Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hot sun and iced cold coffee

I'm in Starbucks having an iced double latte, trying to run away from the hot hot blazing sun. It's cold in here, free internet and good coffee. And good environment to do work too!

I was just so sleepy. Yes, in the middle of the day. Sleepy! I don't know what's wrong with me, but I've been having trouble sleeping at night and I have trouble to stay awake and energize during the day. Maybe I should exercise a lot more right? Okay going for a run this weekend lah. I always assume lack of energy is from me doing no exercise at all. Am I right? I don't know, but don't you feel sick if you don't move so much?

And that's is also another reason why I'm in Starbucks. Apart from the hot sun, I am trying to feed my body some caffeine in other to keep awake and moving. That answer the double shot. Well, not really, it is just how I drink my coffee. Double shot is the best! Rich, strong coffee taste, just the way I like it. That's how I drink my tea too. Rich black tea, sometime with or without sugar depending on my mood.

Okay, this is weird. I wasn't planning to write about coffee and tea. How the hell did I end up here? What was my main topic? To be honest I have none. I just feel like writing. So what the hell, coffee it is.

I'm going to tell you a story about me and coffee and tea.

I love camping. I love outdoors, and the nature, and the sky and sun, the birds and the animal, and the beetles and everything in between. All in all, I love to get dirt on my face once in a while. I used to go on lots of camping trip when I was in school. Some were memorable and some were just unthinkable. I mostly enjoy the camping trip because I got the chance to cook. Owh you know how much I love cooking,right?. And to see those people licking the pots and pans (literally licking pots and pans, I assume they were too hungry) and plate, would just make me giggle. But.....

Yes, there's always a but. This time a big but. Haha..

Even though friends were licking plates, there's one thing that I don't do well. The whole camp were complaining. Remember how I like my drinks? Rich and strong.

So that happened.

I was suppose to make tea and coffee. Oyeh, for the whole camp. And of course I made it just how I like it. Rich and strong. Guess what happened? Owh I shouldn't elaborate more. It was embarrassing. So much praise for the good food I cooked, and yet loads of complain for simple coffee and tea brew. Huhuhu....

I am still remembered by that incident. Ahah, kopi pahit! Teh pekat! What's up! Hahahaha.....

Those were memories. Still made me smile each time I sip my tea or coffee. Hah!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For the love of Paris

I've been to Paris. In year 2009. My only wish, is to go there again.

But look at what I found.

A big map of Paris.

I didn't bought this in Paris (I could only afford a few postcard). But I bought this in OU for only rm1.20. Hahahakkks.... Super cheap. It's a wrapper. Not an actual map, but a wrapper. Nice. The frame itself cost more than the map (Obvious! What frame that can only cost less than rm1.20, right?)

I thought the map is really beautiful. So for the love of Paris I bought it and framed it and hang it in my house. Complete the whole house eh?

Saturday, April 9, 2011


We were driving at night. I wanted to stop for freshing up and do some stretching. So we stop at a small 'gerai' in a corner.

It was dark. I can't really see what 'gerai' was it. But, what the hell, I only wanted a drink. But my lil sister gatal, pergi order sup pulak.

Pakcik kedai tanya, "Nak sup ape?". "Saya nak sup campur Pakcik" adik jawab.
Pakcik buat muke kerut. Aku pon naik pelek jugak. Pakcik tanya " Sup campur? Sup ape? Sup campur ke sup sayur ke sup campur apa?"

Aku pulak kerut muka. Sup campur lah. Sup? apa yang pelek sangat. Dah sebab pakcik tuh pelik tengok aku ngan Adik, aku pon jawab lah, " Sup sayur, Pakcik." Padahal xmau pon sup sayur, tapi mahu sup campur, yang pada aku maksudnya sup yang ade ayam, daging, seafood etc. Arrggghhh, bantailah. Ape - apelah. Janji sedap.

