Thursday, September 30, 2010

entry tiada tujuan

Argggghhhhh... Tensen sunggoh! WTH is going on with Kota Damansara? The whole place is stuck with stand still traffic. Deng! It took me more than 30 minutes to arrive at my Dad's, when it always took me 5 minutes jek. Ingat nak isi minyak dan pergi masuk duit kat bank..huh... I'm going 10 minutes before midnight. Kalau jem lagi xtau la.

I'm sooo excited when I found out that Paramore is coming to KL. Yehhh! Huh...but... even that I wanted to go sooooo much , I know I wouldn't. I would if Paramore is only entertaining me. Which wouldn't happen.hahaha... I hate crowds. I hate being in the middle of loads of people. It will get loud and noisy. It will get hot and sweaty and sticky. Owh I hate all the above.

So the closes I can get to a Paramore concert is..... in my car. hahahaha... I'll put on the Paramore CD, on the highest volume my ears can take, imagining that Paramore is doing its concert, and start singing my heart out. hahahaha...
Yes its pathetic, tapi nak wat cmner. I don't like people. I mean crowds. hee..

Hence, my odd hours of doing shopping. It's either very early in the morning or very late at night. Betul2 nak mengelakkan dari jumpe orang ramai.

I've been getting calls from friends asking about my house open house. I tried so much not to bump into my Dad's friends in Uni, coz I know they will start asking about open house. (I somehow stumbled with one of my dad's fren, and ofkos he start harrassing us with open house question.ahahahaha...) Yer Shamrul, bukan anda sorang jek yang sibok tanye pasal open house. Jadi dengan ini saya dengan berbesar hati membuat pengumuman bahawasanya, tahun ini tidak akan ada rumah terbuka. heeeee....

reason: saya malas.

Malas lah nak masak untuk ramai2 nih. Cukoplah time raya hari tuh. Tahun lepas pon dah buat dah open house. Buatnye pukol 2 start. Tapi semua orang datang kol 3. Xmenang tangan sampai xde tempat dudok. Sampai air habih xsempat nak refill. Xnak xnak. Trauma tahun lepas x habis lagi. Hahahaha...

Okay2. Kalau saya rajin mungkin open house lepas Raya haji nanti. But I said maybe. I didn't promise okay. I said maybe. So you are all invited, I mean maybe. Hehehehe....

till then.

kiss yourself goodnight for me before you go to sleep, okay. Muah..

(berokbeng sile jangan wat hal la yerk)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


It still feel like Emma is in the hospital. I kept on thinking about her. Looking around the house, it reminds me a lot about Em.

Emma loves to sleep behind the PS2 CD stack. If she went missing, and she's nowhere to be found, she is definately behind the CD stack.

When Emma gets bored, yelah dia sorang jek, xde teman nak main, She will come bite your feet as if she is chewing it. Huh...Sakit!

I love playing catch the tikus with Em. She is very playful and jump high. Hoh.

Uhhhhhh.... I soooo miss Emma.This is Emma zaman muda-muda dulu. Now she have join her siblings in heaven.

So, to mend my miserable heart, I need to find another cat. Thank god that one of Ulfah's friend gave this one beautiful cute cat.

Yup, that is a persian. Name? Xde lagi. Setakat nih cume panggil Itchy, sebab suka garu2. No, dia tidak berpenyakit. We did a med check up,Vet said she is healthy. Mungkin cuma gatal jek.

I never have Persian before, semua kucing adalah the normal domestic cat. So first time bela Persian. The thing about Persian is, they don't eat normal cat food. They eat that branded super expensive cat food. Haish!

We first bought Science Plan brand. Why? because it's ceaper than the brand he is eating now (IAMS). Guess what? He wouldn't eat it. Apparently it's not up to his taste. Ceh. Membazir duit aku jek. Jadi pergilah jugak beli Cat food brand IAMS. Huh.

But isn't He cute???

Uh...uh... This is for my Sister... Ini yang kami makan tengahari tadi..hehehe...
Sile jeles!

Ketam masak lemak cili padi!!!
sedap bangat!

