Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10 tahun dulu

Masa tuh umor 15 belas tahun. Masih sekolah dalam tingkatan 3. Masih muda remaja. Baru jek nak mengenal dunia.

My friend asked me," Ko rase ape yang ko buat 10 tahun akan datang?". "Hmmmm....mmmmmm.... (berpikir panjang). 10 tahun akan datang? skang umor 15. 10 tahun akan datang umor dah 25. WOH!!! Tua gile dowh!! Hmmmm... aku rase masa tuh aku dah kawin kot. Ye la umor dah banyak kan. Dah kerje, dah ada umah, ada kete and paling penting husband and baby yang chomel. hehehe... Tapi macam lambat lagi jek kan. 10 tahun lame lgi tuh. Xleh imagine cmner aku 10 tahun lagi. Macam berzaman lagi jek."

Owwhhhh boy, how I was so wrong. 10 years fly just like that. And now I've passed the age 25, I'm going to be 26 this coming August. Did I checked any of my angan-angan? nope... nothing. Uh...I already bought a car, so checked that. else, langsung xde. hahahaha... I am laughing at the me 10 years ago. Besar sunggoh angan-angan itu.

Tapi 10 tahun dulu, itu semua doesn't seems too impossible. Looking at it now, hhahahaha... I just say, watever happens, happens. Like my Daddy loooves to say, it's alllllllll written. Watever you do, say and anything at all was already planned. So accept it with an open heart. There's always a reason behind everything, right?

Who would've thought that I am what I am right now? That I am actually alone in my living room writing this. That I just cooked ayam rendang untok makan sahur (10 years ago, I only how to cook megi!). That I actually know how to cook stuff. Woh!... That I am continuing my study. Never in a million years that ever did I thought I can actually get a scholarship. And even bought a car with that money. hahahaha....

We dream about a lot of things. I wanted to be doctor. I wanted to study overseas. I wanted to have an income of 20k pm. I wanted a lot of things. But I'm so glad I didn't get what I wanted. To study to be a doctor is hell. And I know me. First sem jek mesti kantoi la. hahaha... UK was not as nice as people say. I've been there. In Autumn. It's freaking Autumn, and I can't stand the cold! Imagine winter. I couldn't sleep. My nose feels like it's coming off my face. I'm so thankful I didn't go anywhere, but just staying in Malaysia. Saya sayang kepanasan Malaysia. Lepas balik jek dari UK hari tuh, I sun bathed. Rindu sangat rase panas. huh...

About wanting salary of 20k pm, huh, that is just ridiculous! what do you want to do with that lot of money? spend it? spend for what? What cost that much of money? Now, having my own gaji, I do realise we don't need a lot of money to live. Enough is just enough. We only live once, why bother spending 40 years of your living life, to collect that much of money and then die? might as well enjoy it while you still can. You work your butt off, to pay for a house that you only use to sleep (well, you are working 9-5. Pergi keje kol 7 pagi baik lak kol 8 malam). 25 years of mortgage, and you finish paying, you die. hhhaha... So chill. Relax and enjoy every single breath you take.

What I'm trying to say is, Life is just unexpected. 10 years. 10 years is along time. Lots have happened. Some are just unthinkable. My mom esp. huhuhuhuhu.... Who would've thought?? tapi bila masa nye dah tiba, ia tiba. Tidak sesaat cepat, tidak sesaat lambat. Kene lah terima seadanya, kan.

Kenapa saya tulis nih semua. Sebab perasan mostly young couples kat sini, semua nya kol 6 pagi dah xde kat rumah dah. Dah start pergi keje. Kol 10 diorg balik. Makan tapau dari kedai luar. Mesti dah ini rutin diorang hari2 kan. Saya xnak jadi cmnih. Saya nak luang masa untuk famili. Saya nak masak untuk mereka. Saya nak jadi macam mak saya. Yang sentiasa ada masa untok famili. Saya xnak anak2 saya jumpa saya hanya pada hujung minggu.

but yet again, kita cuma merancang....

(Dah beli bahan2 nak buat rendang, balik rumah then realise I don't have any blender! hahahaha.... balik rumah bapak jap semata2 untok guna blender.)

Monday, June 28, 2010


Since kat rumah baru nih banyak budak-budak yang sangat la chomel and very chewable..hahaha... Teringat lak zaman kanak-kanak dulu. Let's start from when I was in kindergarten.

