Monday, January 10, 2011

Meatball day

Yup, I know. Another post about food. Hehehe..

We had lunch in Ikea today. When you hear Ikea, you will remember their meatballs, right? So that's exactly what we had for lunch. To be exact, what Ulfah had for lunch. I always and always eat their superb Salmon. I love eating here. Where else can you get delicious salmon for only RM11.90?

superb salmon.
if only I can cook the same thing at home....
(would it be cheaper?)

green salad

and meatballs!!

So why was today a meatball day?

Because we had meatball for dinner too. Meatball and vegetable soup. This I made myself. Recipe from It is simple to cook, but taste superb.

Owh this got nothing to do with meatball. Just sharing the newest picture of my step baby brother. Cute eh? (look at the mess he made behind him)

Till then. Goodnight everyone.

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