Friday, December 31, 2010

yesterday, today and tomorrow

Owh..tomorrow is a new year.

Recipe from

Yesterday, I made this . I call this kuih 'Pau sambal'. Gave some to my neighbour and she asked if this is 'kuih tahun baru'? And I was so blur. Kuih tahun baru?? Uh.. no. I made this to finish my sambal leftover from last sunday's 'Nasi lemak'.

(I mean, who the hell make kuih tahun baru right?)

Uhh..then I realise it was a joke. A very bad attempt of making a bad joke. No wonder she laughed and I was just dead clueless. Sorry neighbour.

Today, my neighbour locked her son out of the house more than 6 hours. From noon till now. I know it's non of my business, but that poor boy. Last time I checked he was in the drain in front of his house. What a way to celebrate new year eh? And what could he have done to receive such punishment? Lucky me my parents don't believe in torturing your kids to make them good people. I think we all turned out okay.

If I were him, I would pura2 pengsan in front of the house, just to make her dead worried. Stay pengsan until she drive me to the nearest hospital. Wait until I'm in the Emergency room and start shouting, " She left me under the sun for 6 hours! You MEAN MEAN MOTHER!!!!". Hahaha... Padan muka.

Anyways, tomorrow's a new year.

To those I love, I will always love.

To the haters, sorry dude, don't think I remember any of you.

To everyone, may tomorrow be better than now.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

HD in HP

Owhh... laptop rosak. To be exact my hard disk when kabuuushhh...

My laptop suddenly when blank. Asked my brother's friend to check it for me. You know, he is the computer geek. He said it was my hard disk. So I went to HP Centre to change for a new HD and reformatted that thing too.

All was told by my Dad. Step by step on what to do when I arrive at the service centre.

Honestly, if you asked me, What's wrong with my Laptop? I wouldn't have any clue!! If consider from one to ten level, my knowledge on how computer works, would be a negative two! Yup, I am that dumb! It's the same on my knowledge about cars. I know how to turn in on/off, how to use simple software and that's about it. Hahahaha...

Okay. That's it. I just wanted to say my HD went dead and all is fix.

Till then. Buhbye.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cat from hell

My own assasin cat from hell.

Introducing Chibi. Cibs for short.

I adopted this cat from PAWS. Almost a year old. When I saw her in PAWS, she was cute and so adorable. Sweet little purr.


Try to not feed her. Like today,when we were out of cat food. So no breakfast. She was really hungry. I mean REALLY hungry. She eats a lot. That's why she's so fat. Big belly with small feet and a small head. She looks like a cartoon cat.

But don't be deceive by her cute look. She is from hell. Especially when she's hungry.

Like what happened this morning. Since there's no more cat food, Chibi didn't get her breakfast and she is soooo hungry.

Can you guess what happened today?

My brother was walking out of the house to go to work. Chibi come running and start biting and chewing his foot! Hahahaha..

Chibi is very fierce with other cat too. Since she is at my house, no other stray cat ever came again. I also have an old cat, Abik, living together with Cibs. Cibs really love to mess around with Abik, but not in a gentle way but very very violently. Poor Abik tortured by Cibs. Chibi didn't meant any harm, but she is just very ferocious. That is just the way she play. Just born very fierce I think. :P

Want to try and mess with Chibi? You may get killed by Chibi, 'the assasin cat'! Hehehe....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blankie for my Daddy

I just made a blanket for my my Daddy!
Isn't it cute?

I bought two different pieces of fabric and attached it together. So this will be a two sided blanket.

When you feel a bit funky and alive, use the bright blue colour side.
When you feel a bit down and sleepy, use the white with small blue flower side.

It's so soft. I love the fabric because it's cheap. Only rm 5.50 a metre. and yet it is so soft.

And why the hell did I sew my Daddy a blanket?
He's been complaining about about his old blanket. He said it's so old that it's torn here and there.

So I just whipped a new blanket in just minutes.

Hahahaha... Tipu giler!! It took me awhile. Trying to figure out my Mom's sewing machine. Cutting and attaching fabrics together. Fuuuhhhh... ( It's hard work!)

I can only sewed something in a couple of hours if no exact measurement is needed. Like this blanket. Or a curtain.

I need two days to complete a horribly sewn Baju kurung. Hahahaha......

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How far would you go

As a women or a girl or a female, I want to ask you, how far would you go in the terms of relationships. Specifically, men. How far would you put yourself with them?

