Monday, January 31, 2011

Missing him

Missing for quite sometime. Emergency leave balik kampung.

My 107 year old Grandfather passed away on Sunday at 2.40 am in the morning. I am not going to say anything much, but I would like to say I am going to miss him much. He was a man of wisdom, with the purest heart you will ever know. A man with knowledge and a smile always on his face. Love you so much Tokki.

Rest in peace.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Oven & Rosemary Roast Chicken

I'm so excited. I bought a new oven. wohoho..

If you know me, you'll know I don't do well in baking. As a matter of fact, I suck at it. Bad.
So now I am determine to learn how to bake.

I'm the kind of cook who doesn't measured and cook based on smell and taste. That's why I'm not a good person to teach you how to cook. I can tell you the ingredient but I can't tell how much. So when my friend asked me how to make Laksam, I said, well, it depends. hahahaha... If you come to my house and watch me cook it, you maybe get it but you have to measured everything yourself. ;P

That is also why I can't bake. I don't like to measure. Baking is certain. It is almost science. Everything have to be exact. Which I'm not good at. So now, I'm determined to stick to the exact ingredient and follow the instructions. Like what you did when you follow experiment methods. Follow Afirah! Measure Afirah! Yes, I'm doing exactly that!! Hahahaha...

We'll see. If it really is about measuring and following instruction or I just really really suck at baking. Hehehe...

First test run. Rosemary roast chicken.

Fisrt time golek ayam cmnih

Ayam yang dah masak.
Sekor nih bukan untuk makan dinner malam ini utk dua org,
tapi untuk dimakan selama seminggu.
Gila ah kalau dapat abih sekali ngap.

Dalam pinggan.
Dimakan dengan veges.


Tomorrow, will try to make my famous apple crumble. I'm not yet ready for cake baking. hehehe... Kene tunggu Nini balik, baru bulih tunjuk ajar dengan sempurna. Nini, I'm still waiting for that brownies recipe.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stud tail

I've been meaning to write about this for quite awhile, tapi x punya kesempatan.

Ever heard about stud tail?

This is my cat, Bubis. Yes, as in boobies. Bubs for short. He is a male cat, not that he has any boobs but he reacts when called bubis, so the name stuck with him. A few weeks ago, I saw that his scrotum turns black. Man, that scares me. Why the hell would scrotum turns black??

So I got him to the vet. He asked, so what's wrong. I said, his scrotum went black. He examined it, looking at it and in just 2 seconds he turns all red and blushed. He crossed his arm and start walking backward to a corner and start smiling cheekily at me. "Is this your first time having male cat pet?". And I say yes, truly my first time. Before, I had 3 female cats.

"Okay. How should I say this. Well, you know that your cat is ermmm.. coming of age... you know.. hormones...he wants female cat. Have he been... you know..." And went on and on explaining what should've been simple. Just say he is hitting puberty and wants sex. Good god. Then I said, Okay, I got what you mean. So what about his black scrotum?. He then explained about hormones changes made the skin secretes oil/grease. That black thing is actually oil. Not the scrotum rotting inside out. Fuhhh... He said about getting my cat neutered, it will reduce the stud's tail effect but not completely. I said, No. I'm doing something that kills the normal behavior of a living thing. My cat's a dude, he needs what dude needs. So let it be.

So the vet suggest something else.

Wash my cat's nuts and tail with degreaser/washing liquid. So this is what I've been doing. Washing scrotum every 3 days or so. If not, it will become like this.

pic from here

Skin infection if it's not treated well. It's yucky to holds my cat's nuts and wash it. But he is my beloved cat, what can I do. So if ever your cat have black nuts, don't get scared. It's just him growing up. Just wash it at home and save the embarrassement of a male vet trying to explain stud tail. Hehehehe...

Love you Bubs.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Teh wangi ros.

Haish, Dah jadi blog masak makan plak. Asyik citer pasal makanan.

Cute tea set eh? Sister bought it from the UK. Drinking tea in this cold night, while watching a horror movie on HBO, what could be better. Hee..

Have a good weekend everyone.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Piknik, BBQ

Kesimpulannya, asyik makan jek.

I'm too lazy to write, so let the pictures do the talking, okay.

Tasik Perdana
Mee hoon goreng (me cooked!:P)
Fresh orange (beli kedai)

macam gambar poskad kan. :P

Having fun at the playground

Rumah Bapak
Homemade burger (me made!)
Ayam bakar (Ulfah buat)
Kerang bakar

Jangan gelak. Memang oldschool.
tapi sedap bakar guna kayu.

Sedap gile!!
Memang besar gabak. Jadi 1/2 pounder dah!

Kerang bakar yg tinggal kulit jek.

Owh please don't disturb me reading books.

