Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 and 27

I didn't realize that I turned 27 this year. Good God, I'm old!

But seriously I don't feel like 27. My 27 year old friends all are married, having babies after babies and some even thinking about putting their first kid to school. And me? I'm still like this. Not that I don't want to get married, maybe I'm not there yet. (Yeh, still looking for someone to marry me. Owh this is pathetic.)
I have a friend who found a replacement BF just a few month after a break up. She is now married to that replacement guy. I'd once asked her, How did you get another bf so fast?. I was expecting answers like, Uhh, try to find them in here, here or there. Instead, she said, Well, it depends on what you want in life and what kind of guy you like. Wow, that got me thinking.

What do I want in life and what kind of guy I want?

I want to be close to God. To be successful in life. To have a wonderful family. To have a small happy house. To have 2 boys and a girl (3 kids will fit nicely in my car! hehehe). To be able to bake (owh I made horrible cakes). I want a guy who respect the elders. A guy who is respectful. A man with wisdom, and thoughts. A leader. A wonderful father. An idol. An admirer. And someone who wants to fulfill my life goals. (well, I need a guy to have kids! Hahaha)

The perfect man to compliment the perfect me. But there is no such things as a perfect man, my friend once said. She said, You can wait all you want, you won't get someone who checked everything. I never wanted someone perfect as I myself was never close to perfect. Well, no one is. The perfect man is someone who compliments you. Like enzymes that binds perfectly (Am I being too scientific? That's the only thing I can think of). My perfect man might not be the perfect man for you, right?

So what now?

I'm living my life. I'm just going with the flow. Dreams sometimes can be true. Hopes sometimes can be disappointing. Life is never fair. Mistakes made to be learn. To make us a better person.

Till then,goodnight everyone.

(there is a lot of spelling and grammar mistake in my previous entry. Wehee.. I'm not correcting it)

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