Kerisi goreng.
Nak buat cam sumbat cili tuh
tapi xreti.
Sila tunjuk ajar

Dengan ulam timun dan sambal belacan.

Okay. That's it. Till then.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RIP Emma.

Semoga dicucuri rahmat.

Emma's gone. One phone call that I didn't want to pick up. Vet called me to tell that Emma died in the morning. I wasn't shocked, somehow deep down inside I knew that she's leaving us. That's why I went and visit her yesterday.

Paid the bills and asked the vet to also do the burial. I couldn't even face the vet, Dr. Balkis ( I did cry a little infront of her, nasib baik I was wearing my shade....). Let alone holding Emma T_T. Cukoplah I keep all the sweet memories of Emma. Tsk tsk...

When home, hold Abik and start crying. Yeh, I sound crazy, crying with my cat. Tapi sedeh sangat sebab Abik kept on calling for her daughter. Ajak makan, ajak tidor...uuuu....sedeh... T_T
Even when she's playing with the mouse toy, Abik akan gonggong tikus tuh sambil panggil Emma ajak kunyah tikus sekali. Huhuhuhu....

Sedeh nye.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hoh! supo xdok kijo lain doh. Baru 2 bulan. Hahahahaha....

Married 10 july. Now pregnant!

Okay, Not the suppose reaction. Hahahaha...

Syukor dan Alhamdulillah.
Jaga diri baik2. Don't do too much of work. And don't get too stress out. Enjoy the beautiful Edinburgh. Sedut udara segar dalam2. First Baby nih.
Bila dapat berita nih, kami terus google cari name yang best. So we end up with names of our prophets (untok name baby boy je lah kan). If its a girl, we agree to name her Emma Amanda. And its a boy, Ulfah wants him to be named Adam Ishmael. And I want him to be named Adam Zachary.

Hahahaha...suke2 jek pilih name anak orang lain...hahahaha...

Tiba-tiba aku pulak yang cuak!

I'm telling you all that my sister is now pregnant. Hoh! So I am now Cik Ngah. UUUUU....

(I bet my sister is trying to challenge my parents record of having her after 3 months of marriage! Hahahaha.. Heh... Don't ask me when. I couldn't even find a sperm donor! Hah!)

Monday, September 20, 2010


Uhhhhhh..... I'm miserable. My baby cat got hospitalised.

Kesian Emma.

She was first suspected to have a fever. Yeh, with 41 C body temp. She is not eating anything and puking out everything, until there's nothing. We went to the vet and she got shot for fever.

But she didn't get any better, instead it is getting way worse. She is now drooling all over, puking and pooping all over too. So we went to the vet again. This time she said, Emma might ate something poisonous. Uhhhh...sian Emma... She is so weak. She couldn't even stand up.

Now, she is hospitalised. Poor Emma. Poor Abik.

but hey, you might think Abik is going to miss Emma while she's away?

Teeetttttt... You are wrong!!

This is she...

Tido lagi bagus maaaa....

Also itroducing my small garden.

Yup, this is my front door. Hehehehe. There's nothing pon. Just some pokok with bunga-bunga kecik.

close up. cute eh... hahahaha... pokok nampak macam nak mati dah..

close up on the other section. Yang nih nampak macam hidup sikit kan.

And one more. Nak berlagak sikit.

I cooked this Mee Bandung right after I got my gas replece with a new one. Hehehe... I think this is the 'sedapest' Mee bandung I've made ever. Delicious!!
And it is very easy to do.

Till then. Chiow!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

16 September

I'm going to write about my day. Heh...

I woke up quite early this morning. Not that I plan to wake up early on a holiday, but somehow I couldn't sleep back after terjaga tiba2, with my cats so noisy, probably hungry.

I couldn't cook breakfast. My 'tong gas' bocor! So it is now outside of the house at my front door, couldn't change with a new one, since no kedai bukak. It's been a few days since I'm back home tapi x bolih masak. You know that I have to use microwave to cook. Nasib baik sedap. Made scramble egg for breakfast and beef soup for dinner. Heh...

