Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A catastrophe and an orange cat fell from the fourth floor.

By far the longest title ever. Hahahaha...

It is now well known about what happened to Japan. If you don't know, then you are worst than 'Katak bawah tempurung', even those kataks knows about what happening in Japan. It's been bad, bad, very bad situation in Japan. Earthquake, then tsunami and now fear of radiation leaking.

My father got some phone calls from newspaper to comment on the nuclear plant situation. And as expected he wouldn't comment anything. I suspect that he wanted to be off the radar,doesn't want to be known. (My dad is a very shy man, always off the radar, so am I!! :P) But he said the university didn't gave any permission for him to say anything. Ok fine. But he wouldn't stop talking and commenting when he's home. Seriously, non-stop. Owh, for those who doesn't know, he is a nuclear scientist.

The situation in Japan nuclear plant is not that serious, unless.... it blows up. Then there will be another Chernobyl. So far, everything is okay. The might be some leakage of radiation but it is not fatal. But for long term, who knows? Just pray everything will be under control soon. They might be some meltdown, but as long it doesn't blow up, radiation leaking should be at the minimum.

I don't know on how much public knows about a nuclear plant, on how it works and what could be dangerous to people. The closest I've been to nuclear plant is in MINT (MNA), but that couldn't even be considered to a nuclear plant. There's a reactor, a small one, very small actually, that only produced power enough to light a light bulb. And seen a few of Cobalt 60 radiation machine. This are only use to do small experiment. And MNA also provide irradiation in small scale.

The most minimal things you should know about a reactor is, in the most middle of the reactor is where the nuclear fuel is. It is then wrap in thick steel. Nuclear fission starts by a neutron splitting the nuclear atom. This splitting produce heat and a neutron too. So this start a nuclear chain reaction.
To control the splitting enriched boron is usually use. Boron absorb the neutron thus stops the atom splitting. Coolant system is use to transfer the heat produce to water (in Japan reactor, they use boiling water system to generate steam and spin the turbine). Problem occurred when the cooling system's broken down. Heat can produce pressure that will eventually built up in the plant and if not attend to effectively, a Chernobyl will happen. (God, please no!) That's why they are letting some steam out to put the pressure down. Of course the steam contains radiation, but it's a by product radiation. It is not as dangerous as the nuclear fuel it self.

Right know, situation is still under control (I hope) As long the core is okay, it wouldn't be a Chernobyl. But still it is scary, right? Wani, stay safe okay. A friend of mine, who lives in Kyoto seems chill. He even went for jog on Saturday. Hahaha.. but it looks like he is planning to come back to Malaysia. Doesn't matter, as long as everyone is safe. We keep on praying, okay.

Then, about that orange cat. That silly orange cat. Can you believe it if I said he fell from the fourth floor? Well, believe it!

Bubis loves to sleep at the window. I never let him, but I don't why that night I let him sleep there. Usually I open the window just slightly so he could sleep with out falling down, but that night i didn't close the window enough.

It was 4 am in the morning. The window was just on top of my head. I was asleep, suddenly heard scratching sound and a thud. I woke up and thought I was dreaming. 'Did my cat just fall of from the fourth floor??'. I panicked and start searching inside the house. Then I force myself to say that my cat did fell that's why you couldn't find him. I went outside, put my head out, expecting flesh, blood, eyeball and stomach scattered on ground. But the was nothing. I was starring the ground for a whole 15 minutes in disbelief.

Where the hell is Bubis??

Then I saw something moving in the drain. I went down, saw my cat in the drain, scared as hell. He peed himself out. I pick him, very gently, scared that I might break him and carry him back to the house. Wash him a little bit and put him in his cage. As soon as the vet opens, I brought him for a check up. Thank God she said Bubis is okay. As long as a cat landed in perfect balance, he will be okay. The only thing worrying me is, Bubs did fell from the fourth floor, so the pelvic could fracture a bit. But it seems, he is doing okay. Alhamdulillah. Lega.

No more sleeping at the window honey. You scared me to death. Hohh!!

I'm finish.

Didn't expect this entry to be long. Well, the title should tally with the content right?

Kisses to you.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kucing aku bercakap

Kalau lah kucing aku buleh bercakap, ini dialog yang akan dibicara setiap kali.

Kucing yang kaler oren tuh, Bubis namanya.

"Siti, lapar. Lapar. Lapar. Lapar."
"Okay, kenyang dah. Eh, terasa lapar lagi lah. Siti, nak makan"
"Siti, hari nih nk makan ikan. Ikan. Lapar. Ikan. Lapar"
"Buurrp. Kenyang dah. Ngantuk, tidur dulu yer. Sila jangan ganggu!"
"Nape dok kat dapur? Nak masakkan Bubs ikan eh??"
"Makanan!!! Eh, eh....nak pergi mana tuh? Tempat makan kat sini lah"

Bubis ini yang dia tahu cuma satu. Makan.

