Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blankie for my Daddy

I just made a blanket for my my Daddy!
Isn't it cute?

I bought two different pieces of fabric and attached it together. So this will be a two sided blanket.

When you feel a bit funky and alive, use the bright blue colour side.
When you feel a bit down and sleepy, use the white with small blue flower side.

It's so soft. I love the fabric because it's cheap. Only rm 5.50 a metre. and yet it is so soft.

And why the hell did I sew my Daddy a blanket?
He's been complaining about about his old blanket. He said it's so old that it's torn here and there.

So I just whipped a new blanket in just minutes.

Hahahaha... Tipu giler!! It took me awhile. Trying to figure out my Mom's sewing machine. Cutting and attaching fabrics together. Fuuuhhhh... ( It's hard work!)

I can only sewed something in a couple of hours if no exact measurement is needed. Like this blanket. Or a curtain.

I need two days to complete a horribly sewn Baju kurung. Hahahaha......


Queen4ADay said...

nak blaja!!!waaa...sile aja gune mesin mek T_T

afirah said...

Nak ajar bulih jek. Tp mesin mak aku nih hok lame nye. Aku pon kkdg kompius gakk.