When you were younger or when you were still single, how far would you go in getting the intention of the guy you like? Would you
  1. make the first move
  2. fight with other girls for him
  3. write him a love notes
  4. send him gifts
  5. tell the whole school you like him
  6. say you like him in front of his face
would you?
And even after all that, the response is negative

Then you think you have to keep up with the game. Do more extreme stuff. Like telling the whole world that he's yours when he doesn't even have a clue. Being nice to his family, seeking approval and support, that you are the one for their son.

Me? I am an old fashion girl, very traditional, at least I think. The only first step I would do is just to get the guy to notice me, that I'm there, that I exist. And that's about it. Then I expect the guy to do the rest. And if there are ever slightest sign that he is not interested, then I'm backing off. No such thing as "I'm fighting for this guy" or such. I'm just not brave enough to such things.

But then, this might be the very reason that I'm still single.But I rather go single than asking a guy out. Segan lah. Kan?

Why this topic? There's a TV series on TV3, "Seribu kali cinta", every Monday to Thursday, 6.30pm. There's a character, 'Peah', who's crazy about this Nizam. And even Nizam told Peah so many times he doesn't like her, she never gave up.

Don't you find this kind of people annoying?

Monday, December 13, 2010

My poor little Baby

There's a BIG gaping hole in my car dashboard.

I was on my way balik kampung, the radio suddenly went silent.

It sure is horrible to drive 6 hours without any sound. Just quite and silent. Dead boring.

I just sent my baby to the service centre. Hope they will fix the radio and they'll be music again. It's not fun humming songs on your own.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Internet and The Social Network

I first got to really know the internet when I was in Form 2. When the only reason people use the internet is to chat. IRC was very popular. Back then when chat rooms channel like Mamak, Kampung etc was known by everyone. Back then when Cyber Cafes charge you like rm 7 per hour to use the internet.

The introduction to internet was made by my friend. I was actually curious to know what was this buzz about, saying internet was addictive. So my friend brought me over an internet cafe near our school, (that charge rm7 per hour of course). And good for me that she paid for me. Only because I at first refuse to follow her, because it seems so ridiculous to me to spend rm7/hour on internet (which is at that time sounds stupid to me)

She introduce me to mIRc. Wow! It was fun. To chat with people you don't know and you won't know who it really is. Who knows if you are telling lies or the truth. Who knows what I look like and what the other person too. It felt like freedom. Carefree. Just do you want and no one knows. It felt good. No wonder people get addictive.

But it didn't last long for me. I got banned from a room because this guy who wanted to chat with me got rejected. Sorry dude, there were just too many people and your nick sounds funny. I think that was the second time and it was my last in a cyber cafe. Beside, with an allowance of rm50 a month, I could never afford that super expensive charge.

Then there were Friendster and Myspace. I registered Friendster, and an email, just because you need one to register Friendster. Never use the email to actually email anybody. I have a Myspace but found it to be too crowded and too much, that I just left it to die. The internet is now only use for 2 things:- Friendster and to get copy paste infos for assignment. Ngehehe..

Then Facebook came. But I already have friends on Friendster. Even when the words in town was you should change to Facebook, I never was interested. Because at that time internet in my house, is still a dial-up. Remember that folks, the dialing tone. toot toot. Or maybe it was just me, hahaha. (did anybody else use dial up?? anybody?) So I didn't want to see sudden increased on phone bills. Until I finish my degree..only then I opened a Facebook account.


Because I was forced to.

I remember me and friends when somewhere (this I don't remember) and we took a lot of pics. And I want the pics. And these people keep saying, we'll tag you on FB. And they said F-B (not facebook). I was clueless, What the hell is F-B? Then I know it stands for Facebook. ahaha...

Now, I only have a Facebook account. My friendster is dead. I found FB easier, to keep track with friends, to send messages to everyone, to share pics, and to see who's gay or not. Hahaha..

Anyways, The Social Network (the movie) is DAMN good! Now I want a geek for me to date. ;P
Don't you just love a guy who knows it all. I know I do!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

makan malam

Beza antara makan malam murah ngan makan malam mahal.

Saya rajin g shopping. Kat Tesco, diorg lelong time hari Isnin pagi, untuk dia habiskan stok weekend dan mula kan stok baru hari selasa. So, kalau nak barang fresh datang Tesco hari Selasa dan Jumaat yer. Kalau nak barang lelong, sayur especially (untuk rabbit selalunya), datang hari Isnin pagi. Boleh la dapat sayur setengah kilo ngan harga 20 sen jek. Hebat kan.

Ok. Skang citer pasal dinner yang harga nye murah dan yang dibeli ngan harga full price.

Sila lihat gambar dibawah.

