Friday, October 28, 2011


Or perhaps just for the sake of putting up something new. Someone still reads my blog. Atleast, I hope.

I don't have any internet connection anymore. Except on my Blackberry (in which I took the most minimal package) and my iPad. I can actually write blog entry on my iPad. But I, hate, and I mean hate, those non physical keypad. It just doesn't feel real.

So, I don't update that much anymore. Okay, I lied. I stop blogging.

As much as I would like to blame the internet, I should blame myself too. Or shoud I say, twitter?

Twitter took all the small ideas. These ideas that I always, somehow develop to a form of short essays. It's nothing. It's mostly craps. But at least there's something. There you go. I blame twitter.

If I feel like shouting at someone, I tweet. If I have something interesting to share, I tweet. There's also tweetpic. Easier to just tweet rather than uploading a picture.

But, I must say, as I'm writing this, I do miss blogging. I do miss writing nonsense. I do miss watching an entry as finish writing it. Yes, I still miss blogging. I guess I will still be around. Not as much, but not totally forgetting it. This, I promise.

Happy weekend, everyone.

Especially to that special person I miss the most. <3


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keep blogging lah afira!!..yey!!!..-someroll-