Friday, December 2, 2011

Daddy dearest.

"Siti, how do you find letting name for any things?"

"Uh? What?"

"Letting names. You know, letting names for animal, plants, those."

"Owh. You mean Latin names. Scientific names, you mean? Right?"

"Yes! That! How do you find that?"

"Owh that's easy. Just Google it. Simple."

"That's it? Really?"

"Yup. You'll get the most common scientific names of anything. If you want some specific species, that you have to find in specific journals. The most, you'll get the Genus name right."

"Check for me afterwards. Okay?"


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bundle of joy

Well, hello there.

This is quick. New updates, I mean. Hehehe. :D

So, I said about me being on twitter way too much that I forgot about this blog. I said that myself. Now, there's people stalking my tweet, in which that twitter account was suppose to be my own private gateway. I can't blame them. It was my fault. I can't take that back.

Ah, what the heck. I'm not trying to hide anything anyway. Read, read all you want. Those were never intended for you. Only to whom it may concern. *wink wink*

What's the point of changing my tweethandle, or even privating my account. Secret is out. I'm not bothered lah. I seriously think my tweets are boring. Seriously.

Okay. Back to the tittle. My bundle of joy. Seriously, I am talking about babies. Two in particular. My two year old half brother and sister's super cute baby boy. Wail and Aidan (or Aiden, that's how I like to spell his name, if it was my kid :P) This two cute, very munchable little baby boy.

Wail, is my half brother. Super genius. He talks non-stop. He knows stuff. If he sees something he never see before, he'll go, "Apa nih, apa nih". How cute is that. Say something, especially his favourite food like Nasi lemak, laksam, and nasi ayam, he'll definately say, "Mmmmm, shedaknye" sambil gosok perut.
Wail calls me by my name. Yup, seems a bit rude. But nobody calls me Kakak. Not even very young cousins. Nobody. I just don't like it.
I spent most of my weekends with this little guy. Or should I call it exersize. It's hard work to chase a two year old around the house. And he never seems to get tired. If I stay at my Dad's until late night, he's gonna be up until I get home. Even when he was about to sleep and he saw us, terus tak jadi tidur.

Well, I actually could go on and on. But this is was suppose to be a short one. So enough about Wail. He's gonna get another entry, just for himself. Someday. When I am awfully rajin. Hehehehe.

Baby Aidan is six months old this month. I went to Edinburgh just to see him when he was born. Such a sweet, very handsome young lad. Gonna be a heartbreaker one day. He's so faraway, the only updates we got is from Facebook. The most recent was the video of him in his baby bouncer. *melting*
The closest of hearing him talk and gigle, was thru the phone. He is not gonna recognize his Aunt when he got home one day. My sister said, that wouldn't be any problem, since we almost look alike. We'll see, we'll see.

I can't wait for you to come home. And by you, I do mean Aiden, not my sister. My sister can stay there for as long as she wants. Bahaha.. Kidding!

Just seeing this two kids could make anything right. Owh.... I'm missing you guys already. Love you two so very much.

Oh, by the way Sis, can you please please kiss Aiden for me. Thanks. <3

Friday, October 28, 2011


Or perhaps just for the sake of putting up something new. Someone still reads my blog. Atleast, I hope.

I don't have any internet connection anymore. Except on my Blackberry (in which I took the most minimal package) and my iPad. I can actually write blog entry on my iPad. But I, hate, and I mean hate, those non physical keypad. It just doesn't feel real.

So, I don't update that much anymore. Okay, I lied. I stop blogging.

As much as I would like to blame the internet, I should blame myself too. Or shoud I say, twitter?

Twitter took all the small ideas. These ideas that I always, somehow develop to a form of short essays. It's nothing. It's mostly craps. But at least there's something. There you go. I blame twitter.

If I feel like shouting at someone, I tweet. If I have something interesting to share, I tweet. There's also tweetpic. Easier to just tweet rather than uploading a picture.

But, I must say, as I'm writing this, I do miss blogging. I do miss writing nonsense. I do miss watching an entry as finish writing it. Yes, I still miss blogging. I guess I will still be around. Not as much, but not totally forgetting it. This, I promise.

Happy weekend, everyone.

Especially to that special person I miss the most. <3

Monday, August 1, 2011


5th Ramadhan without my Mom.

I woke quite early to day morning. Or so I say.
Prepared some chicken and veges to be cooked for sahur the night before. And ambitiously though, that nasi sempat untuk dimasak di pagi itu juga. I was wrong.

Lauk siap dimasak, tapi nasi tidak. Sudah lah bangun 5 pagi, pastuh bulih snooze alarm pulak. So I end up eating enough food but not enough water. Agaknya dah dahaga sangat, I accidently drank some water after suboh. Wuhuhu..

Esok, akan makan lauk ayam percik lebihan berbuka tadi. So no cooking from scratch, just reheating. Nak bangun lewat sikit pon xpe. :)

Owh ayam percik tadi pon punya cerita. Rancangan asalnya mahu buat ayam percik bakar. tapi disebabkan balik terlalu lewat, cuma buat ayam goreng berkuah percik. Woh. Jadilah.

And yeh. If I could I would just cook. Makanan Bazar Ramadhan selalunya xsedap. Sekian.

Selamat berpuasa!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Yes. I went missing. Stranded in Mars with no internet connection. Right.

Sorry. Partly intended. Ngeh ngeh. Malas.

I got no idea what to write. I know I said something about Edin, Aidan and my sister's labour experience. Semua tuh dah basi kan. Lama sangat dah. So updating this blog with something I just did. Hoyeh, balik kampung.

With still no mood to write, no idea what to write, I'll just post some pictures. Here goes..

My house (okay, it's my Dad's) is not next to the beach.
Not like Che Wer's chalet. (Btw, I'm not coming here anymore. Ever!!)
You have to walk a bit.

Then, you see this. A wooden bridge. A river.
Where's the beach?
You have to cross the river first to get to the beach.
Our kampung is weird like that. ;P

Eh. Orang kampung. Bukan, itu budak kecik bulat.

Korang, ingat nih? Kita makan nasi masuk pasir kat sini.
Hehehe :0

And this! Who could resist this.
Yeh yeh. Skinny deeping. Remember?

