song. All my favourite CD's are no where to be found. Sara Bareilles, One Republic, Nidji...semuanya xtau pergi mana dah... Gone with the wind..
I can't listen to Peterpan anymore.. I even pronounce it as Peterporn. Ariel was my celebrity crush. Was?? was!!! now, not anymore...why Ariel?? why... Now everytime I listen to you, in my head,.........( fill in the blanks yourself). You ruin my picture perfect imagination. Why?
I am dissapointed!
Now, I don't know to listen to who. Any suggestion? Any nice band to listen to? Maybe I should go and get Paramore.
Okay. I guess that's about it. This is long enough. Next posting will be about food! Lama dah x update about food and resipi bujang saya. Hehehehe...

Goodnite. Kiss yourself goodnite for me! Muahmuah.\m/(^_^)\m/

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Misi mencari Abang dan Adik.

Have you seen this cats??
Mereka hilang..
Not exactly hilang tapi menghilangkan diri!!

I miss them so much. This is actually Abang and Adik.
Literally, siblings. Adopted by me.
Been missing since last week.


Rindu nak peluk si busuk nih!!

I don't think I've ever introduced her to you right?
This is Emma. Abik's daughter.
Cute tapi perangai sama sengal macam Abik.
Xsuke bile orang nak peluk cium dia.

Jadi inilah Abik. Si gemok lagi tua nih.

(mana lah Abang and Adik.
Kot yer pon cari gf/bini, janganlah sampai x balik rumah langsung.
Risau nih!)

These are all pics taken from my Hp. So it's not that clear.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

my weekends...yehhhh...

Lama menghilang? Dari alam maya dan realiti. Mana pergi?

yehhh...Missing me? hehehe... I miss you too! I know you miss me. Because I dreamt about you yesterday night. Hah..

So where have I been this few days?? Let me give you a clue..

There... No, you can't see me skinny dipping because I'm the one taking the pic. Hahaha... Kidding.. Buang tebiat skinny dip siang2 hari. Nak kene hambat ngan orang kampung kah?

Hoh...there I said it. I balik kampung!!! wuhuuu..... Tetiba jerk. Memang tidak langsung dirancang.

The original plan was for my sister balik kampung. Well, macam bese lah newlyweds haruslah balik kampung, introduce themself to the family members and blah blah blah. She did asked me to follow, trapi malas lah nak kacau dia ngan her husband. Tapi my brother lak gatal nak ikot. And he even bawak his friend balik sama. Both my sister and brother adalah orang paling susah nak jumpe mereka balik kampung. Well, my sis memanglah sebab xde kat Msia. My brother plak punya workshop sendiri. So susah nak tinggal kedai. Tapi tetiba dia cakap nak ikot balik lak. Maka I'm left with Ulfah jek kat rumah during the weekends and got nothing to do! Sungguh ralat.

Kakak bertolak balik Tganu petang Jumaat, around 6-7 pm. I was in my house watching Tv and decided to call her asking dia dah gerak ke belom. She said she is now on the way, and now at Kepong. Seriously I felt odd, weird. That I didn't balik kampung too. So I asked Ulfah, Jom balik kampung!? Ulfah was like," Tuisyen? mmmm.....ponteng je lah. Jom call Daddy, bagitau nok balik jugok. Balik tengok Tokki. kan kan??" (Tokki is my grandfather. He was born in 1903. He is actually older than 107 y/o. That 1903 was his registration date for IC. Not the actual birthdate. He is a kid now. Doesn't recognize any of us anymore. Tapi seronok layan Tokki ;P)

After a few minutues of pujuk memujuk, Daddy bagi balik...yehaaaaaa!!!!

In 15 minutes, we packed everything. Call my sister telling her WE ARE COMING TOO!!

So here we are, on the way balik kampung. Me and Ulfah in my car. Sis, husband, Yani and nazrin in Daddy's car. Sampai tepat jam 2 pagi (6 hours drive man!). Tidor. Woke up the next morning. Pergi Pasar Payang, bought some stuff and balik rumah.

My sister's is going to Kelantan on that evening to visit my Mum's side pulak with her husband, Yani and Nazrin following her too. While me and Ulfah stays in Tganu. Afraid of sleeping alone (this is just pure excuses...hehehe...) we didn't stay the night in our house, but instead booked a chalet. Wanna see the view?

nice right? My house in Tganu is also next the beach, but not as close as this is. So, we checked in and guess what's next?


