Sunday, January 2, 2011

An apology, two kites and a picnic

First, an apology. I have been disappointing many of my friends' invitation, let it be a meeting, a simple lunch date, a gathering and mostly, wedding invitation. I'm sorry to have let you all down.

So I'm here, not to gave more excuses, but an apology sincerely from the bottom of my heart. I'm really really sorry. I know I've miss lots of plans and dates, especially wedding invitation, but believe me, I would've come if I can. I miss you guys SO much.

To Nieza, my dorm mate, I'm really sorry I miss your wedding. I miss the date, thought it was on the 27th when it was on the 21st. This I regret so much.To Nini, Sorry I didn't go to your Sis wedding but I did go to yours. That is the most important, right? To my x-classmates, sorry I didn't go to any of you weddings. To people who said Hey, sorry I've never reply. To my two closest lovely boyfriends, Sorry dah lama x lepak borak2 sampai pagi.

To everyone I've let down, again I'm sorry. I miss you and always love all of you. Like I said before, 'To those I love, I will always love'. So no worries, you guys are always on my mind.

And one more thing. This is me just asking for forgiveness, because I felt guilty. Please don't start giving sh#t like, 'Are you sick/dying question' okay? I'm fine.

Second, the picnic. I had a small gathering/picnic in Kepong. This bunch of people I have known since I was in Form 1/2/3. It was fun! I especially love 'flying the kite' part! I bet you guys don't know that I LOVE playing with kites! Wuhuuuu!

There were also loads and loads of food. Pizza, KFC, sandwiches, sliced watermelon and even a cake! I don't know why but I felt full, so I just a slice of cake and munch on watermelons. Had much much of fun. Enjoy the pics...

There are loads more, tapi malaslah. This is enough.

Year 2011, I will try my best to make it up to everyone. I'll try.

Chiow. Till we meet again. Hugs!!


somerollben said...

kecewa!!!...ktorg dok ingatkan fifi dah xnak kawan ngan ktorg lagi...dok mengunci diri xnak jpe ktorg...

afirah said... time kite pi piknik lagi nak? Best la main layang2..