Kucing kaler hitam, buat masa nih namanya Cleo. Kadang-kadang jadi Hits (short for Hitam)

"Eh, tengah buat apa tuh? Tepi sikit nak join sekali"
"Saya nak duduk sini jugak"
"Lompat-lompat atas laptop. Yeehaaa"
"Siti, bosan nih. Meh la gosokkan kepala"
"Ahahaha... Tak nak berak kat sini. Nak berak kat dalam rumah. Weeeeeeee"
"Lompat lompat lompat sampai gile"
"Nak duduk jugak atas kerusi. I pon nak tengok TV. Tepi sikit"

Inilah dialog harian kucing aku. Macam-macam.

Korang ada kucing bolih bercakap macam nih?? Wahahaha...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Engage at 27......or 17??

No peeps, sadly it's not me who's getting engage. Hahaha...

But my younger sister's friend is! Yes! At 17!! Good God.

I don't know what exactly is on her mind but it is on, 23rd this month. I know almost all my sister's friend since I'm not only a sister but aka the driver. I drive her to school so I know who is who. This girl to me is not pretty but she's cheeky. She change BF every 3 month or so. What make her change her mind and settle down with one guy, I don't know.

And I couldn't stop thinking how her parents feel too. Why would they agree to this? My sister said it's ridiculous. Imagine being 17 and making up your mind on getting engage when you should be having fun being young and silly. Even more ridiculous, this engagement was suppose to be for a seven year period. Crap!

I don't get it. I remember being 17, and all I could think was going crazy, see people, travel around and go nuts! Of course there's boys (and girls too), but engage?? So out of the question.

But then, things like didn't always turn out bad. My neighbor, if you remember, gave birth when she's 17/18. She's the same age as me and it seem, she's happy. She's living life. Giving birth at very early age surely didn't stop her. She is now working as a lecturer and even doing master in fashion. Did she miss her teenage life? Of course she did. But what she get in return, a boy, to her was more than anything in this world. But keep in mind not everyone can survive early commitment like her. Right?

But, you also didn't want to end up like me. 27 and still single. Owh I should've marry my high school boyfriend. Gila!!

So what should you do? Grab any guy you meet, or wait for the right moment? Or wait until you end up old? Even when you ask pathetic-27 year old-still single girl like me, SHE BARKING MAD!! Imagine my 17 year old sister who still ask me to cook maggi for her wants to get engage, I will immediately send her to psychiatrist. Wouldn't you?

I hope she comes to her senses. Even so she gets engaged, I hope it'll last. If not, I hope she takes this as a lesson. Some people wouldn't get it until problems comes knocking to one's door.

Okay. I miss you guys.
Kisses and hugs to everyone.

Later peeps.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Embrace yourself or not?

In response to Wani's latest posting.

I don't know about everyone else, but I think I don't judge people. In fact I'm bad at judging people. To me everyone is nice and I trust anybody immediately. One of my weaknesses. I know I know, I'm too naive sometimes. But then we talk about choices we made in life. About being who we really wanted to be. And sometimes this choices make you go against the normal traditional human values.

One of the most famous, when changing sexes or maybe being homosexual. Loads of opinion have been pointed out and discuss. I am being a little late and actually missed the train, but who cares. Here's what I have to say.

I don't care.

Yes we are governed by rules made by our own community, or by the religion we belief or even by our own conscience. Yes rules can be different and influence by community, religion and ones consciences. Even so, there are a few human behavior that are made to be as it is. Like Maths rules, when 1+1 is always 2. And male should mate only with a female. And male should behave like a male and vice versa. Or we should eat and drinks in other to survive or sorts. Things that are every human. Period.

So that's it. I know you might say, as a responsible human you should at least gave advise to this people to repent and blah blah blah. But why should I? It's common knowledge. So it's up to your choices. You do what you think is best. People change only when they wanted to change. So why bother? I'm okay with gays, as long the don't do horrific stuff publicly. But I can't stand pengkid. Ever heard of pengkid going to Jumaat prayer? Too much. Just too much!!

I don't care what they do in their private time. Sin? Who am I to judge? These people believe in them self to be right, to follow what they say their heart say, so be it. Right or wrong, sin or not, let their God judge. I have my own belief and I'm sticking to that.

But what if my own children happens to be one of these people. Still I accept? Or what? Honestly I don't know. I hope if it happens when I'm dead. I can't bare knowing my own child doing that. Anyway, to conclude, look deep deep inside you. Look really deep. Find meaning to being born human. Learn philosophy. hehehe... (I know my conclusion is crap. But seriously philosophy is good) Didn't you all realise, gays make good friend?? :P


It's March

I put down only 8 posting on February!! Suprising.

Really. Seriously didn't notice it. I'm becoming lazier right?
I should write more. Owh please somebody push me.
I wish I could promise you one posting at the end of the week. But I can't.

So see you later when I actually compose something in my head.

Bye peeps.