I bought the kuali for my new house.
Berguna sebelum sampai rumah.
Hah, that is campuran sotong, udang, ikan.
Bekas memerap yang terhad. Xnak beli bekas lain, membazir jek.
Okaylah tuh.

Perap pon cume guna garam ngan kunyit je,
campur sikit ngan 'pasti sedap'
(please ignore the kuali and senduk)

Kerisi and kembong.
So fresh!
Yum Yum

Inilah hasilnya,
top up with kedai made nasi goreng.

In such short notice, this is heaven! Food is just superb! Delicious. That's the the good thing about Tganu, seafood is always fresh! hehehe...

My brother and his friend was waiting for my sister tp pick them up untuk balik Kelantan pulak. So while waiting, we prepared that BBQ and mandi laut. Fuhhhhhh...Lepas rindu!

Yup, that is why I wanted to balik kampung so bad! Nak hirup udara laut and mandi laut. W'pun air kat pantai tepi chalet ni cetek gile, jadilah. Dari xde langsung.

Okaylah. Panjang dah tulis nih. I want to go to bed. Xngantuk pon. But I have an early morning tomorrow. So nite everyone.

If any of you wanted to use my kampung house (I mean my Dad's) in Tganu, let me know. Ye lah, kami balik cume, paling2 banyak pon 3 kali setahun. Rugi jek.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just a stupid story

Have you ever been in this situation?

You got to know about this very good news. The news that you've waited your whole life. The news that would change your life forever. You know you need to share this with someone else. You ought to share this with someone. You couldn't just content this to your self. It must be let out. But unfortunately, there's no one. No one at all. You are all alone. Where is everyone else? Well, somewhere somehow you lost them along the way. You are now by your own self.

But still, you try to call this one person who you thought still cares about you. But he didn't pick up. You left him messages, but it was never return. Finally he did picks up the phone. But the moment he opens his mouth, you knew that he didn't care anymore. The only reason he picks up the phone is to tell you, 'Do not call me anymore'. Even he didn't said this directly, you knew from the tone of his voice he didn't wants to hear from you anymore.

So now, no one knows about your good news. No one knows that there's something that was about to change your life. You are left alone with your good news. alone. completely alone. You loose all of them on your way up to the top.

Now, I ask you, "How's the view? Wonderful eh?"

Then you open your mouth, trying to answer my question.

and I immediately said, " It must have been good pushing me down here. But thanks anyway. I learn a lot on my way down. So enjoy the success alone eh. I'm here busy with all the people you used to know. We're going for a karaoke. Ahahahaha....".

just a story... (you think?!)..

now, it's back.

I don't want to talk about wedding anymore. Enough lah. And I thought of uploading some of sis wedding pics, to finish the topic off, but unfortunately, I have no pics at all. None from my camera,as I was to busy doing everything else. So this is it. Jomlah doakan mereka bahagia hingga ke anak cucu. Owh one more thing not to do; Don't choose your wedding date which somehow is also your fisrt day of period. Hoho..

Things are just getting back to normal. My house is coming back to its normal state, after some cleaning and toilet scrubing. Hahaha... My kitchen cabinet is finally here. Now, I can cook normal food on a normal stove, I just hate using that induction cooker! Who the hell invent that thing??!!

My rutin are coming back to normal. Waking up as early as 6.15 am (hey, that's is early to me) wake my sister up, prepare her breakfast and send her to school. Then I go to work, if going to UM can be considered working..hehe.. Owh, before leaving the house as usual, buat makan tengahari for Sis, kalau malas, soh dia tapau jek. and also do laundry... and feed my cats and kure.

My car is due for srvice since early July. I just couldn't find time to send her. Sian dia! Planning on going to the service centre on Friday. I love waiting for my car at the centre, even if it took 5 hours. That place got free drinks supply, Nescafe, teh tarik and black coffee. And they show movies non stop. and they are not old movies, they're the latest one. And I always come with an empty stomach. Because they have this superb nasi lemak! and karipap too. So nasi lemak sedap, wait for me! (hahaha...aku datang nak makan, bukan nak servixce kete?!)

Okay. I'm really slepy now. After two cups of fresh milk, I'm ready for bed.

(two cups because Dutch Lady fresh milk is on sale in Tecso. Usual rm 6.50, now selling at rm 5.50, So I bougt 2.)

Night everyone.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

wedding part 2

It is now finish. Yehhhh....finally I can get my mind of this thing! Lame sudah x keluar berpoya-poya sebab sibok menguruskan wedding kakak nih. hoh!