Dulu sekolah tadika kat Tadika Kemas Bandar Baru Sg. Buloh. Kat bawah flat. I don't really remember much, but I certainly remember my first day! Register, patuh Mak jek tinggal kat situ. ALONE! woh...I didn't cry or anything at all. I just sat there looking at everybody else, and wonder why those kids was crying...hahaha...(aku ke yang x punya perasaan??). I remember kalau masa rehat, we all eat in those plastik color-color plate. Sometimes nasi lemak, sometimes meehun goreng. makan ramai2 kat meja kecik. But the thing I most remember is, when I pee in my baju! Hahahahaha!!! I have strong reason why I don't want to go the bathroom! The toilet in my tadika was scary as hell! IT'S DARK! and some boys said there were big frogs in there! demmit! I'm a small kid, and at that time, my mind can go wild in ridiculuos imagination. hahahaha... I rather pee in my baju then go to that toilet. hahahaha.. I remember I was only in my top for half of the day.. Ngahahaha...

Then Daddy got his sebatical leave in Birmigham, UK. So we move there and stayed for about a year. I remember my adress, 113, Little Oak road. My school's name was Yew Tree primary school. betol ke nih?? ntah lah...bantai je lah. This is indeed my bestest childhood. woh... Not that I remember much of it, but I'm really happy there. hehehe..

Even at that time I was 6 y/o, I was in a starndard 2 class. I don't know why. My sister was suppose to be in her standard 4 class but she was put in standard 3. I never knew why, as I never ask anybody anything. Okay, not important. I remember my class teacher was Ms. Jackson. I still have her picture. Very cute and pretty.

Imagine, I was only in tadika back in Malaysia. I know no english at all! nothing! Dah la memang senyap, tambah lak memang x paham langsung bahasa diorg, lagi lah bertambah senyap! So Ms. Jackson have to call my sister from her class, to ask me to say something. I remember the dialog. Sis," Siti, cakap la apa2!". Me," Nak cakap ape? xreti langsung nih". Sis," Cakap la ape2. On off ke. Yes no ke? ape2 la!". hahahahaha...Yeh, very helpful Sis!. But my language problem was soon solved. I was talking in English in no time. hahaha... Ms. Jackson memang banyak membantu. Trimas!

There's a Malay girl in my class. Her name is Liyana. Even we speak the same language, we are not close. Ntah. Dia tuh berlagak lah. Tau la mak ayah ko tuh kaya. Pakai baju cantik2 jek tiap2 hari. Xleh lawan la, aku nye mak jahit baju sendiri tau. hahahaha... Pemikiran budak2. But seriously memang x baik sangat ngan dia. She's from a different class lah, I'm just a nobody.
I had a blast in UK. Memang sangat seronok dok kat tempat orang nih. Kalau bolih memang xnak balik. Main snow memang sangat best. Kitorang siap amik makan ngan sirap...hahaha... nasib baik sihat lagi. Xde lak kene keracunan ke ape ke.

Sempat jugak pergi summer camp. Tidor dalam sleeping bag ngan kawan-kawan, pergi jungle trekking, and treasure hunt. Our group came last in the treasure hunt. hahaha.. Kami lebih banyak berpoya-poya dari mencari harta karun. Hahahahaha...

Owhhh... dah banyak lah nih. Xlarat dah nak menulis panjang. Banyak lagi cerita tapi malas nak menulis lagi. Saya nak tidor.

Btw, that was a good game from German. England patut dah start bungkus baju when the fisrt half finish. Hoho..

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Baru jek pulang dari rumah bapak selepas menonton Portugal vs. Spain...Haishh.. Susah betol bile xde Tv kat rumah...

Exactly 7 days ago, I applied for Astro untok dipasang kat rumah baru. And still, xdapat lagi. So kalau nak tgk TV kene g rumah bapak. So, memang tinggal harapan la kalau nak tengok match yang kol 2 pagi...huhuhu... I don't actually play balls...uhh...I mean footballs, meh..tried it at school, and I say girls sucks in football. I don't play footballs but I love watching a match especially the World cup.. It's only every 4 years, so I can keep up..hahahaha..

Masa pergi apply for astro, Kakak Agen Astro tuh cadangkan yang kami amik dengan dua mini pakej, which means standard channel plus two mini pakej (I'm sure you know what I mean). Memang kami plan nak ambik 2 mini pakej which is Entertainment and Cartoon. Bile kami cakap nak amik channel kartun, Kakak Agen astro tuh bising. Dia cakap naper nak amik kartun, korang nih dah besar. takkan tengok kartun lagi kot. Hahaha... Adik dah buat muke bengang. Dia cakap, Eh, Xkira. Nak jugak channel kartun tuh.
Bolih la plak bergaduh ngan kakak Astro tuh. Macam2 kakak tuh cakap. Kartun boring la. X kelakar la. Asyik ulang yang sama lah. Adik dah cubit2 saya kat sebelah. hahahaha...Okay2 I understand. And I said " Okay kak. Saya amik kartun ngan entertainment yek". Hahahaha.... Kakak agen lak wat muke sengal..