BBQ grilled beef, croquette, and stim brocolli and carrots

BBQ grilled lamb, croquette and stim brocolli and carrots

Bolih percaya x, makan malam nih dalam pinggan di atas adalah xlebih dr rm6 sepinggan?? Percayalah.
Beef dan lamb adalah yang dh marinate, dijual pada harga 50% kurang. Jadi harga nye lebih kurang rm3-r4.50.
Croquette tuh pulak dapat kat food court dengan harga rm 1 sebijik.
Sayuran pulak memang dah ade kat rumah.
Siap masak xsampai setengah jam.
Fast food. hehehe

Kemudian kita berbicara mengenai makanan dengan harga penuh

Grilled beef, fries and romaine dressed with honey mustard

close up.
Sausage adalah tambahan minit terakhir

Percaya tak makanan diatas adalah lebih mahal 2 kali ganda?
Full price sirloin beef. Mahal.
Fries. Xleh lah nak kira rm 1 macam croquette tuh kan.
Salad. Kene beli sepokok la. Cuma makan seprtuh pokok.
Mustard dressing. Sebab semua mende pon buat sendiri, jadi kene beli mustard satu botol. rm5.

Kesimpulan nya?

Rasa kedua2 makan same jek sedap nye. Yang beza cuma harga.

Saya lebih bersetuju pada makanan separuh harga. Jimat duit belanje.

Owh ini bukan makan malam yang kebiasaan. Saya orang Melayu, perlu makan nasi juga kadang2.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sidney Sheldon

Sidney Sheldon have been my favourite author of all time. He is the best of the best. I know my words of praise is no justice to how good he was, so I'm just saying I love his writings.

I first read Sheldon's "The best laid plans" when my sister brought back home that book. I'm not sure when was it, but I was in my teens. Hoh! that makes me sound so old! That book was the one that got me stuck with reading Sheldon's book. He got almost 20 book, and I'm proud to say I read almost all of it.

When I was in school, buying first hand book was rather impossible. With limited allowance, I can only manage to borrow books from renting stores. One shop that I like is one in The Mall. Since I was going back and forth from KL to Melaka every fortnight using the Komuter, I will stop to that shop so I could return a book and borrow another one. Eventually I finish almost all the Sidney Sheldon writings. I always says almost finish, because to tell you the truth, I don't remember which one I have read. Hehehe... (I couldn't remember the title, but certainly remember the story.)

Sidney Sheldon book is just mesmerizing. He is not the type who use fancy words, he writes so his readers would understand. I love the twisting plot. I love that at the end I always guess uncorrectly. I love that he change the whole thing at the very end, and you would go "ahhhh...". With Sheldon, there is always climax in every chapter. It gets your heart pounding every time. A page turner, I would say. I couldn't sleep, drink or eat until I finish one whole book. For that reason, I stop reading his book for awhile. I have assigtments to do, lessons to study and exams to pass. His book is like a drug. You will get addicted and the statisfaction is only after you finish every bits of words in the book.

I also like the way he always potraits a women. In his story, it is always a women, or more, who is dominant yet very gentle, lusting for power, telling the journey from nothing to something and using all a women have to conquer the world. And how he write bits of romance here and there. It nothing cheesy like romance novel. It's just enough to get you blush a little bit. Hehe..

I'm reading his book all over again when I have time. Good times. Buying his book when I have extra money. Trying to collect the whole series.

Do I have any fav author?

No. Would you suggest one for me?

My friend introduce me to Anne Rice. Vampires? If is not Edward Cullens, then he is not my type. I've tried Stephen King, but I found him too descriptive. I've tried just grabbing a book from the best seller section, but I don't find the story statisfying enough. Too much and just so predictable. I've tried Malay novel, but I found it too cliche. Malay novel is always romance, and most favourite subject is arrange marriage and how sweet it is to fall in love after marriage. Lame! But I do sometimes read Ramli Awang Murshid's, atleast it's not the typical love romantic Malay novel. Hehehehe... (jangan marah yer Leli!). But I've read Harry Potter and the Twillight Saga. Love it. But not something that I would read twice.

The last time we went to the book shop, my sister bought a Sophie Kinsella's book ( Her first book ever, can you believe it? She always says thick books are ridiculous. I' glad she starts reading now.) I know Kinsella is famous for shopohollic series, but I never try reading hers. But my sister said it's a good read. Funny. Cute and sweet. Owh, good for her, but I'm not looking for funny, sweet and cute. I need another Sidney Sheldon please.

Open for suggestion. Anybody? Anything please.

(Glad that the chaos of the proposition of introducing me to a guy is over. It's just a yes/no question. And for now, my answer is No. NEXT!! Hehehehe...)