Let me tell you what happened in Friday, during the Akad. hahahaha... Tunang kakak cuak gile...muka memang dah almost biru.. Fourth take baru lepas! Fuhhhhh...... nasib baik. Bolih tak perkataan 'nikahnya' dia xcakap?! Hahahaha... Lepas tuh sebok lah dok gelakkan dia sebab lupa nak cakap 'nikah', gelabah sangat. To his defence, he said first time sepatutnya dah lepas. Mic lak x berfungsi.hahaha...tipu.. I was there okay, want me to repeat the video??

I then asked my dad how was his Akad? He said it twice. I guess all guys who have to repeat their Akad more then once have already fix excuses in their head. hhahaha... Then my aunt menyampuk, dia cakap, it's not easy lah... This is one thing that a guy have to do and no one else can help him but himself. Hoh..Okay it make sense. I know it's a very tense moment. hehehe... But still akan gelakkan sampai bila2... Nasib korang lah...hehehe...

Yang best nye bile ada event macam nih, is when semua relatives gathered in the same place/house. Seronok sangat. Kecoh gila. Tapi yang x best nye sebab mama dari Kelantan, Daddy pulak dari Tganu. So jadi terbelit lidah. Bile jumpa relatives Kelantan, kecek kelate la. Bile ade yang Tganu lak, speaking Tganu pulok. Tapi bila dua-dua dalam tmpat yang sama, Mula lah pening kepala. Last-last semua pon dah jadi tunggang terbalik. Yang Tganu kecek kelate, yang Kelate pulok kecek Tganu. Aku pulak cakap rojak macam bese, Kelate + Tganu + KL. Hah! Ada satu ketika, masa semua orang tengah sebok kat dapur, makcik dari kelate mintak 'cetong'. Semua yang tercengang. hahaha.....

My house pulak diisi dengan sepupu dari Kelantan. dan mereka semua jejaka macho (sangat!). Imagine how the house looks like after I left it to them. Hoh! boys will always be boys. Nasib baik dapur jek yang disepahkan. Ruang tamu pandai diorg kemas after each season of PS or movies. Main PS 24/7. Kesian diorang sebab bosan. My house still, i repeat still, xdapat astro lagi! So untok mengisi kekesongan hidup mereka, I borrowed somes CD's. I asked them what movies, they said anything lah. what?? I don't know what boys like to watch! So I took any movies with covers/title that sound like somethings are gonna get kill...hahaha...

Malam lepas kenduri tuh, kami post mortem. Review balik apa-apa yang terlebih terkurang tersilap ter apa2 lagi lah. Dan ada jugak yang tak berjemput datang. Uh malaslah nak layan korang. Lantak lah. Apa pon wedding nih memang best. Sebab buat kecil-kecilan. Jemputan cuma 250 orang jek. So saya kenal semua orang yang datang. Seronok sebab dapat sapa semua orang. hehehehe... Kawan-kawan kakak yang dah berzaman xnampak pon jumpa gak. Tak lupa jugak kawan-kawan saya yang lagi bising dari pengantin (pengantin sangat kecoh...hoho..). Datang jek korang, kecoh!!!

Ada jugak masa-masa yang amat mencemaskan. Jemputan 250 orang, tapi makanan cuma untok 350 orang. Orang yang datang lak x beringat-ingat, korang semua agaknye melantak?! hahaha... By 2.30 pm, ada about 10% je lgi makanan. Nasib baik la ramai sedara yang tolong masakkan and top up ape2 yang xcukop tuh. HOH! Panic mode on! Tapi all in all, I say it's a success. There is a few hiccups here and there, but it's not that bad.

So hari nih kami buat ape? Kemas rumah? NO, kami pergi karaoke!!! Yehhhh!! I asked Daddy to give one day of grace period. One day not to think, talk or even look at those wedding stuff. So kami enjoy! Penat melalak, balik rumah tido. Getting ready for final match. I am rooting for Paul the sotong! hahaha... I gave up after Argetina is out of the game. Benci!

Anyway, this is my fav song for karaoke. Happy by Leona Lewis.

Seriously I sound like her!! hahahaha...tipu gile! I'm better...XD

I miss my singing buddies! Korang bila nak karok lagi nih? I am now free..hehe...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sister's wedding

My feet hurts!!!

Just early this morning, my sister is now officially someone's wife!! woho...