Lepas isi borang and register, Kami bergerak pulang. Masuk jek dalam kereta, Adik dah start membebel. "Kecoh la kakak tuh. Dia yang x paham tengok kartun, bukannya kartun tuh bosan. Bengong! xpaham English la tuh!"Woh...Rilek2. Yup. We watch a lot of cartoons...hoho..and one of my favourite now is Phineas and Ferb.
(agak2 bila lah bulih dapat Atsro nih? Cakap 4 working days. Ni dah baper hari dah!)

Bile xde Tv nih, maka untok mengisi masa lapang sebelom tidor dan masa lapang lain, kami sewa CD kat Easyvideo. Stock up with loads of CD's and watch. Non-stop back to back...hahahaha... Some movies were just stupid, and some dah penah tengok, saje tengok balik. Xtau nak tengok citer ape lagi dah. Any suggestion for good worth watching movie? anybody??

I think I'm settled in my new home. I actually love this new neighbourhood. It's quiet. Not that there's no sound, but it's calm. Seriously. Pagi-pagi, ada bunyi burung sebab ada hutan sikit kat tepi rumah. Petang-petang lak bunyi budak2 main kat playgrund kat bawah. Macam xde beza pon ngan umah lame, tapi kat sini macam tenang sikit. Suke.

Kat sini memang ramai yang berfemili especailly young married couples with small child. So, memang xde yang single. I think I'm the only single person in this place..ngahahahaha... Musnah harapan nak cari calon suami...hoho... Anyway, everything is now in place. The bedroom, bathroom and part of the kitchen (I am still waiting for the kitchen kabinet). Curik a few perhiasan stuff from Dad's and gantung kan sini sana. hahaha...

It has been a busy week. and a lot of drilling here and there...

and I have cool down...ngehehehe....

As calm as my new home...yehhhhh...

(and plan esok nak buat nasi minyak...hehehe...rumah baru la katakan...)

owh...tengok bola in HD memang best!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I am naive

"You're only sixteen, you only see the good in people. You live a few more years, than you started to see the bad in them"

I grew up believing that everyone is nice. That everyone have the very purest intention in their heart. Yes, I was very naive. It took loooooong time for me realise, that my perfect world that I imagine was no where near the reality. Yes, only now I realise that I was wrong. Dead wrong.
I am not talking about what happened before (last posting) but I'm talking in general. Everything and everyone.

I am a very soft hearted person. My friends call me pudding because they say I am too soft. I don't get angry that much. Seriously. If I did, that watever things/person that got me mad, must have done something so bad. It's just me. I don't like to go crazy and scold people. I can't do that.

But now, I guess like the script from Glee said, the more you live, the more you see the bad in people. And that is true. With time, you know more people, you meet person with attitude that you never even though would exist in a person.

At first, I never realise this. Like they say, you only see the good in people. And that is what I only saw; The good. The bad things, I myself gave reason and excuses why they do this to me. Up until I ran out of excuses for them. Then only I realise what this person was actually doing to me. Taking advantages of me. Of me being so naive in believing people to be good. I learn my lesson hard. It's very hard when you learn the betrayal of a person, after you put such trust in them.

So, what am I know? What do I believe know?

Honestly saying, I hate myself for being like this. I wish I could just stay on believing that everyone is nice. I hate that I have to hate some certain people. I hate that I can't be like we used to be. I hate that I know this person was no good for me. I hate that I have no more respect towards them. I hate that I can't see them the way I used to see them. I just hate that feeling. I wish I could just be me, who use to only believes in people's goodness. I wish I could just stay being naive and just treat everyone as nice as I can without judging them or me being judged. But that is not this world's reality. The reality is not how I imagine.

They are people who just are plain nuts. I don't know what are their life purpose. Is it simply to annoy me? Simply there just to use me sampai aku kekeringan jadi hampas? Are they looking for naive people like me to prey? Were they looking around to find people like me? Was it when they introduce themselves and asked for ours, that their real question was actually, How can I use this person?

Ntah lah. But I thank them from the deepest of my heart. If it not for these few people that I have encountered thru out my life, I would still be naive and a pudding. You wouldn't want that , do you?? hoho...