Later peeps. Night

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A day with this cute little boy

Well, only four hours actually. Kids get tired really quick.

We went out to OU, just to stroll around. It was 12 o'clock went we arrived to pick him up, he was suppose to have his noon nap. I thought of maybe going out another time, don't want him to go grumpy later on. But instead he went. "Bik..bik (as in 'tubik' in east coast slang which means keluar).

All dress up and ready to go.

We went to the rainforest to see fish. And he start saying very loudly, Aishh..aishh (air)..pish..pish.. (fish). And start dipping hands in the pool.

Then we went hire a buggy ride. Owh he was so excited. Keep on shouting, Nak nak nak. So cute.

Then we just stroll around. Walking and walking, introducing him to stuff. He gets excited when he sees flower, and goes, Nge, nge, nge (bunga). and touch limau. Hehehehe...

Then I'm hungry. Only had chicken nuggets for breakfast. I'm pretty damn sure Wail was also hungry. So we went for porridge. Well, babies can't just anything. Porridge would be just right. His Mommy didn't provide us any food, just biscuits. He finish one whole bowl of porridge and said, Dap daap (sedap). He must be really hungry.

More walking until we came to the Oval centre, where there were doing Chinese New Year promotions. Then he start doing this. See below.

People start giving attention to him and joining him going upside down. Hahaha... See this guy.

Suddenly he doesn't want to go inside the buggy ride anymore. Keep saying, Naik naik naik. Which means he wants to be carried. Which also means he is damn tired. And it's time to go home. We return the buggy ride, which only cost RM 3 for the first hour and RM 2 for the next subsequent hour. Pay the parking ticket and get into the car. Even before the car left the parking lot, he was fast asleep in my Sister's arm. He must be really really tired to be sleeping just like that. Poor boy.

He continued sleeping at home, but only for 5 minutes. Then woke up with bright big eyes. And start asking to go out again. Fuuhh...

It was fun. Superb. Next time we are going for Wet World. Let's get wet baby!

Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 and 27

I didn't realize that I turned 27 this year. Good God, I'm old!

But seriously I don't feel like 27. My 27 year old friends all are married, having babies after babies and some even thinking about putting their first kid to school. And me? I'm still like this. Not that I don't want to get married, maybe I'm not there yet. (Yeh, still looking for someone to marry me. Owh this is pathetic.)
I have a friend who found a replacement BF just a few month after a break up. She is now married to that replacement guy. I'd once asked her, How did you get another bf so fast?. I was expecting answers like, Uhh, try to find them in here, here or there. Instead, she said, Well, it depends on what you want in life and what kind of guy you like. Wow, that got me thinking.

What do I want in life and what kind of guy I want?

I want to be close to God. To be successful in life. To have a wonderful family. To have a small happy house. To have 2 boys and a girl (3 kids will fit nicely in my car! hehehe). To be able to bake (owh I made horrible cakes). I want a guy who respect the elders. A guy who is respectful. A man with wisdom, and thoughts. A leader. A wonderful father. An idol. An admirer. And someone who wants to fulfill my life goals. (well, I need a guy to have kids! Hahaha)

The perfect man to compliment the perfect me. But there is no such things as a perfect man, my friend once said. She said, You can wait all you want, you won't get someone who checked everything. I never wanted someone perfect as I myself was never close to perfect. Well, no one is. The perfect man is someone who compliments you. Like enzymes that binds perfectly (Am I being too scientific? That's the only thing I can think of). My perfect man might not be the perfect man for you, right?

So what now?

I'm living my life. I'm just going with the flow. Dreams sometimes can be true. Hopes sometimes can be disappointing. Life is never fair. Mistakes made to be learn. To make us a better person.

Till then,goodnight everyone.

(there is a lot of spelling and grammar mistake in my previous entry. Wehee.. I'm not correcting it)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Loose change

I notice guys don't like keeping loose change. Am I right?

I see that my father and brother always gave me their loose change when I'm around, ask me to keep it in my purse. They all use wallet that doesn't help them in keeping coins. (Then they say we carry to much things in our purse. We are actually carrying stuff for them, right? hehehe..)

You know what in my purse? Everything.

I am a very clumsy person. I always missed place things. So I have 2 sets of keys of my house, 2 sets of keys of my Dad's house, lip balm, purse, tissue paper, receipts ( a whole bunch of it) and even a bottle of perfume and loads more in my bag. I have 2 sets of keys because if I forget to bring one set, there's always the extra set in my bag.

So you could guess that my handbag is quite heavy. Well, any girls bag are heavy. ;p. To make it even heavier, the loose change that I keep in my bag. I keep any coins that I have. If it gets too heavy, I would emptied out my hand bag and keep all the coins in a 'tabung'.

Now, after a while of 'menabung', you think you would become rich right? Well, that's the problem. Rich with coins.