Okay. That's about it. Hey, atleast an update. Hihi..

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This is from blogger plus. An apps said to help me blog from ipad. Woho.

Post Created 2011-06-08 03:19:53 +0000

Hoh.testing. Blogging from ipad. But not as good as the usual laptop and physical keyboard. How do I put title on this?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Live from Edinburgh

I am in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

I know. No post since when? last month? No, I haven't stop blogging. Just a bit occupied.

Why am I in Edinburgh?


Introducing Aidan Mikhail. Born on the 5th May. Super cute. 2.7 kg.

He was born on the 5th. The day I was suppose to arrive from Malaysia. Then my sister got admitted for the next 5 day. Baby Aidan was having a bit difficulty on breast feeding and he looses a bit of weight too. Huhu..

So I spent most of my time in the kitchen and on the bus. Why? Coz I have to cook for her husband and for her. Lunch and dinner. Then an hour ride to the hospital and an hour back. Fuuhhh......

I can't write much now but I will in a couple of days when I'm back in my home sweet home. I'm writing about Aidan, Edinburgh and why I can't wait to go home. Yes, to that blazzing super hot country. Hehehe...

Till then.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hot sun and iced cold coffee

I'm in Starbucks having an iced double latte, trying to run away from the hot hot blazing sun. It's cold in here, free internet and good coffee. And good environment to do work too!

I was just so sleepy. Yes, in the middle of the day. Sleepy! I don't know what's wrong with me, but I've been having trouble sleeping at night and I have trouble to stay awake and energize during the day. Maybe I should exercise a lot more right? Okay going for a run this weekend lah. I always assume lack of energy is from me doing no exercise at all. Am I right? I don't know, but don't you feel sick if you don't move so much?

And that's is also another reason why I'm in Starbucks. Apart from the hot sun, I am trying to feed my body some caffeine in other to keep awake and moving. That answer the double shot. Well, not really, it is just how I drink my coffee. Double shot is the best! Rich, strong coffee taste, just the way I like it. That's how I drink my tea too. Rich black tea, sometime with or without sugar depending on my mood.

Okay, this is weird. I wasn't planning to write about coffee and tea. How the hell did I end up here? What was my main topic? To be honest I have none. I just feel like writing. So what the hell, coffee it is.

I'm going to tell you a story about me and coffee and tea.

I love camping. I love outdoors, and the nature, and the sky and sun, the birds and the animal, and the beetles and everything in between. All in all, I love to get dirt on my face once in a while. I used to go on lots of camping trip when I was in school. Some were memorable and some were just unthinkable. I mostly enjoy the camping trip because I got the chance to cook. Owh you know how much I love cooking,right?. And to see those people licking the pots and pans (literally licking pots and pans, I assume they were too hungry) and plate, would just make me giggle. But.....

Yes, there's always a but. This time a big but. Haha..

Even though friends were licking plates, there's one thing that I don't do well. The whole camp were complaining. Remember how I like my drinks? Rich and strong.

So that happened.

I was suppose to make tea and coffee. Oyeh, for the whole camp. And of course I made it just how I like it. Rich and strong. Guess what happened? Owh I shouldn't elaborate more. It was embarrassing. So much praise for the good food I cooked, and yet loads of complain for simple coffee and tea brew. Huhuhu....

I am still remembered by that incident. Ahah, kopi pahit! Teh pekat! What's up! Hahahaha.....

Those were memories. Still made me smile each time I sip my tea or coffee. Hah!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For the love of Paris

I've been to Paris. In year 2009. My only wish, is to go there again.

But look at what I found.

A big map of Paris.

I didn't bought this in Paris (I could only afford a few postcard). But I bought this in OU for only rm1.20. Hahahakkks.... Super cheap. It's a wrapper. Not an actual map, but a wrapper. Nice. The frame itself cost more than the map (Obvious! What frame that can only cost less than rm1.20, right?)

I thought the map is really beautiful. So for the love of Paris I bought it and framed it and hang it in my house. Complete the whole house eh?

Saturday, April 9, 2011


We were driving at night. I wanted to stop for freshing up and do some stretching. So we stop at a small 'gerai' in a corner.

It was dark. I can't really see what 'gerai' was it. But, what the hell, I only wanted a drink. But my lil sister gatal, pergi order sup pulak.

Pakcik kedai tanya, "Nak sup ape?". "Saya nak sup campur Pakcik" adik jawab.
Pakcik buat muke kerut. Aku pon naik pelek jugak. Pakcik tanya " Sup campur? Sup ape? Sup campur ke sup sayur ke sup campur apa?"

Aku pulak kerut muka. Sup campur lah. Sup? apa yang pelek sangat. Dah sebab pakcik tuh pelik tengok aku ngan Adik, aku pon jawab lah, " Sup sayur, Pakcik." Padahal xmau pon sup sayur, tapi mahu sup campur, yang pada aku maksudnya sup yang ade ayam, daging, seafood etc. Arrggghhh, bantailah. Ape - apelah. Janji sedap.

Esoknya, kami lalu tempat yang sama. Pada siang hari. Eh, ini lah kedai yang kita berhenti minum semalam. Aku paling ke kanan, then I burst in to laughter. Why?

Kedai yang kurang dikenal pasti ape rupa2nya kedai sup belut!! Omaigod.

Padanlah pakcik tuh buat muka kerut bila aku start turun dari kereta lagi. Hahahaha... Nasib baik x makan sup campur 'biasa', sup belut la itu! Wawawahh...scary....


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Feeling yellow

I'm a tad yellow tonight.
So here's my favourite song to hear when I'm yellow.

Beautiful isn't it?
Now I'm over the moon!

kisses to you. <3

Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby news

Hallo everyone. Wahh, I never left this blog unattended for thiiisssss long. I am very sorry. Especially to ALL my readers. (Keep in mind, that in MY head, I have thousands of follower. Yeah, I'm MAD! :B)

Not that I've been busy. Cuma x berkesempatan menulis.

So what is up?