Life to me have been great. Experiences definately have though me a lot. I think I am not as pudding as I am before. I think I have thoughen up a little bit. Well, atleast I think so....

Atleast for now.....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Okay last posting made my friends worried sick. Sorry. Maybe, I was a bit too much of saying that I wouldn't be attending anybody else's wedding. I take back my words. I am only attending two weddings this year, Sab's and Nini's. That's all.

I have my own reasons why.

Hoh! I am still mad!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Public service announcement: I QUIT!

Okay. I seriously didn't know that this could such a big disaster! I'm offering to help do a wedding and now, I'm the one to blame! FINE! I QUIT!

So much of helping out, but still, I have to take the blame.

So, this is a public announcement, that I, QUIT, in any sort of ways, that somehow involve in weddings, let it be attending, planning, or anything at all. I don't care whose wedding it is, even siblings, or relatives or even friends. I QUIT!

So stop sending wedding invitation, or even ask about helping to plan a wedding, not even 0.001% of it. I don't care. I'm pulling myself out of this. I am not putting myself into any responsibility that doesn't do any good for me! So much of trying to do the best, apparently nothing is good enough! Well, to them, this disaster, was set by me! I'm the one who started it and according to them, I'm the one who agree.

Yup, I agree. Naively agreeing without knowing the tornados that was just right in front of me! This, planning a wedding, at first, to me, sounded so smple. Sounded easy. It looks calm. I looks smooth but it's not. I couldn't take this anymore. If you feel like I abandon you and you feel like killing me, so kill me. I'll be happy too. If you want to punch me on the face, so punch me. I don't care. All I want is out of this.

People, now I am free on the 9 and 10 of July. I know a bunch of you are going for a vacation right? Just count me in! I'm joining you all.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

You're annoying

Okay.I am now in my new home. Woh! not easy to make it a home. Banyak keje. Banyak keje2 mengemas diperlukan. Kalaulah ada orang yang sudi membantu kan best..hehehe...xde lah sakit badan sangat..

Petang tadi semasa mengemas bilik, terjumpa lah satu beg plastik yang penuh barang.....banyak sangat.. So I opened it, trying to see what exactly it is.. trying to sort out what to throw and what to keep... and I found one bag full of greeting cards. Mostly Kad raya. I don't know why I kept it, but most of it was from friends, who I knoe and move away to some another place ( don't know why the try to keep in touch with me!!!) , and some from Sekolah Teknik. As I was browsing thru, I notice that I didn't know almost half of the card sender. I couldn't recall who it was and how I know them. ahahahaha.... The whole bundle of Kad Raya was mostly from my ex schoolmate in Teknik Melaka. MAN!!! I got almost the whole school writing Kad raya for me??!! ME?? The most ignorant person in the school. Hahahaha... And I don't remember replying to any of them. Well, maybe I did reply those people that I am close with. But, those people that I don't even remember their names??! uhuuu... I didn't remember being that popular... HUH! No wonder they've been trying to add me on FB...Haish!! But I didn't approve any of them! ngahaha...

Then the year 2002. Also a bunch of cards, send by those people who never gave up on me! ngahahahahaha.... I remember that I felt guilty that I didn't reply them the year before, so this year I wrote back. But it was short.

'Selamat Hari Raya'

Never put my address (macam xnak orang reply jek kan) hahahaha...

Then, that is it. The year after, no more cards. They have totally given up on me! hahahaha... Terasa jahat gile... hahahahaha...

Dalam banyak2 kad, ada satu kad that was written from the kid I use to ask to buy 'mercun' for me kat kedai belakang asrama. I don't remember wether I wrote back or not. I felt really sorry for him. Coz he really likes to call me on the phone, wasting tons of money just for a little chat, dan dia anggap saya like his big sister. Hafiz, if I did wrote back, than you are the one who didn't reply me. But if you didn't get anything from me, I'm terribly sorry. His sincere words just keep on bugging me! I just throw that card away, coz if I keep it, I'm afraid that tomorrow I'll be in my car and started to drive down to Melaka just to find this boy..uhuhuhu...:(

And there's also a card from a secret admirer. Woh! I seriously didn't remember having a secret admirer. You know, when you're in school, and you can sent in cards to wish just about anything under the sun, to anybody you want, with a bit of payment. So, I got this card, wishing me 'Good luck for SPM', signed Kamarul (Cipan), 5J3. Who is that? I don't have a CLUE! ( There's certainly lots of nicknames in school, but Cipan wasn't so famous kot, I just can't remember)

Then there's letters. Yes, handwritten letters! It is SO lame! I didn't how exactly I replied! must be even more LAME! but there's only 3 letters. Why? because after the 3rd letter, I never replied back. Why?

