Sunday, March 6, 2011

Engage at 27......or 17??

No peeps, sadly it's not me who's getting engage. Hahaha...

But my younger sister's friend is! Yes! At 17!! Good God.

I don't know what exactly is on her mind but it is on, 23rd this month. I know almost all my sister's friend since I'm not only a sister but aka the driver. I drive her to school so I know who is who. This girl to me is not pretty but she's cheeky. She change BF every 3 month or so. What make her change her mind and settle down with one guy, I don't know.

And I couldn't stop thinking how her parents feel too. Why would they agree to this? My sister said it's ridiculous. Imagine being 17 and making up your mind on getting engage when you should be having fun being young and silly. Even more ridiculous, this engagement was suppose to be for a seven year period. Crap!

I don't get it. I remember being 17, and all I could think was going crazy, see people, travel around and go nuts! Of course there's boys (and girls too), but engage?? So out of the question.

But then, things like didn't always turn out bad. My neighbor, if you remember, gave birth when she's 17/18. She's the same age as me and it seem, she's happy. She's living life. Giving birth at very early age surely didn't stop her. She is now working as a lecturer and even doing master in fashion. Did she miss her teenage life? Of course she did. But what she get in return, a boy, to her was more than anything in this world. But keep in mind not everyone can survive early commitment like her. Right?

But, you also didn't want to end up like me. 27 and still single. Owh I should've marry my high school boyfriend. Gila!!

So what should you do? Grab any guy you meet, or wait for the right moment? Or wait until you end up old? Even when you ask pathetic-27 year old-still single girl like me, SHE BARKING MAD!! Imagine my 17 year old sister who still ask me to cook maggi for her wants to get engage, I will immediately send her to psychiatrist. Wouldn't you?

I hope she comes to her senses. Even so she gets engaged, I hope it'll last. If not, I hope she takes this as a lesson. Some people wouldn't get it until problems comes knocking to one's door.

Okay. I miss you guys.
Kisses and hugs to everyone.

Later peeps.

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