My sister is having her baby next month. Excited!! You know that sister, that just got married last July, and nine month later she's having a baby. You know, the one I said is trying to outdo my parents. My parents gave birth to her on November and they were married in January the same year. I thought my parents were fast. Well, now she is faster. I have to be pregnant on the day of my Akad to outdo her. Hahahaha... ;p Kidding man!

I just come back from a short trip to the West Coast of Penisular Malaysia. (It's crazy to drive Kl-Tganu-Klate-Tganu-Kl with little rest in between. Crazy shit!) Doing bits of research. Collecting information. Comparing and coming up with own conclusion just based on data collected. Sound scientific? What data? Hahaha.. I'm just collecting infos on how should my Sis take care of herself after giving birth. In other words, 'berpantang'. This is the downside of my Mom moving on to early. If she is still around, I'm pretty sure that she is next to my Sis the moment she heard of the pregnancy.

Anyways, this is what I did. Since she is away in the UK, I'm suppose to buy her stuff and take tips (on everything) on how to 'berpantang' and how to take care of a baby. I can now write a How to book for dummies. They do have classes in the UK, but what I'm listing down are traditional stuff that we Malay people do. Like eat this and that, don't eat this, don't do that and blah blah blah. I know I'm old, but that doesn't that I know stuff like this. I don't. Knowledge level about this would be a negative two.

To tell you the truth, I am scared of babies. Newborn babies. Don't get me wrong. I love kids. Love them. Especially when the start talking, walking and just doing things. When people find kids at certain age annoying, I found them to be charming and adorable. Kids do and say the darndest things, which is to me very adorable. They asked question that are sometimes mindblowing and I love answering to this kind of questions. But newborns are just scary.

They look so fragile. As if they are going to break at any times. They are SO small, very tiny. The skin are all crippled (like raisin sometimes). If I went visiting a friend's or anybody's newborn baby, the least I would do is pat his cheek and and say, owhhh...cute baby. That's it. I am not going to even try lifting him up. To scared that I might kill someone's baby.

Anyways, with all the stories told by Auntsssssss ( I have a lot of very helpful Aunties) I would conclude that some traditional Malay method of 'berpantang' sounds ridiculous. Ever heard of 'You have to make sure your big toe doesn't meet each other'? You have to spread your leg all the time, never to bend them, ever! You only can eat only a certain kind of fish, when you can't even find that fish in the UK???? and a whole lot more. They are lots of things that are good and should be followed, like not to eat a lot, only one serving at a time. Or only eat grilled food, which does follows to eating healthy. Owh not only this, I was also told on how to push the baby out and tips on that too. Hahahaha.... Too explicit to write it here.

I am going to be an Aunt. To a niece or nephew? It's a surprise. The baby is just too shy. Just wait for the good news. Wuuhuuu..

Okay peeps. I'm off to bed.

You!Please update your blog. I miss you.
And why have all you blog's content gone?

Nite nite everyone. Kisses to you!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A catastrophe and an orange cat fell from the fourth floor.

By far the longest title ever. Hahahaha...

It is now well known about what happened to Japan. If you don't know, then you are worst than 'Katak bawah tempurung', even those kataks knows about what happening in Japan. It's been bad, bad, very bad situation in Japan. Earthquake, then tsunami and now fear of radiation leaking.

My father got some phone calls from newspaper to comment on the nuclear plant situation. And as expected he wouldn't comment anything. I suspect that he wanted to be off the radar,doesn't want to be known. (My dad is a very shy man, always off the radar, so am I!! :P) But he said the university didn't gave any permission for him to say anything. Ok fine. But he wouldn't stop talking and commenting when he's home. Seriously, non-stop. Owh, for those who doesn't know, he is a nuclear scientist.

The situation in Japan nuclear plant is not that serious, unless.... it blows up. Then there will be another Chernobyl. So far, everything is okay. The might be some leakage of radiation but it is not fatal. But for long term, who knows? Just pray everything will be under control soon. They might be some meltdown, but as long it doesn't blow up, radiation leaking should be at the minimum.

I don't know on how much public knows about a nuclear plant, on how it works and what could be dangerous to people. The closest I've been to nuclear plant is in MINT (MNA), but that couldn't even be considered to a nuclear plant. There's a reactor, a small one, very small actually, that only produced power enough to light a light bulb. And seen a few of Cobalt 60 radiation machine. This are only use to do small experiment. And MNA also provide irradiation in small scale.

The most minimal things you should know about a reactor is, in the most middle of the reactor is where the nuclear fuel is. It is then wrap in thick steel. Nuclear fission starts by a neutron splitting the nuclear atom. This splitting produce heat and a neutron too. So this start a nuclear chain reaction.
To control the splitting enriched boron is usually use. Boron absorb the neutron thus stops the atom splitting. Coolant system is use to transfer the heat produce to water (in Japan reactor, they use boiling water system to generate steam and spin the turbine). Problem occurred when the cooling system's broken down. Heat can produce pressure that will eventually built up in the plant and if not attend to effectively, a Chernobyl will happen. (God, please no!) That's why they are letting some steam out to put the pressure down. Of course the steam contains radiation, but it's a by product radiation. It is not as dangerous as the nuclear fuel it self.

Right know, situation is still under control (I hope) As long the core is okay, it wouldn't be a Chernobyl. But still it is scary, right? Wani, stay safe okay. A friend of mine, who lives in Kyoto seems chill. He even went for jog on Saturday. Hahaha.. but it looks like he is planning to come back to Malaysia. Doesn't matter, as long as everyone is safe. We keep on praying, okay.

Then, about that orange cat. That silly orange cat. Can you believe it if I said he fell from the fourth floor? Well, believe it!

Bubis loves to sleep at the window. I never let him, but I don't why that night I let him sleep there. Usually I open the window just slightly so he could sleep with out falling down, but that night i didn't close the window enough.

It was 4 am in the morning. The window was just on top of my head. I was asleep, suddenly heard scratching sound and a thud. I woke up and thought I was dreaming. 'Did my cat just fall of from the fourth floor??'. I panicked and start searching inside the house. Then I force myself to say that my cat did fell that's why you couldn't find him. I went outside, put my head out, expecting flesh, blood, eyeball and stomach scattered on ground. But the was nothing. I was starring the ground for a whole 15 minutes in disbelief.