Huh! If you wasted yout time and money and energy to write to me, such long long long letter just to annoy me, then DON'T! Those letters was konon-konon nya from 'my best friend'. If you wrote just to tell me how busy your life was, because you were studying 24/7, yeh, unlike me, just to tell that your super school have those activities, this and that, while my school sucks, Then you are not getting any more replies. She wrote that letter not because she misses me, but simply to look down on me. She was at this super famous science school and I am in this super crappy Teknik school. Hey! guess what? I may not be a doctor, but I made it. My life is cool! huh!

She wrote to me, simply to tell me, that she was hanging out with my crush, my guy. Simply just to annoy me! Hah! You're annoying!! Saying 'uhhhh, that guy is sooo cool. He makes funny jokes. And I laugh so fucking hard!" Hell, I'm not writing back!


I actually throw everything out. I don't see why I still need to keep those cards. I barely keep in touch with a few selected people, yang xkenal lagilah xpenah contact langsung kan.. hahaha...

Okay. I'm tired, I want to go to sleep. Have a nice long sleep. See ya!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

a quick update wit loads of pics

Minggu nih dan minggu lepas agak sibok. Sibok pindah rumah. sibok angkot barang. sibok dalam macam2 hal. Rasa macam satu hari tuh x cukop 24 jam. Bila x cukop 24 jam, macam2 mende jadi tunggang langgang. Paling xsuka kalau sibok, adalah x cukop masa nak masak kat rumah dan terpaksa lah makan kat luar. Saya xberape gemar makan kat luar, lagi2 kalau kene makan hari2 kat luar. Saya x puas hati, pertamanye diorg masak xsedap, keduanye servis lembap gile, ketiganye mahal gile!

So dah dua hari berturut2 nih saya cube jugak curi mase untok masak diner. Yes, akhirnya nasi ngan lauk2 yang best..ngahaha...

tapi disebabkan busy memang xde mase langsung nak pegi Tesco. So cume makan nasi goreng jek. Sebab xde langsung ayam, or daging or ikan dlm fridge...huhuhu... Pergi kedai depan umah jap beli telur ngan fishball nak wat nasi goreng. jadilah...dari asyik makan nasi goreng kat kedai yang xsedap.

disebabkan makan nasi goreng jek, maka saya terlebih rajin untok buat dessert...yeh... puding ala-ala creme brulee..hehehe... senang sangat, xbanyak songeh sangat kalau nak buat..hehehe..

methods: susu segar + 2 eggs + susu pekat + esen vanilla... mix... baked in water bath for 20 minute depending on size

nih yang kecik jek...ade lebihan..letak dalam remekin kecik jek..
macam tester la

jumpe pulak 5 biji stroberi yang dr Cameron dulu, sebelom dia reput baik makan. So buat Stroberi sauce untok dimakan ngan puding... Dah namanye pon malas, bujang lah katakan, stroberi sauce nih cuma buat dalam microwave jek. senang xyah basuh periuk..hehehe...

methods: Mashed strwberries + sugar + bit of water... microwave for 1 min... stir... microwave for 1 min... stir... if not thick enough put some corn flour...fin..

ni yang versi betol nye...dalam glass..

So, semalam baru berkesempatan pergi Tesco dn beli barang2 rumah. Yeh, kami makan besar akhirnya. Sayur lemak pucuk manis, udang masak sambal petai dan ayam goreng...perghhh... menjilat jari! makan dah banyak cmnih... so no dessert okay..

nampak sedap? hahaha..telan air liur je lah..

Btw, inilah rumah saya. Still bersepah-sepah. tapi working on it lah...

That's the kitchen yang kosong. Masih xde ape2 dalam kitchen..

Ni lak ruang tamu. hahaha...tuh semua amik dr rumah bapak..

nih tempat tv...yosh...
I didn't buy anything.. All of this are recycle item from my old house..
even the speaker...the turntable.. amplifier dan PS2 itu...
and even almari tv itu adalah barangan yang diambik dr rumah bapak..

ni lak sofa..sofa feveret...
walaupon sebenarnya dah patah dua kat tengah dia..huhu

Okaylah...till then... I'll update with pics of the finish version of the house..
including the bedrooms...
where me and my sister assemble sendri katil..ngahaha

kami memang hebat!