I don't like going to akad ceremony. It always makes me cry. Doesn't matter whose Akad it is, I always end up crying.. (hahahaha...not crying sebab aku x kawin lagi! tapi memang sebab sedeh!!). There's something about this ceremony, I don't know how to say this, but there's something pure, clean and holy aout it. The look on the bride face, as she is going to be someone's wife and taking responsibilty on taking care of the husband. The sad bride parents faces as they were about to transfer the responsibity of taking care their beloved baby girl to the husband-to-be. The 'cuak' look on the bridegroom, as he is picturing the Akad in his mind. I don't know, but I would simply feel 'terharu'.

But at my sister's wedding I hold myself from shedding tears. Trying to keep my brain from thinking. So I tried to be busy, taking pictures, videos and stuff. Try not to think that my Mom's not here. That my Sister is getting married. Try not to look at my Father. hoh! I made it. I didn't cry one bit. BUT I"M CRYING NOW AS I'M WRITING!!! waaaaaaaaaa.......

Alhamdulillah semua nya berjalan lancar. Moga2 mereka berdua hidup aman bahagia sampai bila2. Amin

There's one thing I don't like to do when we have a function at home. Jadi penunjuk jalan. In other words, cars following my car. It has been written on my DNA that I can't drive slow. Hadoi.... 60km/h???? come on la...who drive that slow?

Okaylah...cukoplah. Xlarat dah. It is actually amazing that I can even open my laptop and write something on my blog. Hoh...

Later lah. Updated with pics of ME in my sister's wedding. Hah!

Ingat pesan Bapak...Whatever you do, always always and always make your husband happy. Okay! Always!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

makcik-makcik sekalian

Cerita nih bermula bila kakak ambik keputusan untuk kawin. Ye, dengan orang yang kami pon kenal jugak. Bile semua orang dapat tahu, mulalah segala jenis Makcik dan yang seangkatan dengan nye, memberi buah pikiran mereka macam diorang nih juri profesional pulak! Macam-macam yang dijadikan agenda, macam-macam yang dibincangkan. Macam-macam jugak yang dipersoalkan. Perlu ke semua tuh? Perlu ke dipikirkan masa depan diorang? Yang nak kawin mereka berdua. Yang korang sebok sangat kenapa? Masa depan mereka mereka je lah yang pikir. Xde kuar sesen pon duit korang kan.

Bile seseorng tuh buat keputusan untok kawin dengan pasangan mereka, haruslah diorang dah pikir masak2 tentang segala benda. Kenapa nak dipersoalkan taraf pendidikan, pekerjaan, duit dan macam2 lagilah.. Maybe it is that important to you??!. My sister have everything she wanted, jadi kenape? kalau dah kaya nak lagi kaya? dari kereta sebijik nak jadik 3 bijik, macam tuh? Dari rumah kecik nak buat banglo 3 tingkat? Baru korang bulih senyap mulot? Hoh! I totally doubt it!

What I don't get is, why being so materialistic? Why didn't the topic of discussion among all of you is about his attitude towards my sister, to the elders, to his parents, to my parents, everyone... Why didn't they asked 'Is he going to be a good father and husband?'. Is he loving and caring? Why not that?

When I was younger (hoh! I'm old!!) I do admit that I was looking for a guy based on the material stuff. But as I get even more younger...hoho...kidding...I mean older, I think I now realise that money isn't just everything. I don't see why I need a doctor or an engineer (konon2 this jobs pays more) as my partner. What I'm trying to say is, You don't get married to someone to expand your wealth ( in terms of money), but you marry to make babies! hahahaha....

I think now I have everything that I dream of. I have my own car. I live in my dream house (eventhough it's not mine T_T)Yup, that small apartment is my dream house. 3 bedroom apartment, with a small kitchen... basically everything on the same floor. hahahaha... senang nak jaga.. I can support my own self. So why look for some one damn rich with money? For what?

You might say, I sounded desperate. It seems like I'm saying anything goes. Like I don't mind at all, as long he is a guy, cincai lah. NO Noo... In fact, I am not borthered. I have written somewhere before, I wasn't really thinking of marriage yet. I don't have any wedding plans or even a dream wedding. I didn't even borthered to take kursus kawin. Not until I found the right one, and am sure that I am getting married. Till then, I live my life as it is now.

Right now, this is it. This is what I want. I didn't see why I need to buy another car (I'm planning to use it till I give it to my kids, If they want it lah..heheh..). Or change my handphone to latest models, or whatever whatever....

