Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Obsession? more food?

I guess I'm still not over of my obsession with Indonesia. This time I'm introducing you to my newest obsession.

Bondan Prakoso and Fade 2 Black.

They were introduced to me by a sales promoter when I went to a music store to buy Ungu's album. He puts on the first track, and that got my attention. I was like,"who is this?". He said, "It's Bondan".

Uhh? Who? Pondan?

His music just caught me. It's cool. Lyrics is cool too. But the music keeps you pumping and jumping. Nice. It's pop rap with a bit of jazz and reggae and a mix of of everything else. His voice is also delicious, reminds me Ariel Peter Pan.

This is the first track. The one that I heard in the music store. Tittled, 'Ya Sudahlah'.

Very sweet intro. This one got me saying, "Uhh, whose voice is that?"

Sorry but I couldn't get the original music video. It's not available in Malaysia. But they are on FB. So check'em out.

Other tracks are just as awesome as this one. Owh.. I'm in love <3>

but hey, I did say I'm writing about obsession right?

Hahaha...I guess my meatball obsession is still not over yet. I know, third day in a row eating meatballs for dinner, would just make you go, " Good God. What the hell is wrong with this girl!" Hahahaha...

This time I put some mee suah in it. Superb!


Later peeps. Night.

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