Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cat from hell

My own assasin cat from hell.

Introducing Chibi. Cibs for short.

I adopted this cat from PAWS. Almost a year old. When I saw her in PAWS, she was cute and so adorable. Sweet little purr.


Try to not feed her. Like today,when we were out of cat food. So no breakfast. She was really hungry. I mean REALLY hungry. She eats a lot. That's why she's so fat. Big belly with small feet and a small head. She looks like a cartoon cat.

But don't be deceive by her cute look. She is from hell. Especially when she's hungry.

Like what happened this morning. Since there's no more cat food, Chibi didn't get her breakfast and she is soooo hungry.

Can you guess what happened today?

My brother was walking out of the house to go to work. Chibi come running and start biting and chewing his foot! Hahahaha..

Chibi is very fierce with other cat too. Since she is at my house, no other stray cat ever came again. I also have an old cat, Abik, living together with Cibs. Cibs really love to mess around with Abik, but not in a gentle way but very very violently. Poor Abik tortured by Cibs. Chibi didn't meant any harm, but she is just very ferocious. That is just the way she play. Just born very fierce I think. :P

Want to try and mess with Chibi? You may get killed by Chibi, 'the assasin cat'! Hehehe....

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