Makcik-makcik yang seangkatan dengannya...grow up please! Life is just too short to think about other people's life. Too short untuk penuhkan minda anda dengan hasad dengki... too much of everything isn't good... So don't think too much okay? Didn't living on this earth for more than 5 decades gave you any lesson??? Or should I gave one loooong ceramah and a knock on the head??

Give my sister and his husband-to-be a break lah. Give them some space to prove all of you wrong okay? Then maybe after that you should go and worry about your kids...

chiow more thing. My baby half brother likes me soo much. He always got confused of me and his own mother. He even prefered me, compared to his mother. hahahaha... He'll go very very excited when he hears my voice or even hears some one at the door (he always assume its me) if I stop by at Dad's house. I don't think this is healthy right? Once,he even asked me for susu! haiya... and my step mom breastfed!!...Not good right? Why babies always get confused with me? And this is not the first time! What to do eh?? Or should I just layan jek?? Am I that apeealing to small kids?? confused!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

UM and that stupid residential college

Hoho...Baru perasan hari nih yang ada banyak gila typo in last posting...hehehe..tapi malas lah nak betolkan..Abaikan..

Do you remember my cousin from Johor, the one that I drove him here and there for that Sime Darby interview? He got into UM! hahaha.... taking Applied Geology... Woh... Congrats!

Pagi tadi teman Maksu ngan dia register in UM. Maksu janji nak pergi kol 8. And at exactly at 8, I was ready to go. Tapi bila sampai rumah, Maksu x mandi pon lagi. Hampeh..Saba je lah aku! huh... Ayin got to stay in 8th college. It is quite far from Science Faculty, he was worried and I said no biggies, Um banyak je bas. Hah, macam la aku penah naik...hahahaha... My residential college was near to the faculty. Only 15 minitues walk, sebab tuh xpenah langsung naik bas.

Sampai kat UM, there were not as much people as I expected. Sikit je. Amik student sikit ke tahun nih? hmmm....xtau la...

Student jek yang bolih masuk dalam foyer untok register. Selain daripada itu, kene tunggu kat bawah. So we were sitting in chairs provided. I got bored and started to look at people...hehehe... And I notice this one Chinese girl who was actually dancing to the music played at that college. And amazingly she was also humming it. And what's more amazing, she knows all the malay songs too. Wow. (yer, ini contoh satu Malaysia. it's lame. ahahaha)

I also notice the proud faces of parents. Huh. I remember my first day in UM. hahahaha... (not actually first day, I've been coming to UM since I was born. So first day in UM as a UM student.) I got into 1st RC. I t was the coolest orientation ever. No 3.00 am moring call. No seniors stupid ragging. No need to wake up early in the morning. No stupid shouting and name calling. No need to get 100 stupid seniors signature. You can also use your handphone (some college kept handphone until the end of orientation!). You are also forced to sleep at 11pm because we will have an early morning tomorrow, which is at 8.30 am???!!!! huh... mereka sunggoh baik. I salute all of you for treating us like an adult. Thanks for not making my first week as student soo miserable!

Kemudian kami gerak masuk bilik hostel. Saya masih lagi dlam mood mata melilau tengok orang. Yang paling xtahan ialah muka Ibu bapa bila diorang masok bilik. hhahahahaha.... Saya cume senyum jek. hahahahaha....

I called UM as an ancient Uni, my lecturer calls it the jurassic park Uni. What do you expect for a hostel room to be if it were built in the 40's and 50's? Bile masuk semua tercengang. Ye lah, time matrik dulu bilik semua baru and cantik lagi. Ni barang semua yang agak2 kalau tersepak mesti berkecai lah...hahahaha.... Eh ni kira okay la nih, bolih je survive kan. Lagi pon budak laki nih x banyak songeh sangat kan? hehehe...Pandai2 la korang ek...

So settle eh bab bilik? Rase2 nye okay la kan untok setahun nih? So, mari kite g toilet pulak... Tadaaaaaa.... hahahahaha.... Parents semua jaw dah jatuh on the toilet floor...hahahahaha..... Malas lah nak explain cmne toilet nye, pandai2 la korang fikir dan imagine yerk...

By 12pm Ayin was settling in, and we head straight home.

I don't like my RC life. uh? how come? Well, after the orientation finish, I move to 3rd college. Bad move! I hated that place. The only thing that made me stay was my roomate, Kak Sarah. I hate my RC life. I stayed there thru my 1st and 2nd year. 3rd year, I stay at my house, my roomate have graduated, so I'm left with no one. I hate the whole place. The people in it, the building, the food, the activities...urrgghhhh...everything! I hate to go there (memories) so I am not elobrating anymore. Enough that I said I hate 3rd RC! (too many hate words....I must have hated that place with all my soul!)