Where the hell is Bubis??

Then I saw something moving in the drain. I went down, saw my cat in the drain, scared as hell. He peed himself out. I pick him, very gently, scared that I might break him and carry him back to the house. Wash him a little bit and put him in his cage. As soon as the vet opens, I brought him for a check up. Thank God she said Bubis is okay. As long as a cat landed in perfect balance, he will be okay. The only thing worrying me is, Bubs did fell from the fourth floor, so the pelvic could fracture a bit. But it seems, he is doing okay. Alhamdulillah. Lega.

No more sleeping at the window honey. You scared me to death. Hohh!!

I'm finish.

Didn't expect this entry to be long. Well, the title should tally with the content right?

Kisses to you.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kucing aku bercakap

Kalau lah kucing aku buleh bercakap, ini dialog yang akan dibicara setiap kali.

Kucing yang kaler oren tuh, Bubis namanya.

"Siti, lapar. Lapar. Lapar. Lapar."
"Okay, kenyang dah. Eh, terasa lapar lagi lah. Siti, nak makan"
"Siti, hari nih nk makan ikan. Ikan. Lapar. Ikan. Lapar"
"Buurrp. Kenyang dah. Ngantuk, tidur dulu yer. Sila jangan ganggu!"
"Nape dok kat dapur? Nak masakkan Bubs ikan eh??"
"Makanan!!! Eh, eh....nak pergi mana tuh? Tempat makan kat sini lah"

Bubis ini yang dia tahu cuma satu. Makan.

Kucing kaler hitam, buat masa nih namanya Cleo. Kadang-kadang jadi Hits (short for Hitam)

"Eh, tengah buat apa tuh? Tepi sikit nak join sekali"
"Saya nak duduk sini jugak"
"Lompat-lompat atas laptop. Yeehaaa"
"Siti, bosan nih. Meh la gosokkan kepala"
"Ahahaha... Tak nak berak kat sini. Nak berak kat dalam rumah. Weeeeeeee"
"Lompat lompat lompat sampai gile"
"Nak duduk jugak atas kerusi. I pon nak tengok TV. Tepi sikit"

Inilah dialog harian kucing aku. Macam-macam.

Korang ada kucing bolih bercakap macam nih?? Wahahaha...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Engage at 27......or 17??

No peeps, sadly it's not me who's getting engage. Hahaha...

But my younger sister's friend is! Yes! At 17!! Good God.

I don't know what exactly is on her mind but it is on, 23rd this month. I know almost all my sister's friend since I'm not only a sister but aka the driver. I drive her to school so I know who is who. This girl to me is not pretty but she's cheeky. She change BF every 3 month or so. What make her change her mind and settle down with one guy, I don't know.

And I couldn't stop thinking how her parents feel too. Why would they agree to this? My sister said it's ridiculous. Imagine being 17 and making up your mind on getting engage when you should be having fun being young and silly. Even more ridiculous, this engagement was suppose to be for a seven year period. Crap!

I don't get it. I remember being 17, and all I could think was going crazy, see people, travel around and go nuts! Of course there's boys (and girls too), but engage?? So out of the question.

But then, things like didn't always turn out bad. My neighbor, if you remember, gave birth when she's 17/18. She's the same age as me and it seem, she's happy. She's living life. Giving birth at very early age surely didn't stop her. She is now working as a lecturer and even doing master in fashion. Did she miss her teenage life? Of course she did. But what she get in return, a boy, to her was more than anything in this world. But keep in mind not everyone can survive early commitment like her. Right?

But, you also didn't want to end up like me. 27 and still single. Owh I should've marry my high school boyfriend. Gila!!

So what should you do? Grab any guy you meet, or wait for the right moment? Or wait until you end up old? Even when you ask pathetic-27 year old-still single girl like me, SHE BARKING MAD!! Imagine my 17 year old sister who still ask me to cook maggi for her wants to get engage, I will immediately send her to psychiatrist. Wouldn't you?

I hope she comes to her senses. Even so she gets engaged, I hope it'll last. If not, I hope she takes this as a lesson. Some people wouldn't get it until problems comes knocking to one's door.

Okay. I miss you guys.
Kisses and hugs to everyone.

Later peeps.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Embrace yourself or not?

In response to Wani's latest posting.

I don't know about everyone else, but I think I don't judge people. In fact I'm bad at judging people. To me everyone is nice and I trust anybody immediately. One of my weaknesses. I know I know, I'm too naive sometimes. But then we talk about choices we made in life. About being who we really wanted to be. And sometimes this choices make you go against the normal traditional human values.

One of the most famous, when changing sexes or maybe being homosexual. Loads of opinion have been pointed out and discuss. I am being a little late and actually missed the train, but who cares. Here's what I have to say.

I don't care.

Yes we are governed by rules made by our own community, or by the religion we belief or even by our own conscience. Yes rules can be different and influence by community, religion and ones consciences. Even so, there are a few human behavior that are made to be as it is. Like Maths rules, when 1+1 is always 2. And male should mate only with a female. And male should behave like a male and vice versa. Or we should eat and drinks in other to survive or sorts. Things that are every human. Period.

So that's it. I know you might say, as a responsible human you should at least gave advise to this people to repent and blah blah blah. But why should I? It's common knowledge. So it's up to your choices. You do what you think is best. People change only when they wanted to change. So why bother? I'm okay with gays, as long the don't do horrific stuff publicly. But I can't stand pengkid. Ever heard of pengkid going to Jumaat prayer? Too much. Just too much!!

I don't care what they do in their private time. Sin? Who am I to judge? These people believe in them self to be right, to follow what they say their heart say, so be it. Right or wrong, sin or not, let their God judge. I have my own belief and I'm sticking to that.

But what if my own children happens to be one of these people. Still I accept? Or what? Honestly I don't know. I hope if it happens when I'm dead. I can't bare knowing my own child doing that. Anyway, to conclude, look deep deep inside you. Look really deep. Find meaning to being born human. Learn philosophy. hehehe... (I know my conclusion is crap. But seriously philosophy is good) Didn't you all realise, gays make good friend?? :P


It's March

I put down only 8 posting on February!! Suprising.