Esoknya, kami lalu tempat yang sama. Pada siang hari. Eh, ini lah kedai yang kita berhenti minum semalam. Aku paling ke kanan, then I burst in to laughter. Why?

Kedai yang kurang dikenal pasti ape rupa2nya kedai sup belut!! Omaigod.

Padanlah pakcik tuh buat muka kerut bila aku start turun dari kereta lagi. Hahahaha... Nasib baik x makan sup campur 'biasa', sup belut la itu! Wawawahh...scary....


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Feeling yellow

I'm a tad yellow tonight.
So here's my favourite song to hear when I'm yellow.

Beautiful isn't it?
Now I'm over the moon!

kisses to you. <3

Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby news

Hallo everyone. Wahh, I never left this blog unattended for thiiisssss long. I am very sorry. Especially to ALL my readers. (Keep in mind, that in MY head, I have thousands of follower. Yeah, I'm MAD! :B)

Not that I've been busy. Cuma x berkesempatan menulis.

So what is up?

My sister is having her baby next month. Excited!! You know that sister, that just got married last July, and nine month later she's having a baby. You know, the one I said is trying to outdo my parents. My parents gave birth to her on November and they were married in January the same year. I thought my parents were fast. Well, now she is faster. I have to be pregnant on the day of my Akad to outdo her. Hahahaha... ;p Kidding man!

I just come back from a short trip to the West Coast of Penisular Malaysia. (It's crazy to drive Kl-Tganu-Klate-Tganu-Kl with little rest in between. Crazy shit!) Doing bits of research. Collecting information. Comparing and coming up with own conclusion just based on data collected. Sound scientific? What data? Hahaha.. I'm just collecting infos on how should my Sis take care of herself after giving birth. In other words, 'berpantang'. This is the downside of my Mom moving on to early. If she is still around, I'm pretty sure that she is next to my Sis the moment she heard of the pregnancy.

Anyways, this is what I did. Since she is away in the UK, I'm suppose to buy her stuff and take tips (on everything) on how to 'berpantang' and how to take care of a baby. I can now write a How to book for dummies. They do have classes in the UK, but what I'm listing down are traditional stuff that we Malay people do. Like eat this and that, don't eat this, don't do that and blah blah blah. I know I'm old, but that doesn't that I know stuff like this. I don't. Knowledge level about this would be a negative two.

To tell you the truth, I am scared of babies. Newborn babies. Don't get me wrong. I love kids. Love them. Especially when the start talking, walking and just doing things. When people find kids at certain age annoying, I found them to be charming and adorable. Kids do and say the darndest things, which is to me very adorable. They asked question that are sometimes mindblowing and I love answering to this kind of questions. But newborns are just scary.

They look so fragile. As if they are going to break at any times. They are SO small, very tiny. The skin are all crippled (like raisin sometimes). If I went visiting a friend's or anybody's newborn baby, the least I would do is pat his cheek and and say, owhhh...cute baby. That's it. I am not going to even try lifting him up. To scared that I might kill someone's baby.

Anyways, with all the stories told by Auntsssssss ( I have a lot of very helpful Aunties) I would conclude that some traditional Malay method of 'berpantang' sounds ridiculous. Ever heard of 'You have to make sure your big toe doesn't meet each other'? You have to spread your leg all the time, never to bend them, ever! You only can eat only a certain kind of fish, when you can't even find that fish in the UK???? and a whole lot more. They are lots of things that are good and should be followed, like not to eat a lot, only one serving at a time. Or only eat grilled food, which does follows to eating healthy. Owh not only this, I was also told on how to push the baby out and tips on that too. Hahahaha.... Too explicit to write it here.

I am going to be an Aunt. To a niece or nephew? It's a surprise. The baby is just too shy. Just wait for the good news. Wuuhuuu..

Okay peeps. I'm off to bed.

You!Please update your blog. I miss you.
And why have all you blog's content gone?

Nite nite everyone. Kisses to you!