So, I assume everyone is also registering today right? for all Universities and Colleges kan? Ke x? hmmmm... ape2 lah...

If you are starting your Uni life, Good luck okay. Study hard and enjoy more. Yeeehhhh!!

Mid Valley dekat je tuh, jom lah gi tengok movie. hehehe...

Night everyone. Please do dream of me, and wish me good health.

(I am now too tired and exausted. Why la wedding is so hard to do? X bolih ke wat akad pastuh terus balik rumah jek?????)

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Ohhh Yes. I do drive my car like a mad person. hahahaha.... Orang yang biasa naik my car akan jadi imun, but yang xbiasa, huhuhu.... Kalau anda mempunyai sakit jantung atau sebagainya, please avoid asking me a lift...hahahaha... My lil Sis are used to my driving.. But my big Sis yang jumpa setahun sekali, akan sumpah seranah kalau naik kete with me! hahahaha...

Hei, at least I am not as good as Beth Cooper (sangat sangat kagum ngan cara driving Beth). If only Beth Cooper deso exist in real world, I would be honoured to take driving lesson from her. Speaking of Beth Cooper, I wanted to say that 'I love you, Beth Cooper' is one of my favourite movies. I could relate to that. Not me being Beth, but me being the guy who fell in love with Beth. hohoo... the guy who falls for Beth without knowing anything about her. Then he announce to the whole school that he loves Beth Cooper. Some things happen, then he founds out the real Beth. She is entirely not the person he imagine.

I used to be that guy. Falling for a guy because he is so nice and understanding and looks like a good guy and blah blah blah. And some things happen, then I found out the real him. He is nice, because he just couldn't say no to anyone. To me he doesn't any prinsip ( and I hate man without prinsip!). He is just trying so hard to please everyone but me. He couldn't make any decision himself coz he is afraid about hurting other people. That is a man without prinsip. He does not know where he wants to stand.

I don't want another me in my life (cukoplah aku sorang jek). I need someone brave enough to guide me, not me making every freaking decision. Nak makan kat mane pon bolih pecah kepala ke? Let me be the one who needs you to live, not the other way round. right?

So, lesson learn from Beth Cooper? You can drive like mad, as long as you are safe and so is the people inside your car ( selagi x dapat sakit jantung, okat kot!hehehe...) and just don't assume what people are before you really really know them.

Btw, my sister's wedding is 5 days away. I pick her up pagi tadi from KLIA. Itu pon setelah melalui perlbagai rintangan. Beg hilang la, macam-macam. Busy jek sepanjang hari. Dari kol 6.30 sampai la skang. Dari pagi, ambik kakak. Flight sampai kol 7.30. I woke up at 6.30. Kabut gila. Nasib baik sempat sampai. My Sis x buat lagi ujian HIV. So, straight from KLIA pegi Nilai gov klinik, tapi dia cakap Lab tutup. Pergi breakfast dulu, sebelom gerak pergi klinik kat Kelana Jaya. Dia cakap dtg balik kol 2.45. Ok lah. Gerak pegi OU untok beli cadar n bantal untuk bilik pengantin. Pergi balik Kelana Jaya. Dalam masa sejam siap. Balik umah jap makan tegahari. lapar gile! Pastuh orang hantar kabinet dapur call, nak hantar kabinet. haish..yela2... received ... Gerak lak pegi Sg.Buloh untok makan satay. Patuh pi beli gila2 untok letak dalam gift bag. Pack gula-gula dlam plastik sambil tengok bola. Haiya... Nak kawin kat Siam je lah. senang. Xyah wat kenduri semua. malas.

I think all of you probably realise that I usually blog just before I go to sleep. Yup, writing on my bed, with my selimut on. Hehehehe.... It has been a busy day. I am sleepy. So have good night sleep everyone! wish me goodnite okay?

(I haven't been sleeping well this few days. Selalu sangat terbangun dalam kol 2-5 pagi....huhuhuhu......)

Seriously didn't expect Netherlands to win against Brazil...what the....

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let's chill

Last few posting were as long as karangan budak-budak SPM. So let us chill with this super cute and sweet song.

Vanilla Twilight by Owl City

Love it when he said,

"The silence isn't so bad
'Til I look at my hands and feel sad
'Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly" sweet....