Monday, June 14, 2010

always in between

never leave me
never let me sleep
never let me stay awake

am always in between
always in the grey shade
in between day and night
in between high and fall

always in the uncertain
always never sure
of you
of the hopes and dreams
of the future and front
that you promise

never let me know
but always telling
and always listening
always close
but never near

never wanted
to be in between
but always
be next to you
till the end of eternity

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Geng Uni, apology nya kat bawah sekali!

Saya sekarang sedang berada atas tilam yang ada atas lantai. Mana pergi katil?? katil dah roboh..woho! berat sangat kah sampai roboh...hahaha.. tidak lah berat sangat tapi katil telah dirobohkan untok berpindah ke rumah baru. I am now on the floor with loads of books surrounding me!

I have been in this house for more than 10 years. It's amazing what you collected thru out the 10 years. Yes, and dust too! lots of it. Sampai at the end of the day, I actually got my asthma attack, which have long leave me! No, I don't miss my asthma, but I surely didn't expect it is still around!

It is surely tiring to have to pack everything, clothes, books, stuffs and move it to another house and unpack it again. Lagi senang kalau beli jek barang baru. Tapi banyak duit ko! hahaha...
Semua barang kat rumah baru, adalah barang recycle. Nothing new, accept for a few things. Nanti, I'll take somepics and let you know what is the seconds hand things. You'll be suprise to know that I have that and this and those in my house!

Saya sangat penat nih. Banyak sangat angkat barang, dan saya sakit belakang dah. Dah lah kene cirit biiiirit. Dan2 pulak kene asthma. hampeh! Esok nak punggah barang2 besau macam katil, almari baju, almari buku, sofa and almari tv. Esok bisa patah pinggang.

Dah lah terlepas first half RSA lawan MEX. Tapi game diorg slow sangat lah. Nak tgk yang malam nih nye, tapi seres x larat nak tunggu! penat... nak tido..nite.. ( saya hanya tengok Bola time world cup, lain mase xlarat nak layan. World Cup cume 4 tahun sekali...heheheh)

Sweet dreams korang...esp kamu yang tengah bace belog nih!

Owh...kepada Nini, Semik dan Guguk... latihan vokal dan rakaman album untok hari Senin cam xleh jek. Sebab banyak mende x setel lagi. Maap yek! Kalau kita anjak masa lain bulih x? And as peace offering, korang adalah tetamu pertama to my house once I setel everything out. How about that? Mungkin layan World Cup sekali over some homemade nasi Ayam maybe? bulih?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Strawberry yogurt milk shake

How to make strawberry yogurt milk shake ala Afirah..mehehe..
I have loads of strawberries from Cameron. And when I have strawberries, I always make this milk shake. It's easy and delicious!

You will need
  1. Fresh strawberries
  2. A green apple
  3. Fresh milk
  4. A cup of Strawberry yogurt
  5. 2 tablespoon of sugar
  6. Some crushed ice
  1. Cut a green apple and put it in a blender. Green apple will give you a texture and more importantly it give you fibre. importante.
  2. Put in your strawberries. Put as little or as much as you want.
  3. Empty a cup of strawbery yogurt into the blender.
  4. Pour in your fresh into the emptied yogurt cup. Stir the milk around so you won't waste any yogurt left in the cup. Pour in the milk into the blender. You can use any kind of milk. Skimmed milk would also do. I love fresh milk, so I'm using fresh milk.
  5. Put two table spoon of sugar.
  6. Put in the crushed ice so that it cover all the above. Start blending. If it's to thick, pour in some more milk. Fin. enjoy your drink.

Delicious? hehehe...
memang sedap!

Cooking isn't exact science. It doesn't have to be precise. If you don't have any fresh strawberry, just use some strawberies jam. Just don't put any sugar, jam is already sweet.

Another Shake that I always do is chocolate banana milk shake. Just put in a banana, milk, ice and chocolate. Any banana would do and any chocolate would do too. If you don't have any choco syrup, Milo would do. Add and just start belnding. Fin and enjoy.

Give it a try..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

me and him

Plan nye nak buat sotong goreng kunyit untok dinner malam nih, tapi bila Adik balik , dia ajak beli makanan kat pasar malam. Bolih lah. Lame jugak lah x ke pasar malam. Sotong yang dah potong tuh simpan balik dalam fridge.

Kami dapat parking yang jauh punye. At the very end of the pasar malam.

Okay. I want to tell you the diff between a guy doing shopping and a girl doing shopping.