My Dad's 'tabung ikan
My Sis's 'tabung jambu'
My 'tabung kacang'

This is all the coins collected in almost over a year.
Total: RM 180

That's a lot of money right? The problem now: No banks/one /shops want to change the coins. Now, I'm stuck with almost 5 kg of coins. Damn. (No, I don't carry them around. Gile ke?)

If I could change this coins, I could buy a few nice clothes. Imagine that. Just with loose change collected in a tabung.

Now, I don't know what to do with this loose change. I thought of just dropping the whole bag of coins to some guy/kids yang jual kismis/mintak derma tuh. Bolih kah? Or should I just use it and pissed off the cashier when I pay them with loads of coins? Hahahaha...

Later. Kiss yourself goodnight for me. Muah muah <3

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Obsession? more food?

I guess I'm still not over of my obsession with Indonesia. This time I'm introducing you to my newest obsession.

Bondan Prakoso and Fade 2 Black.

They were introduced to me by a sales promoter when I went to a music store to buy Ungu's album. He puts on the first track, and that got my attention. I was like,"who is this?". He said, "It's Bondan".

Uhh? Who? Pondan?

His music just caught me. It's cool. Lyrics is cool too. But the music keeps you pumping and jumping. Nice. It's pop rap with a bit of jazz and reggae and a mix of of everything else. His voice is also delicious, reminds me Ariel Peter Pan.

This is the first track. The one that I heard in the music store. Tittled, 'Ya Sudahlah'.

Very sweet intro. This one got me saying, "Uhh, whose voice is that?"

Sorry but I couldn't get the original music video. It's not available in Malaysia. But they are on FB. So check'em out.

Other tracks are just as awesome as this one. Owh.. I'm in love <3>

but hey, I did say I'm writing about obsession right?

Hahaha...I guess my meatball obsession is still not over yet. I know, third day in a row eating meatballs for dinner, would just make you go, " Good God. What the hell is wrong with this girl!" Hahahaha...

This time I put some mee suah in it. Superb!


Later peeps. Night.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Meatball day

Yup, I know. Another post about food. Hehehe..

We had lunch in Ikea today. When you hear Ikea, you will remember their meatballs, right? So that's exactly what we had for lunch. To be exact, what Ulfah had for lunch. I always and always eat their superb Salmon. I love eating here. Where else can you get delicious salmon for only RM11.90?

superb salmon.
if only I can cook the same thing at home....
(would it be cheaper?)

green salad

and meatballs!!

So why was today a meatball day?

Because we had meatball for dinner too. Meatball and vegetable soup. This I made myself. Recipe from It is simple to cook, but taste superb.

Owh this got nothing to do with meatball. Just sharing the newest picture of my step baby brother. Cute eh? (look at the mess he made behind him)

Till then. Goodnight everyone.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Teringin dan teringat

4 hari bercuti di Solo, mulut nih dah teringin nak makan masakan rumah. Asyik cuba makanan Indonesia, kali nih teringin nak makan makanan Melayu.

Jadi, tengahari tadi masak sendiri kat rumah. Citarasa Melayu asli. Apa agaknya makanan yang teringin sangat nak makan?

Gulai ikan masin ngan nenas. Tapi yang ini extra sikit sebab kami letak pucuk silap, pucuk ubi kayu. Tak tau ade ke orang lain masak letak dun singkong, tapi sebab dah ada, kami letak jek. Janji sedap.

Kemudian buat telur dadar cencalok. Uhh..tengah terliur sekarang nih.

Kemudian makan malam. Bukan makanan tradisi Melayu tapi lebih Western, tapi sekurang2nya makanan masak sendiri.

Grilled mixed herb chicken with fries

Mixed salad with mustard dressing, top with crunchy chicken strips and soft boiled egg.

Tapi dalam teringin dan mengidam makan masakan Melayu, ada satu lagi yang masih tergiang-ngiang dalam kepala. Lagu yang aku dengar kat TV di Solo. Hahaha...

Lagu oleh Ussy,Cinta kamu titik.

Catchy la pulak chorus dia. ;))

Mari nyanyi ramai2. Aku cinta kamu. Titik.

(It sounds funny the first time I heard it, but that chorus just keeps on playing in my head. Walawau..)

dan lagu nih. macam comel intro dia..

lagu oleh Armada band, cinta itu buta.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Solo, Indonesia

Aku jatuh cinta dengan Solo, Indonesia!

Pertama kali kali aku ke Indonesia semasa aku ke Bandung sama teman2 Februari 2009. Kali ini ke Solo sama famili semua. Bandung beda bangat dengan Solo.

Pertama kali menjejakkan kaki ke Solo, aku terpesona dengan cantiknya airport Solo. Dikelilingi sawah padi yang menghijau. Cantik ya Solo ini.

