Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Internet and The Social Network

I first got to really know the internet when I was in Form 2. When the only reason people use the internet is to chat. IRC was very popular. Back then when chat rooms channel like Mamak, Kampung etc was known by everyone. Back then when Cyber Cafes charge you like rm 7 per hour to use the internet.

The introduction to internet was made by my friend. I was actually curious to know what was this buzz about, saying internet was addictive. So my friend brought me over an internet cafe near our school, (that charge rm7 per hour of course). And good for me that she paid for me. Only because I at first refuse to follow her, because it seems so ridiculous to me to spend rm7/hour on internet (which is at that time sounds stupid to me)

She introduce me to mIRc. Wow! It was fun. To chat with people you don't know and you won't know who it really is. Who knows if you are telling lies or the truth. Who knows what I look like and what the other person too. It felt like freedom. Carefree. Just do you want and no one knows. It felt good. No wonder people get addictive.

But it didn't last long for me. I got banned from a room because this guy who wanted to chat with me got rejected. Sorry dude, there were just too many people and your nick sounds funny. I think that was the second time and it was my last in a cyber cafe. Beside, with an allowance of rm50 a month, I could never afford that super expensive charge.

Then there were Friendster and Myspace. I registered Friendster, and an email, just because you need one to register Friendster. Never use the email to actually email anybody. I have a Myspace but found it to be too crowded and too much, that I just left it to die. The internet is now only use for 2 things:- Friendster and to get copy paste infos for assignment. Ngehehe..

Then Facebook came. But I already have friends on Friendster. Even when the words in town was you should change to Facebook, I never was interested. Because at that time internet in my house, is still a dial-up. Remember that folks, the dialing tone. toot toot. Or maybe it was just me, hahaha. (did anybody else use dial up?? anybody?) So I didn't want to see sudden increased on phone bills. Until I finish my degree..only then I opened a Facebook account.


Because I was forced to.

I remember me and friends when somewhere (this I don't remember) and we took a lot of pics. And I want the pics. And these people keep saying, we'll tag you on FB. And they said F-B (not facebook). I was clueless, What the hell is F-B? Then I know it stands for Facebook. ahaha...

Now, I only have a Facebook account. My friendster is dead. I found FB easier, to keep track with friends, to send messages to everyone, to share pics, and to see who's gay or not. Hahaha..

Anyways, The Social Network (the movie) is DAMN good! Now I want a geek for me to date. ;P
Don't you just love a guy who knows it all. I know I do!


Aku said...

Mula-mula aku kenal internet pd tahun 1994 kat Comp Lab. Masa tu chat guna ntah apa nama ntah. Screen hitam, font hijau. Nak masuk internet kena dial macam IP no. Dapat gak 2-3 kawan chat dari USA and Espanyola...

afirah said...

Skrin hitam font hijau? Wah..itu sgt lama. Masa tuh sy cuma darjah 4,komputer yg ada cuma atari, guna utk main game, haha..