When my brother wants to go to pasar malam, he knows exactly what he wants. Me? I said, "xpe lah. kite jalan dulu lah."

and we walk..to the end of that pasar malam..dan kemudian pusing balik where we first started. And he asked,"So, what you want?" and I said " I don't know, ngeh.."

and he said " Women! made up your mind!". Hahahahaha... "Okay. I think I want Kueh tiow goreng" ( you see the word 'I think'. I didn't say 'I want'. I still couldn't make up my mind!) And it is at the other end of that pasar malam. Jadi, kami pusing balik. Tapi, Kueh tiow DAH HABIS!!!! Sia- sia pusing balik. CIS!

and I end up buying Yong tau foo jek... (terpaksa. nasib baik sedap)

That is it. We women always coundn't make up our mind. We are unpredictable and always don't make sense. hahahaha...sampaikan nak makan ape pon, bulih pusing pasar malam sampai 3 kali!

So man out there, just bare with us. and never give up hope on us. we are just like that.

(this makes me smile..too see how easy my brother make a decision, and me...hopeless about everything)

Monday, June 7, 2010

eskem strawbwery, jagung manis dan flowers

Okay. If you read something that doesn't make any sense at all, like in the last posting, please just ignore it. If those words just sounds like crap or looks like it have been written by a person who is high on drugs, or somebody insane, just ignore it. Don't even bother reading. hahahaha... It was not written for you. It was for someone else.

It doesn't make sense, because I wasn't making any sense. It's either I was terribly sad, terribly mad or just terribly dissapointed. So is not your concern. It is only for those people I'm upset with..hehehe...

So what did I during the weekends?? yeeeehaaaa!! hehehe...

We went up...Up the hills to that place where I always wish I never been seen and found when I'm there.. Yes, just leave me alone in my own world. Smelling those fresh flowers, lost in my though. just let me wander.

Been coming here since ever, since I was just a little girl. My parent lovesss Cameron. I practically grew up here. We come here at least once very year for the past 26 years. Father just love the cold weather. Me? I only come here for 3 things. The strawberry ice cream ( yang dalam plastik eskem m'sia tuh), jagung manis and flowers!

So, ini lah hasilnya. The whole house is now smelling of fresh flowers! hehehehe...


too bad there's no white roses that I like


This whole bunch are lilies
Those red flowers, I don't know what's it name.

This are free flower I 'pau' from those Amoi..

(and these flowers are really really cheap...
owh how I wish I can just stay here!)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yes, this is real.. No kidding!!

All I wanted is some time out. That's all...

I have canceled all my weekends plan, so that this unplanned plan can go thru. But the unplanned plan was also suddenly cancel. So what do we do when we have nothing to do during the weekends?

Owh..Let's count the carpet dust! That indeed would be really fun!

Rather than got stuck in jam, in my car, trying to climb those steep hill, with those very narrow road...right..

Rather than trying to hunt a place to stay..

Or even trying to get thru those millions of people just to buy some stawberries...right?

Better that we all stay home..that we all share this very memorable weekend counting carpet dust together. It is a school holiday, so we just stay home.

Don't bother about those nice smells of fresh roses and fesh lilies...those are just not compatible to what you can smell at home.. Don't even think about those super sweet 'jagung'. Just go to 'The Street in Ikano', just buy the same thing, with out any trouble at all...right??

Right indeed! okay...

So what do we do tomorrow? since I have no plans at all. (All the supposed was already cancel, so i'm out with nothing!)

Owh..we got some carpet upstairs...it's smaller but if we finished counting this carpet dust, we'll go next door, to the neighbours! No worries! We are totally occupied!

Indeed a super fun filled weekend!

Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm spinning round and round and...

AARGGHHHH... My head is killing me! Since yesterday it's been bugging me! Headache!!

Kenape yek?

Tried sleeping it away but only woke up with even worst headache! Haiya...
I always pop an aspirin just to get that pain away..but I'm out of stock.. The only drug that I can easily get and also do the trick is shots of coffee!

Went to the coffee shop and asked "Give me the strongest coffee than you can give me!". Ala... Apesal barista ni tercengang lak... "Okay give me a hot cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso. Boleh?"

Coffee can sure get rid of headache..hahaha.. I think 2 shots are enough.. Let's see if my headache would just go away!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

UM, Gerard Butler, Banjir

I was on the road and a lorry honk me from the side. woho..Only then I realised that I was holding both my phones using both hands and at the same time holding my car sterring! hahahaha...nasib baik bukan pak polisi..