Really. Seriously didn't notice it. I'm becoming lazier right?
I should write more. Owh please somebody push me.
I wish I could promise you one posting at the end of the week. But I can't.

So see you later when I actually compose something in my head.

Bye peeps.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Questions answered

Remember last time when I asked about why guys likes to stay in Girl's house. Well, question answered. After asking and interviewing a few male human, here's what they have to say.

First, girl's house are cleaner. Waaayyy cleaner than all guys houses. Well, I couldn't agree more. Our house does look like a proper house with everything in it's own places. A guy's house? There's shirts, beds, stuffs and God knows what all over the place. Okay, not all guy's house are horibble, there are few rare species who loves neat and clean house, and usually they live alone or with 2 person, so it's easier to manage the house. But generally, it's not.

Second reason, they don't have to do laundry or sometimes their bed. Well, it does sound reasonable. Rather than waste a tonne of water washing a few of our clothes, we might as well just dumped in a few of the guys clothes in the washing machine right? But I do not agree with this. I told them, this girl who have been doing all this, especially making the bed, is either deeply in love with him or something wrong with her head! Who the heck made their housemate bed?? Crazy shit right?

Third, when they got home, there's always hot-delicious smelling-home cooked meal. I wouldn't mind this. What is so hard about putting an extra piece of meat/chicken/fish/whatever into a dish for him, right? Besides, having a guy in the house, wouldn't be such a bad idea especially if they eat a lot. I love to cook, but sometimes don't feel like eating. But went you have a mouth that wants to eat, it is awesome!

But if I really have a guy housemate, there's no free ride baby. There's a day every weekend for all of us cleaning the house. It is mandotary. No show? Get out of the house. Atleast mop the whole house, or throw the garbage. About doing laundry, as long it's not underwear, I don't mind so much. About doing beds, good God! You're my housemate not my husband.

Then again, morally speaking, it is not good to live with guys. Yes, you can say it's just business and nothing personal. But what happened when you come to one of the moment when you get slightly crazy? Crazy eh? So rather putting yourself in trouble, might as well stay away from it.

And guys out there. Stop calling asking for room even clearly stated strictly only for female tenant. Hoping each time you'll get in. Stop and find yourself a good girl and get married. :P

Okay peeps. Later.

Monday, February 21, 2011

4-horribly-tiered Red velvet cake and an Ipad

Wah! I couldn't believe this but I baked a cake. Not just a cake but but 4-tier red velvet cake.

I don't know why but red velvet cake seems really famous these day. I don't know why either that I was possessed to even try making this cake. I found the recipe on the internet. Took the easiest method and this happened.

I'm a amazed with myself. It's not burned, it turn out exactly as it suppose to be. Well, atleast in terms of the taste. Hahaha... Not the looks. I couldn't get a perfectly round cake mold, so I end up baking in a aliminium tray that is smaller at the bottom and bigger at the upperpart. So that zig zag effect on the side. Hahaha...

It is filll with cream cheese filling and also the top part.For decoration I just dusted it with some cocoa powder.

And this. New Ipad. Yeehaa.

Owh it's only a bigger version of an Iphone. Nothing more.

Still I'm excited to use Ibooks and play Angry bird. Ngahaha...

Chiow people

Friday, February 18, 2011

Kucing manis (sweet cats)

Such a sweet couple. Bubs and Cleo.

Cleo hates Bubs more than anything. But no matter what she did, Bubs loves Cleo even more. Ahhhhhhhh.......

Cleo loves to sleep in the toilet. Bubs won't be far from her. He sleeps at the toilet door. They eat together. If it's fish night, he lets she eats first.

Bertafakur dalam tidur

He thinks he is one of us. When I'm in the kitchen, he is there too. If only he could help do the dishes! When I do my bed, he always lie on the blanket. Silly cat. Bubs also knows how to ask for fish. He will come and beg and beg and beg for fish with those bog round eyes and won't stop until I gave him fish. Cleo is totally the opposite. She knows she's a cat. She only eat and sleep. And she only eat what I feed her, never ever beg for fish. And she is really quiet. Good cat.

But I love you so so much Bubs and Cleo. You are my babies.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

just an update

My Sister just passed her theory driving test. Meh. It is easy..

She got the same score I did. 3 wrongs out of 50 question. Not bad eh. Now, she is scare to do driving lesson. I don't have problem driving lesson, since I know how to drive ever since I was 14. Ngeh, berlagak lah.

I remember my first day of the driving lesson. Cikgu penagajar tuh kalau xsilap nama dia Encik Zaki. First sekali jumpa, dia tanya, Bolih bawak kete? And I said, Bolih lah jugak. Patuh dia soh bawak sendiri kete. UHHH... gile ke? Saya mintak dia atleast tunjuk lah dulu sekali. Lepas tunjuk satu round of 3 point turn, side parking ngan bukit, en. Zaki tanya lagi, Dah bolih saya tinggal awak nih?. Okaylah En. Zaki, bereh! I drove around all alone every hour, doing the same thing for the whole 14 hours. Thank God there's a radio in the car. It's dead boring to do things you already know for a bazillion time.

But I stop half way thru as I was accepted to Matriculation. I have a few nore hours to go before JPJ test. So during semester break I finish the few hours and got my license during the break. JPJ test wasn't stressful but it was bloody tiring!! The long hours waiting for turns would drive anybody mad!!! But I passed the test with only just one trial. hehehe...

So good luck learning how to drive. Good luck passing all the test. Just chill and relax. Next time you'll be driving me places. Hehehe... but not with my car.

>> Dila starts advertising her new house, asking strictly only for female tenant. But the weird thing is guys start calling for that room. Huh?? Why? I don't get it. What is good about living in a female house? Cleaner house?? Or.... But wouldn't it be awesome if... nahhh... hahahaha....

Nite everyone. XOXO

Monday, February 14, 2011

Question and answer.

From Nini's

1. Apakah Status Anda?
This doesn't always mean relationship status, right? So what am I doing know? I'm currently on the floor in front of my TV. Hahahaha...

