Friday, January 14, 2011

Loose change

I notice guys don't like keeping loose change. Am I right?

I see that my father and brother always gave me their loose change when I'm around, ask me to keep it in my purse. They all use wallet that doesn't help them in keeping coins. (Then they say we carry to much things in our purse. We are actually carrying stuff for them, right? hehehe..)

You know what in my purse? Everything.

I am a very clumsy person. I always missed place things. So I have 2 sets of keys of my house, 2 sets of keys of my Dad's house, lip balm, purse, tissue paper, receipts ( a whole bunch of it) and even a bottle of perfume and loads more in my bag. I have 2 sets of keys because if I forget to bring one set, there's always the extra set in my bag.

So you could guess that my handbag is quite heavy. Well, any girls bag are heavy. ;p. To make it even heavier, the loose change that I keep in my bag. I keep any coins that I have. If it gets too heavy, I would emptied out my hand bag and keep all the coins in a 'tabung'.

Now, after a while of 'menabung', you think you would become rich right? Well, that's the problem. Rich with coins.

My Dad's 'tabung ikan
My Sis's 'tabung jambu'
My 'tabung kacang'

This is all the coins collected in almost over a year.
Total: RM 180

That's a lot of money right? The problem now: No banks/one /shops want to change the coins. Now, I'm stuck with almost 5 kg of coins. Damn. (No, I don't carry them around. Gile ke?)

If I could change this coins, I could buy a few nice clothes. Imagine that. Just with loose change collected in a tabung.

Now, I don't know what to do with this loose change. I thought of just dropping the whole bag of coins to some guy/kids yang jual kismis/mintak derma tuh. Bolih kah? Or should I just use it and pissed off the cashier when I pay them with loads of coins? Hahahaha...

Later. Kiss yourself goodnight for me. Muah muah <3

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