I have two phones. One with Celcom line and another with Maxis. Most family member uses Celcom and most my friends uses Maxis. It is too expensived to use Celcom to call Maxis. That's why I have both line. Celcom is for 'urusan rasmi', Maxis is for 'berpoya-poya'..hahaha.. I got free internet on Maxis, so that is cool! yeh...don't ask me how.. I don't know. All I know it's free..


I'm broke! My 'gaji' have been pending for the last 2 months. I though its was because of this 'system gile' in UM, so I though I'll wait.. but! 2 bulan tanpa gaji, mane bulih tahan dowh.. So I'm not waiting anymore.

Marched down to Bendahari to ask about my 'gaji'. Took a number and wait..and wait.. 10 minutes later, my number was up. I then explained to kakak kaunter about my problem. She asked, "ada nombor gaji x?" I said "ada, tapi saya x ingat la" "Ok xpe la. Saya cek guna name kamu"

And I wait..and wait..and wait.. 15 minutes later, kakak kaunter muncol.

"Adik, nama adik xdelah. Kami xde terima surat arahan bayaran pon. Mungkin HR x bagi surat lagi pada kami. Baik Adik pergi tanye HR. Kami xtau la. Memang xde rekod pon.Cuba lah tanya HR, nanti-nanti datang la sini or just call pn. Azizah."

(nanti-nanti?? Xde Kak. 5 minit lagi saya datang balik. Dah dua bulan gaji xdapat nih? Kang saya makan pasir kang! sape nak tanggung??. HR bukannye jauh sangat, sampai nak suruh saya datang dua tiga hari lagi. Saya tau la orang HR tuh garang, ingat saya x berani ke nak pegi tanye?? Tunggu Kak! Saya pi naik atas jap, tanye HR!!!Dah la tunggu lame gile! Haih!!!) Dialog dalam hati jek..

"xpe lah kak. Jap lagi saya datang balik." dialog betol..

So, I walked upstairs to censelery and went to HR. Yer, orang HR memang garang. So bile masok, saya senyum, bagi salam dan puji kakak tuh dia cantik...hahaha...(lebih2 lah!! xde la puji dia cntik, setakat bagi salam n senyum yang super fake jer!)

HR said they have sent the letter on 3rd May! receive and stamped by a 'Cik Suhana'. HR asked me to go find this 'Cik Suhana' and yelled "Where is my damn letter!!". No kidding..hahaha..

So I went back to Bendahari and told kakak kaunter letter have been sent. ("and now you go find the damn letter!!")

She found my letter somewhere hidden(in the dustbin, I reckon). She's is a bit old, this Puan Azizah, about the same age as my mother. Kesian pulak tengok dia serba salah sebab dia tertinggal surat saya. Nak marah pon xjadi lak. xpelah. Another week wouldn't make any different mehh... I can wait...


I got a chance to catch a movie with Wani, in the afternoon. Imagine! I haven't seen any movie at all in 2010. So this is big. Finally,a movie!! I wanted to watch Robin Hood, but the movie was at 3.15 pm. So, we watch 'Bounty hunter'.

People, if you love your money, (and in my case, 2 month without gaji!) don't go see 'bounty hunter'. Yes, there is Gerard Butler. But he is not HOT in this movie. Seriously NOT WORTH watching! Dah la xpenah tengok movie lagi sepanjang 2010. Patuhj tengok lak citer macam hampeh! BOOOOOOOO...

'Bounty hunter' is not funny, lame jokes, super slow story and soooo predictable!!

Baik tengok citer 'The Ugly Truth'. This is so recommended! hahahaha....There's dirty jokes and they are SOOO DAMN FUNNY!!! I can only watch this with girlfriends. To me, it's a bit odd to share dirty jokes with kawan lelaki..xseswai...
So I recommended this, go get this CD and watch it!! FUNNY!! So funny, but you have to understand the jokes. There are times where only me and a few of the other viewers were laughing. It's either they don't understand the jokes or they are too 'malu' too laugh. But it's damn funny!

Gerard Butler in this movie is SOO HOT!! Superb! ngahaha..


Petang pulak, dah start hujan. Lebat gile! When arrived near SS16 PJ, the road was flooded. But still, I drive my car bacause everyone was going thru too..BUT, suddenly, the battery signal when ON! OH SHOOT!! What the hell is that suppose to mean?? Batteri xdok? or my car was about to go kapoot? waaaaa...wahai kereta, sila lah jangan mampos ditengah2 hujan!

Nasib baik, x jadi apa2...fuuuhhhhhhhh...lega!

And as ussual jam here and there.. This is not so bad after all...hahaha...just making a posting for this lame blog...hehhe..sape soh ko bace?