Friday, December 31, 2010

yesterday, today and tomorrow

Owh..tomorrow is a new year.

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Yesterday, I made this . I call this kuih 'Pau sambal'. Gave some to my neighbour and she asked if this is 'kuih tahun baru'? And I was so blur. Kuih tahun baru?? Uh.. no. I made this to finish my sambal leftover from last sunday's 'Nasi lemak'.

(I mean, who the hell make kuih tahun baru right?)

Uhh..then I realise it was a joke. A very bad attempt of making a bad joke. No wonder she laughed and I was just dead clueless. Sorry neighbour.

Today, my neighbour locked her son out of the house more than 6 hours. From noon till now. I know it's non of my business, but that poor boy. Last time I checked he was in the drain in front of his house. What a way to celebrate new year eh? And what could he have done to receive such punishment? Lucky me my parents don't believe in torturing your kids to make them good people. I think we all turned out okay.

If I were him, I would pura2 pengsan in front of the house, just to make her dead worried. Stay pengsan until she drive me to the nearest hospital. Wait until I'm in the Emergency room and start shouting, " She left me under the sun for 6 hours! You MEAN MEAN MOTHER!!!!". Hahaha... Padan muka.

Anyways, tomorrow's a new year.

To those I love, I will always love.

To the haters, sorry dude, don't think I remember any of you.

To everyone, may tomorrow be better than now.

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