2. Ceritakan tentang diri anda
I don't know. But I can say I am friendly yet very shy at the same time. In other words, I'm complicated. :P

3. Ceritakan tentang blog anda
It's about me, family, friends, cats, house, car, food, music and whatever that moves.

4. Apa pendapat anda tentang dunia blog?
It's fun to write, whether someone read it or not wouldn't matter to me. But I love you who reads my blog.

5. Nasihat kepada kawan-kawan yang baru nak buat blog
Write. And write anything you want. (But diary blogging esp. when you just broke up with your Ex, is no fun to read. Seriously!!)

6. Nyatakan keunikan blog anda
You get to 'see' me. Where else can you find that?

7. Sampai bila nak menulis blog dan impian anda dalam dunia blog?
Until I got nothing to write about, which seems ridiculous now. I could talk and talk for hours.

(And I am not tagging anybody. Simply, feeling really sarcastic now, dunno why.)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Potato picnic day

No, it's actually dinner. Picnic, only because I cooked and bring all the food to Dad's house and eat together gether.

Beef steak, veges, baked potatoes with sour cream and potato skin filled with grilled chicken

Steak was just a piece of meat seasoned with salt and black pepper. With some black pepper gravy.
Veges are just cauliflower, broccoli, and carrot boiled.

Baked potatoes were superb. Very easy to make. Here's how:- Boil potatoes until cook. Cut out an opening on top of the potato. Scoop out a little bit of potato. You can keep it and eat it later as mash potatoes. Fill potato with sour cream and some bit of daun bawang. Cover with Mozarella. Baked until golden brown.

My first time making my own baked potato. Not bad eh?

Potato skin filled with grilled chicken. I have some chicken meat leftovers. So instead of making all the potatoes into baked potatoes, I use the leftovers to make something different. Here's how:- Scoop 70% of the potato leaving the skin. Set aside. De-bone some chicken meat, mix with sour cream, salt and pepper, and daun bawang. Fill in the potatoes skin and top with Mozzarella. Baked until golden brown.

This is also my first time making filled potatoes skin. My Dad loves it. I found it a little bit dry. I never had potato skin before, don't how it really taste. But I've seen someone making in on TV. Bantai ajelah.. Janji sedap.

And to top up everything else, is a good old apple crumble for dessert. Ngehehe... It would be really really good if my Dad have some vanilla ice cream to eat with that pipping hot apple crumble. Still, it is superb!!

Every picture ws taken when I already packed them. That's why you can see plastic bag covering it. Hehehe..

Okay people. Chiow.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

House hunting

Owh.. it's really tiring!

My friend Dila (don't you notice she always make an appearance in my blog?!) move job to Kelana Jaya. She is now staying at her parents' in Ampang. She's been complaining about taking too much time coming and going from home to work. So she's looking for a new house to rent (or a room), somewhere near my house in Kota Damansara.

But we first went to check a room in Kelana Jaya, in Sterling Condominium. That place is beautiful. The house is big. According to the owner of the apartment that we're looking at, it has 4 bedroom. To me, it has 3 bedroom. Why? because the 4th bedroom was really small. I actually consider that as a stor. And that small small room is actually the one that she's renting out. Can you believe it?? So small, you can hardly put a bed in it, and it has a very small high window opening. And for RM 350 a month!! Good God! Hyperventilenting... Fuuhh Fuuhhh.....

Then there's another room at a different house but at the same condominium. He is renting the second bedroom. Not bad, with an aircond, a window with stunning view, quite spacious (enough for one person) but the only problem is it's expensive. RM 55o including parking. Isn't that expensive?

Then I said you can get a whole house if you rent in Kota Damansara for 550. So we went to KD.

But Dila wanted a house with guard as her mom won't approve one with none. Mum worried too much right? hehehe.. Places with guard 24/7 would be around 750 or more. My sis places (where I'm staying now) rent around 750. But houses around KD are like 'pisang goreng panas'. Today you put advert to lease, the next thing you know someone is already moving in. Crazy.

After going round and round asking and calling people, we only manage to get one apartment in Sec. 8 that is with in the price range. But she is renting the whole house. But Dila still wants it. She said the house is nice and she could afford the rent by her own. So that's it. I now have a buddy in KD!! Yeay... bulih buat teman jogging. Yeeehaaaa!!!

But it's really tiring. And who knows house is really expensive? I'm lucky to have a Sis. Hehehe...

Later peeps!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Sorry for not updating much. Been quite preoccupied with holidays and work and cityville. Heh! hahaha...

And I am reading a new book. Yes, I bought a new book. This is what happened when you introduce your sister to books. Now she is dragging me every week to the bookstore to buy a book. (note to big Sis: Please please please send those Sophie Kinsella's books that you have. I don't think I can afford new books everytime. Please!) She bought a new Kinsella novel while I bought Jostein Gaarder's Sophie's World. A book about philosophy. Yes, philosophy!

The word philosophy would just be boring right, let alone learning about it, right? But Gaarder made philosophy so fascinating. It's about a girl named Sophie Admunsen who received a letter written 2 question, Who are you and where the world come from? And a post card from a mysterious Albert Knag. Then she becomes the student of a fifty-year-old philosopher, Alberto Knox. Initially, he is completely anonymous to Sophie, but as the story unfolds he reveals more and more about himself. He started by introducing us to the pre-Socrates philosopher. How people in those days thinks and beliefs. It is rather interesting to know how philosophy evolve from Socrates to Plato to Aristotle. Then we went to hellenism, the rise Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

I'm only 1/3 thru, so I can only write until this.

The first 2 questions. Who are you? Simply everyone would just introduce your name, probably where you live and where you studied. But the real question was 'Who are you?'. What are you? Your purpose? Your origin? The second question. Where does the world come from? When I was little I always think about this. If we come from our mothers, where does Adam come from? and where is the earth situated? I always imagine us hanging on a thread in box. Hahaha... Still my question, who hold the box? Well, question that could never be answer by the adult. My father's answer would satisfy me for awhile, I just gave up after that. Then the question about fate, immortal soul and conscience. And how knowledge flows, as nothing is certain and exact.

I love this book. It makes you see the world differently. How we all don't have much different with each other.

One reason why no updates, I always read before I go to bed. I also write before I go to sleep. So when I found a good book, one will get neglected. Sorry.