So we when to my Dad's house, hoping that there's some food for breakfast. Instead of dapat makanan, we were force to clean the kitchen. Wahwah....dapat makan 2 bijik karipap jek. Finish cleaning at 1pm and when straight back home.

We were crazy hungry, nasib baik my ex-schoolmate, Leli buat open house and some sort of a unformal reunion. Since my friends also promise to come to my house after Leli's, I was also busy cleaning the house. Sampai Xsedar dah jam 2.30 pm. I was smelly, sweaty and hungry. Lepas siap mandi and siap2, kami bertolak pergi rumah Leli. Kemudian balik rumah balik.

I thought that my friends is coming over after Magrib, so I when and stop to buy plants for my Dad. Tetiba jerk Leli mesej, Kami sudah OTW! What! Aku x siap mende langsung. Nak sumbat ape korang datang rumah? Dah lak cooker xbulih guna, gas bocor. Jawabnya...Pizza! Xbulih blah kan. Orang datang raya bagi makan pizza? hahahaha... Gila buang tebiat!

Patuh pergi rumah Yang yang jauh nun di Bukit Beruntung nuh. Huh. Makan mee bandung. Patuh tetiba xde letrik. Hoh. Pasang lilin la plak. Rase macam raya...hehehehe... Patuh deme ajak pergi tengok movie. Tapi I didn't go. Was feeling a bit tired. So I went straight back home.

Sampai rumah tetiba ubah fikiran. Suddenly feel the urge to watch Devil, that movie from M.Night Shamalan. Pergi the curve and found out that movie is only at midnight. Didn't feel like waiting for two more hours, so we when for dinner jek.

Balik rumah...Nampak ini...



Rumah korang ada mende camnih? Xde kan... Hehehhe... sunggoh comel... Abik in a cup!
Nampak sangat dia sangat gemok kan...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Oooowwwhhh... I'm back. Finally after spending 4 days in Marang, Terengganu. For Raya ofkos!!

Actually, we decided to go back home on Sunday, but as I start the car engine, I heard from the radio that the whole Higway was moving slow. Dang! I'm not gonna get stuck in traffic jam. So we unpacked the car and stayed for another night. Penat jek pi salam semua orang. Last2 x jadi balik lak.

So how was my Raya? It was awesome!

Raya for me is time for everyone to gather the families and eat! Raya was awesome because I got to cook, they come, we meet and they eat! It was even better when all the food LICIN and they even Puji memuji my cooking! hehehehe...
The menu was almost like last year. Menu utama adalah Lontong. Yeh, that's us. We don't usually cook the normal Pantai Timur menu. There's 4 house surrounding my house. All of them will either make Nasi dagang, Nasi Minyak, Laksa or Nasi impit and kuah satay. So we always try to cook something else. So this year, I choose Lontong. Not the normal Tganu raya menu, but they love it. Other than kuah lodeh and Nasi impit, I also cooked Kuah kacang, sambal sotong and beef rendang. Last year I made Satay, but this year, I am just too lazy to cucuk satay alone, so I made satay goreng instead...hehehe... Tapi sikit sangat, baru kol 11 pagi satay goreng dah habis.

( no pic of food, was too busy melayan orang ramai)

Tahun nih ramai la pulak yang datang. Nasib baik hari jumaat, jadi mereka berhenti la kejap daru datang beraya. Risau sebab belom pon pukol 12 makanan dah tinggal separuh. Huh..nasib baik cukop-cukop.

Enough of my Raya story. hehehe... Bila dah dewasa sikit nih, baru la rase kadang2 Sambutan Raya ni overrated la. But, I think now people realise the real reason why we celebrate raya. At least with people around me. No more people trying to replace the whole house with new stuff. You know, things like replacing sofas, curtains, carpets, and you-know-what.... So overrrated. We never did that. Cuma ada baju raya baru jek.
X gitu sis? hahahaha...padan muka dapat baju raya lambat...ngahahaha...

Anyway, I would like to tell you this. and tell me what do you think about it.

What if, you somehow falls in love with someone who just didn't want to commit. Well, you two were best friends before, but somehow somewhere along the way you just fall for him. You did everything for him, anything. And still, he says you are a friend.
You call him every night and day, spend every waking moment with him, and still he said "No, this nothing going on between us." He even said you are just friend like any other people is.

