Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How far would you go

As a women or a girl or a female, I want to ask you, how far would you go in the terms of relationships. Specifically, men. How far would you put yourself with them?

When you were younger or when you were still single, how far would you go in getting the intention of the guy you like? Would you
  1. make the first move
  2. fight with other girls for him
  3. write him a love notes
  4. send him gifts
  5. tell the whole school you like him
  6. say you like him in front of his face
would you?
And even after all that, the response is negative

Then you think you have to keep up with the game. Do more extreme stuff. Like telling the whole world that he's yours when he doesn't even have a clue. Being nice to his family, seeking approval and support, that you are the one for their son.

Me? I am an old fashion girl, very traditional, at least I think. The only first step I would do is just to get the guy to notice me, that I'm there, that I exist. And that's about it. Then I expect the guy to do the rest. And if there are ever slightest sign that he is not interested, then I'm backing off. No such thing as "I'm fighting for this guy" or such. I'm just not brave enough to such things.

But then, this might be the very reason that I'm still single.But I rather go single than asking a guy out. Segan lah. Kan?

Why this topic? There's a TV series on TV3, "Seribu kali cinta", every Monday to Thursday, 6.30pm. There's a character, 'Peah', who's crazy about this Nizam. And even Nizam told Peah so many times he doesn't like her, she never gave up.

Don't you find this kind of people annoying?

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