Okay peace out everyone. Later peeps.
I just love all of you.
Feel the love??


Monday, January 31, 2011

Missing him

Missing for quite sometime. Emergency leave balik kampung.

My 107 year old Grandfather passed away on Sunday at 2.40 am in the morning. I am not going to say anything much, but I would like to say I am going to miss him much. He was a man of wisdom, with the purest heart you will ever know. A man with knowledge and a smile always on his face. Love you so much Tokki.

Rest in peace.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Oven & Rosemary Roast Chicken

I'm so excited. I bought a new oven. wohoho..

If you know me, you'll know I don't do well in baking. As a matter of fact, I suck at it. Bad.
So now I am determine to learn how to bake.

I'm the kind of cook who doesn't measured and cook based on smell and taste. That's why I'm not a good person to teach you how to cook. I can tell you the ingredient but I can't tell how much. So when my friend asked me how to make Laksam, I said, well, it depends. hahahaha... If you come to my house and watch me cook it, you maybe get it but you have to measured everything yourself. ;P

That is also why I can't bake. I don't like to measure. Baking is certain. It is almost science. Everything have to be exact. Which I'm not good at. So now, I'm determined to stick to the exact ingredient and follow the instructions. Like what you did when you follow experiment methods. Follow Afirah! Measure Afirah! Yes, I'm doing exactly that!! Hahahaha...

We'll see. If it really is about measuring and following instruction or I just really really suck at baking. Hehehe...

First test run. Rosemary roast chicken.

Fisrt time golek ayam cmnih

Ayam yang dah masak.
Sekor nih bukan untuk makan dinner malam ini utk dua org,
tapi untuk dimakan selama seminggu.
Gila ah kalau dapat abih sekali ngap.

Dalam pinggan.
Dimakan dengan veges.


Tomorrow, will try to make my famous apple crumble. I'm not yet ready for cake baking. hehehe... Kene tunggu Nini balik, baru bulih tunjuk ajar dengan sempurna. Nini, I'm still waiting for that brownies recipe.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stud tail

I've been meaning to write about this for quite awhile, tapi x punya kesempatan.

Ever heard about stud tail?

This is my cat, Bubis. Yes, as in boobies. Bubs for short. He is a male cat, not that he has any boobs but he reacts when called bubis, so the name stuck with him. A few weeks ago, I saw that his scrotum turns black. Man, that scares me. Why the hell would scrotum turns black??

So I got him to the vet. He asked, so what's wrong. I said, his scrotum went black. He examined it, looking at it and in just 2 seconds he turns all red and blushed. He crossed his arm and start walking backward to a corner and start smiling cheekily at me. "Is this your first time having male cat pet?". And I say yes, truly my first time. Before, I had 3 female cats.

"Okay. How should I say this. Well, you know that your cat is ermmm.. coming of age... you know.. hormones...he wants female cat. Have he been... you know..." And went on and on explaining what should've been simple. Just say he is hitting puberty and wants sex. Good god. Then I said, Okay, I got what you mean. So what about his black scrotum?. He then explained about hormones changes made the skin secretes oil/grease. That black thing is actually oil. Not the scrotum rotting inside out. Fuhhh... He said about getting my cat neutered, it will reduce the stud's tail effect but not completely. I said, No. I'm doing something that kills the normal behavior of a living thing. My cat's a dude, he needs what dude needs. So let it be.

So the vet suggest something else.

Wash my cat's nuts and tail with degreaser/washing liquid. So this is what I've been doing. Washing scrotum every 3 days or so. If not, it will become like this.

pic from here

Skin infection if it's not treated well. It's yucky to holds my cat's nuts and wash it. But he is my beloved cat, what can I do. So if ever your cat have black nuts, don't get scared. It's just him growing up. Just wash it at home and save the embarrassement of a male vet trying to explain stud tail. Hehehehe...

Love you Bubs.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Teh wangi ros.

Haish, Dah jadi blog masak makan plak. Asyik citer pasal makanan.

Cute tea set eh? Sister bought it from the UK. Drinking tea in this cold night, while watching a horror movie on HBO, what could be better. Hee..

Have a good weekend everyone.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Piknik, BBQ

Kesimpulannya, asyik makan jek.

I'm too lazy to write, so let the pictures do the talking, okay.

Tasik Perdana
Mee hoon goreng (me cooked!:P)
Fresh orange (beli kedai)

macam gambar poskad kan. :P

Having fun at the playground

Rumah Bapak
Homemade burger (me made!)
Ayam bakar (Ulfah buat)
Kerang bakar

Jangan gelak. Memang oldschool.
tapi sedap bakar guna kayu.

Sedap gile!!
Memang besar gabak. Jadi 1/2 pounder dah!

Kerang bakar yg tinggal kulit jek.

Owh please don't disturb me reading books.

Later peeps. Night

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A day with this cute little boy

Well, only four hours actually. Kids get tired really quick.

We went out to OU, just to stroll around. It was 12 o'clock went we arrived to pick him up, he was suppose to have his noon nap. I thought of maybe going out another time, don't want him to go grumpy later on. But instead he went. "Bik..bik (as in 'tubik' in east coast slang which means keluar).

All dress up and ready to go.

We went to the rainforest to see fish. And he start saying very loudly, Aishh..aishh (air)..pish..pish.. (fish). And start dipping hands in the pool.

Then we went hire a buggy ride. Owh he was so excited. Keep on shouting, Nak nak nak. So cute.

Then we just stroll around. Walking and walking, introducing him to stuff. He gets excited when he sees flower, and goes, Nge, nge, nge (bunga). and touch limau. Hehehehe...

Then I'm hungry. Only had chicken nuggets for breakfast. I'm pretty damn sure Wail was also hungry. So we went for porridge. Well, babies can't just anything. Porridge would be just right. His Mommy didn't provide us any food, just biscuits. He finish one whole bowl of porridge and said, Dap daap (sedap). He must be really hungry.

More walking until we came to the Oval centre, where there were doing Chinese New Year promotions. Then he start doing this. See below.

People start giving attention to him and joining him going upside down. Hahaha... See this guy.