What would you do?

Well, all I got to say is... Just leave him. So obvious he is just not interested. Even could be call a coward, for letting your feeling grew even deeper for him. He obviously didn't have any guts to tell to your face that he is just not interested.
He didn't realise you like him?? What stupid idiot couldn't realise or atleast suspected something when you two were THAT close?

If you ever start dating someone, and after a certain period you feel like it's about time he said something, about feelings, or ask you to be his gf but he didn't. Do not wait! If he didn't say, ask him. If he wouldn't tell, push him in a corner and forced the shit outta him. If he still says you are a friend, be brave and strong and leave him! He is not going to change his mind and you will never change him.

That guy is just an idiot. It's his lost and not yours. Find happiness with someone else. You certainly deserve the best.

My conclusion? He is just probably not interested. Really?? Nah.. he is gay... Hahahaha...

(this is just for the lulz. You think?? And this certainly got nothing to do with me..For real!!)

>> To a certain someone. I don't care how much you like or adores me. It is just rude to stare at people! So stop staring!! It's so annoying.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Anybody miss me?

I missed my 'jumaat' entry. Heh. What the heck, not that anybody even read this shit pon.. Hehehe.. It is just that jumaat is always my fun day, because tomorrow is the weekends!! I am always lebih rajin dan lebih bersemangat.

So why didn't I write last jumaat? Well, honestly I don't know. To tell you the truth, I don't really remember what I did on jumaat. I guess nothing significant enough for me to even remember it ek? WTH....

I'm going balik kampung on Tuesday night. Hehehe...I love travelling at night. Especially during Ramadhan. Sejuk, dan kalau saya menagantuk, I can't stop for a coffee break. It is a long journey balik Tganu. I'm so use to it, that I don't really mind driving all by myself and without a second driver. Sometimes balik kampung not because I wanted to balik kampung, but just the journey it self...hehehehe...

I remember masa bawak my friends balik kampung. Half way thru, They keep asking, "Dah sampai ke belom?" and "lambat lagi ke?". Hahahahaha.... Remember people, it takes minimun 6 hours to travel from KL - Tganu, that is with my car. I know my Dad can go only in 3-4 hours, esp during emergency. My car can't go fast. Kete cikai jek... hoho..

I'm not bringing back my laptop balik kampung. Malas lah. Then I have to bring it here and there, sebab takot hilang. So I will be gone....I think for about a week. If anything leave me messages on my phones or just leave a comment on the blog. I will be on9 thru the phone. (But not to update my blog lah kan)

So, I am wishing all of you A very happy Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Have a blast..

(I sometimes do wonder who actually reads my blog. I know some people does for certain. Like my friends and my sister. Anyone would like to introduce urself? I promise I buy you a cup of coffee...;P)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

baju raya

Lagi seminggu mau raya! yeh...

Zaman masa Mak still ada, baju raya memang xde ape2 masalah. Samada beli yang dah siap atau jahit kat kedai. Kalau beli kain sendiri, Mak akan hantar balik Kelate and upah orang jahit. Biasenya sangat awal berbanding ngan orang lain sebab xnak terkalut ngan orang lain. Upah jahit kalau kt kampung, biar lah jahit baju kurung biasa, baju kurung moden, baju kurung ber'lining', baju kebaya atau baju kebarung, semuanya flat price rm30. Murah kan.

Tapi bila mak xde nih, kami susah sikit lah. Aku jarang2 sekali balik Kelantan. so macammane nak hantar jahit baju. Kalau dah berjaya hantar pon, bile masa pulak nak amik baju yang dah siap kan.
Aku mintak tolong kawan kakak untok nya tanye dia hantar jahit baju kat man. Maka diperkenalkan lah tailor diorang pada kami. Kedainya dekat Kompleks Mara kat Jalan TAR. Untok pegi hantar baju, xde lah masalah sangat, sebab xde lah jauh sangat kan. Jahitan baju pon okay jugak. Tapi yang jadi masalah nye adalah, upah jahit yang BAPAK MAHAL!! Mungkin pada orang KL yang lain upah jahit nih adalah standard. Tapi kalau jahit baju kurung biasa mereka charge rm 60, gimana sih? Bisa bankrup. Kalau kurung moden mereka charge rm 75. Hadoi!