Aku lebih senang dengan Solo. Solo bandarnya lebih tenang, nyaman dan cantik bangat. Makanan jugak enak-enak. Kami sekeluarga menetap di Griya Teratai. Untuk harga yang sangat berpatutan, Griya memang sangat memuaskan. Rumah ini juga dihias cantik. Kecil, cuma sebelas bilik tapi sangat-sangat selesa. Seperti menginap dirumah sendiri. Staff-staff juga baik dan very friendly. It is a house renovated into a guest house.

Cantikkan Griya Teratai?

Bergambar di luar Guest house

Solo tidak sepopular Jakarta atau Bandung. Mungkin kerana tempat itu banyak tempat berbelanja, tetapi tidak Solo. Solo lebih banyak tempat untuk kita menikmati 'culture' Indonesia. I am very facsinated especially when we went to Keraton Solo. Keraton itu maksudnya Istana Raja. Keraton ini sangat menakjubkan, penuh dengan sejarah-sejarah Raja-raja. Ada banyak barang lama yang unik. Dari tandu puteri raja, carriage kereta kuda, pengayuh kapal yang besar gile, senjata-senjata lama, dan pelbagai lagi yang usianya beratus2 tahun. Hebatkan?

Mengikut Pak pemandu pelancong.

Kawasan laman keraton. Sunyi sepi tempat nih.
Cuma dengar bunyi burung w/pun
kenderaan lalu lalang di sebelah.

Kunci lama di pasar antik

Solo juga terkenal dengan makanan2 yang enak2. Contohnya Nasi gudeg, nasi liwet dan macam-macam lagi. Yang paling aku suka, Sate buntel. Dibuat dari daging kambing hancur. Dibakar dan di makan dengan sos kicap. Sedap sangat2!!. Ada juga kuih yang dipanggil serabi. Uhhhh...ini sedap. Macam apam balik tapi diisi dengan santan manis yang pekat. Sedap gila! Kami beli dua kotak untuk dibawa pulang.

Nasi gudeg istimewa.
Enak bangat.

Dikedai Sate buntel

Sate buntel

ini dipanggil apa ya?? xingat
ini pon sedap.
nasi yang dikeringkan, kemudian digoreng.
Ada yang manis atau masin

Orang2 Solo sangat baik. I really mean it. Tinggal di Solo 4 hari, aku seperti tidak mahu pulang. Seronok sangat disini. Hotelnya bagus, makanannya enak bangat, orang-orangnya baik-baik, bandarnya bersih. Living here wouldn't be such a bad idea eh. ;)

Terima kasih pada Anggun dan staff2 di Griya Teratai untuk layanan yang baik. Terima kasih buat Wahyu, kerna bawa kami jalan2 dan makan yang enak2.

Solo was great. Superb.

And I am definitely coming back again!

Salam sayang dari Kuala Lumpur buat orang2 Solo!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

An apology, two kites and a picnic

First, an apology. I have been disappointing many of my friends' invitation, let it be a meeting, a simple lunch date, a gathering and mostly, wedding invitation. I'm sorry to have let you all down.

So I'm here, not to gave more excuses, but an apology sincerely from the bottom of my heart. I'm really really sorry. I know I've miss lots of plans and dates, especially wedding invitation, but believe me, I would've come if I can. I miss you guys SO much.

To Nieza, my dorm mate, I'm really sorry I miss your wedding. I miss the date, thought it was on the 27th when it was on the 21st. This I regret so much.To Nini, Sorry I didn't go to your Sis wedding but I did go to yours. That is the most important, right? To my x-classmates, sorry I didn't go to any of you weddings. To people who said Hey, sorry I've never reply. To my two closest lovely boyfriends, Sorry dah lama x lepak borak2 sampai pagi.

To everyone I've let down, again I'm sorry. I miss you and always love all of you. Like I said before, 'To those I love, I will always love'. So no worries, you guys are always on my mind.

And one more thing. This is me just asking for forgiveness, because I felt guilty. Please don't start giving sh#t like, 'Are you sick/dying question' okay? I'm fine.

Second, the picnic. I had a small gathering/picnic in Kepong. This bunch of people I have known since I was in Form 1/2/3. It was fun! I especially love 'flying the kite' part! I bet you guys don't know that I LOVE playing with kites! Wuhuuuu!

There were also loads and loads of food. Pizza, KFC, sandwiches, sliced watermelon and even a cake! I don't know why but I felt full, so I just a slice of cake and munch on watermelons. Had much much of fun. Enjoy the pics...

There are loads more, tapi malaslah. This is enough.

Year 2011, I will try my best to make it up to everyone. I'll try.

Chiow. Till we meet again. Hugs!!