Suddenly he doesn't want to go inside the buggy ride anymore. Keep saying, Naik naik naik. Which means he wants to be carried. Which also means he is damn tired. And it's time to go home. We return the buggy ride, which only cost RM 3 for the first hour and RM 2 for the next subsequent hour. Pay the parking ticket and get into the car. Even before the car left the parking lot, he was fast asleep in my Sister's arm. He must be really really tired to be sleeping just like that. Poor boy.

He continued sleeping at home, but only for 5 minutes. Then woke up with bright big eyes. And start asking to go out again. Fuuhh...

It was fun. Superb. Next time we are going for Wet World. Let's get wet baby!

Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 and 27

I didn't realize that I turned 27 this year. Good God, I'm old!

But seriously I don't feel like 27. My 27 year old friends all are married, having babies after babies and some even thinking about putting their first kid to school. And me? I'm still like this. Not that I don't want to get married, maybe I'm not there yet. (Yeh, still looking for someone to marry me. Owh this is pathetic.)
I have a friend who found a replacement BF just a few month after a break up. She is now married to that replacement guy. I'd once asked her, How did you get another bf so fast?. I was expecting answers like, Uhh, try to find them in here, here or there. Instead, she said, Well, it depends on what you want in life and what kind of guy you like. Wow, that got me thinking.

What do I want in life and what kind of guy I want?

I want to be close to God. To be successful in life. To have a wonderful family. To have a small happy house. To have 2 boys and a girl (3 kids will fit nicely in my car! hehehe). To be able to bake (owh I made horrible cakes). I want a guy who respect the elders. A guy who is respectful. A man with wisdom, and thoughts. A leader. A wonderful father. An idol. An admirer. And someone who wants to fulfill my life goals. (well, I need a guy to have kids! Hahaha)

The perfect man to compliment the perfect me. But there is no such things as a perfect man, my friend once said. She said, You can wait all you want, you won't get someone who checked everything. I never wanted someone perfect as I myself was never close to perfect. Well, no one is. The perfect man is someone who compliments you. Like enzymes that binds perfectly (Am I being too scientific? That's the only thing I can think of). My perfect man might not be the perfect man for you, right?

So what now?

I'm living my life. I'm just going with the flow. Dreams sometimes can be true. Hopes sometimes can be disappointing. Life is never fair. Mistakes made to be learn. To make us a better person.

Till then,goodnight everyone.

(there is a lot of spelling and grammar mistake in my previous entry. Wehee.. I'm not correcting it)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Loose change

I notice guys don't like keeping loose change. Am I right?

I see that my father and brother always gave me their loose change when I'm around, ask me to keep it in my purse. They all use wallet that doesn't help them in keeping coins. (Then they say we carry to much things in our purse. We are actually carrying stuff for them, right? hehehe..)

You know what in my purse? Everything.

I am a very clumsy person. I always missed place things. So I have 2 sets of keys of my house, 2 sets of keys of my Dad's house, lip balm, purse, tissue paper, receipts ( a whole bunch of it) and even a bottle of perfume and loads more in my bag. I have 2 sets of keys because if I forget to bring one set, there's always the extra set in my bag.

So you could guess that my handbag is quite heavy. Well, any girls bag are heavy. ;p. To make it even heavier, the loose change that I keep in my bag. I keep any coins that I have. If it gets too heavy, I would emptied out my hand bag and keep all the coins in a 'tabung'.

Now, after a while of 'menabung', you think you would become rich right? Well, that's the problem. Rich with coins.

My Dad's 'tabung ikan
My Sis's 'tabung jambu'
My 'tabung kacang'

This is all the coins collected in almost over a year.
Total: RM 180

That's a lot of money right? The problem now: No banks/one /shops want to change the coins. Now, I'm stuck with almost 5 kg of coins. Damn. (No, I don't carry them around. Gile ke?)

If I could change this coins, I could buy a few nice clothes. Imagine that. Just with loose change collected in a tabung.

Now, I don't know what to do with this loose change. I thought of just dropping the whole bag of coins to some guy/kids yang jual kismis/mintak derma tuh. Bolih kah? Or should I just use it and pissed off the cashier when I pay them with loads of coins? Hahahaha...

Later. Kiss yourself goodnight for me. Muah muah <3

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Obsession? more food?

I guess I'm still not over of my obsession with Indonesia. This time I'm introducing you to my newest obsession.

Bondan Prakoso and Fade 2 Black.

They were introduced to me by a sales promoter when I went to a music store to buy Ungu's album. He puts on the first track, and that got my attention. I was like,"who is this?". He said, "It's Bondan".

Uhh? Who? Pondan?

His music just caught me. It's cool. Lyrics is cool too. But the music keeps you pumping and jumping. Nice. It's pop rap with a bit of jazz and reggae and a mix of of everything else. His voice is also delicious, reminds me Ariel Peter Pan.

This is the first track. The one that I heard in the music store. Tittled, 'Ya Sudahlah'.

Very sweet intro. This one got me saying, "Uhh, whose voice is that?"

Sorry but I couldn't get the original music video. It's not available in Malaysia. But they are on FB. So check'em out.

Other tracks are just as awesome as this one. Owh.. I'm in love <3>

but hey, I did say I'm writing about obsession right?

Hahaha...I guess my meatball obsession is still not over yet. I know, third day in a row eating meatballs for dinner, would just make you go, " Good God. What the hell is wrong with this girl!" Hahahaha...

This time I put some mee suah in it. Superb!


Later peeps. Night.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Meatball day

Yup, I know. Another post about food. Hehehe..

We had lunch in Ikea today. When you hear Ikea, you will remember their meatballs, right? So that's exactly what we had for lunch. To be exact, what Ulfah had for lunch. I always and always eat their superb Salmon. I love eating here. Where else can you get delicious salmon for only RM11.90?

superb salmon.
if only I can cook the same thing at home....
(would it be cheaper?)

green salad

and meatballs!!

So why was today a meatball day?

Because we had meatball for dinner too. Meatball and vegetable soup. This I made myself. Recipe from It is simple to cook, but taste superb.

Owh this got nothing to do with meatball. Just sharing the newest picture of my step baby brother. Cute eh? (look at the mess he made behind him)

Till then. Goodnight everyone.