Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bundle of joy

Well, hello there.

This is quick. New updates, I mean. Hehehe. :D

So, I said about me being on twitter way too much that I forgot about this blog. I said that myself. Now, there's people stalking my tweet, in which that twitter account was suppose to be my own private gateway. I can't blame them. It was my fault. I can't take that back.

Ah, what the heck. I'm not trying to hide anything anyway. Read, read all you want. Those were never intended for you. Only to whom it may concern. *wink wink*

What's the point of changing my tweethandle, or even privating my account. Secret is out. I'm not bothered lah. I seriously think my tweets are boring. Seriously.

Okay. Back to the tittle. My bundle of joy. Seriously, I am talking about babies. Two in particular. My two year old half brother and sister's super cute baby boy. Wail and Aidan (or Aiden, that's how I like to spell his name, if it was my kid :P) This two cute, very munchable little baby boy.

Wail, is my half brother. Super genius. He talks non-stop. He knows stuff. If he sees something he never see before, he'll go, "Apa nih, apa nih". How cute is that. Say something, especially his favourite food like Nasi lemak, laksam, and nasi ayam, he'll definately say, "Mmmmm, shedaknye" sambil gosok perut.
Wail calls me by my name. Yup, seems a bit rude. But nobody calls me Kakak. Not even very young cousins. Nobody. I just don't like it.
I spent most of my weekends with this little guy. Or should I call it exersize. It's hard work to chase a two year old around the house. And he never seems to get tired. If I stay at my Dad's until late night, he's gonna be up until I get home. Even when he was about to sleep and he saw us, terus tak jadi tidur.

Well, I actually could go on and on. But this is was suppose to be a short one. So enough about Wail. He's gonna get another entry, just for himself. Someday. When I am awfully rajin. Hehehehe.

Baby Aidan is six months old this month. I went to Edinburgh just to see him when he was born. Such a sweet, very handsome young lad. Gonna be a heartbreaker one day. He's so faraway, the only updates we got is from Facebook. The most recent was the video of him in his baby bouncer. *melting*
The closest of hearing him talk and gigle, was thru the phone. He is not gonna recognize his Aunt when he got home one day. My sister said, that wouldn't be any problem, since we almost look alike. We'll see, we'll see.

I can't wait for you to come home. And by you, I do mean Aiden, not my sister. My sister can stay there for as long as she wants. Bahaha.. Kidding!

Just seeing this two kids could make anything right. Owh.... I'm missing you guys already. Love you two so very much.

Oh, by the way Sis, can you please please kiss Aiden for me. Thanks. <3

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