Tahun lepas aku pergi India ada conference. Dapat lah jugak bawak balik beberapa helai sari untok dibuat baju kurung. Kain sari nih nipis, so kene ade lining. Aku ada 3 baju kain sari. So imagine, baper rm kene bayar sebab nak jahit baju. Rm 180? Teeetttttt... You are wrong! Sebab kan baju nih full lining, mereka charge double!!!! WTF!! So imagine... Mahal nak mampos. Tuh last aku hantar baju kat situ. Kain sari tuh kalau dalam duit Msia, xsampai rm 30 pon. Upah jahit jek, urrrrggghhhhh... Bikin tensen jek.

Bila kakak nak kawin, kami plan untok buat baju satu kaler semua. Semua setuju ngan kaler turqoise. Aku suka shopping fabric kat Harrisons. Kain dia cantik bangat. Tapi masalah nye, kami x punya tailor. Sapa mau jahit?

Ada la kedai jahit baru bukak kat depan rumah. Pergi tanya harga, okaylah. Atleast murah sikit. Sikit.. like rm 10 beza jek. huhuhu... Tapi disebabkan dah xde choice lain, kami hantar jugak. Memang gamble habih la. Sebab x penah jahit ngan mamat Bangla nih. Yeh pepel, this Bangladeshi was the one tailoring the baju.

Owh how I wish I didn't trust that pervert look he have...

The whole family bajus when all wrong. WTH!!! I jahit two pieces of baju kurung moden. Guess what, One didn't fit. How can you jahit two same baju, but one was smaller? Shit right?
(owh I'm not going thru all the mistake he made, bikin sakit hati jek)

I was suppose to wear the other baju for my sister's wedding, but instead I to wear the second baju, which tahnkfully fit me well. So what did I do with the other baju? the one yang x muat tuh? Nak pergi marah Bangla tuh balik? Nak soh dia ganti balik duit for ruining my baju? Huh! I just couldn't face that Bangla anymore. Too mad!

Nasib baik aku reti jugak la nak alter baju sikit sebanyak. Nasib baik jugak lah reti lah sikit2 nak jahit menjahit nih. Jadi aku bukak balik baju tuh, jadi kepingan kain balik. Dan nasib baik jugak lah mesin jahit Mak ada kat apartment nih. Dan nasib baik jugak lah aku penah belajar nagn Mak camne nak guna mesin jahit tuh. Huh. Maka aku jahit balik lah baju kurung tuh. Skang dah okay, baju tuh kembali berguna.
Benci gila mamat Bangla tuh. Baik aku jahit baju sendiri. Menyusahkan orang jek. Dah la charge mahal, kalau ke jahit elok xpe jugak. Hampeh.

Tapi tadi kami baru jek hantar jahit lagi 3 baju raya. Hoh! Sempat ke? Hantar mana pulak?

Skang nih dah jumpa tailor baru. A couple of Indian, yang jahit baju kurung for the first time in their life masa kami hantar untok jahit baju Ulfah a few month back. Tapi, amazingly they did a great job. So we are now sticking with her. Guess how much she charge for a full lining baju kurung moden? rm 75...yeh it is stilll expensive, but at least it is not rm 120. That is consider cheap in KL. And I can still save a lot. Sekurang2nya kedai nih depan rumah je, xyah bayar duit minyak kete dah.

And now that I got my Mom's sewing machine running, I am thinking of learning how to sew my own baju kurung. (I did sew one baju kurung once, but that that was using cotton fabric. It is easier than chiffon, satin or others.) So next time I can save a whole lot of money. Instead of habis duit untok bayar upah jahit, baik spend dengan beli kain yang lagi best.

Till then, (tomorrow that is, hehehehe...with my 'jumaat' entry..) wishing you the best Ramadhan. Dah nak abih dah nih, So lebihkan amalan yerk.


and don't forget to kiss yourself goodnight for me.