Thursday, February 24, 2011

Questions answered

Remember last time when I asked about why guys likes to stay in Girl's house. Well, question answered. After asking and interviewing a few male human, here's what they have to say.

First, girl's house are cleaner. Waaayyy cleaner than all guys houses. Well, I couldn't agree more. Our house does look like a proper house with everything in it's own places. A guy's house? There's shirts, beds, stuffs and God knows what all over the place. Okay, not all guy's house are horibble, there are few rare species who loves neat and clean house, and usually they live alone or with 2 person, so it's easier to manage the house. But generally, it's not.

Second reason, they don't have to do laundry or sometimes their bed. Well, it does sound reasonable. Rather than waste a tonne of water washing a few of our clothes, we might as well just dumped in a few of the guys clothes in the washing machine right? But I do not agree with this. I told them, this girl who have been doing all this, especially making the bed, is either deeply in love with him or something wrong with her head! Who the heck made their housemate bed?? Crazy shit right?

Third, when they got home, there's always hot-delicious smelling-home cooked meal. I wouldn't mind this. What is so hard about putting an extra piece of meat/chicken/fish/whatever into a dish for him, right? Besides, having a guy in the house, wouldn't be such a bad idea especially if they eat a lot. I love to cook, but sometimes don't feel like eating. But went you have a mouth that wants to eat, it is awesome!

But if I really have a guy housemate, there's no free ride baby. There's a day every weekend for all of us cleaning the house. It is mandotary. No show? Get out of the house. Atleast mop the whole house, or throw the garbage. About doing laundry, as long it's not underwear, I don't mind so much. About doing beds, good God! You're my housemate not my husband.

Then again, morally speaking, it is not good to live with guys. Yes, you can say it's just business and nothing personal. But what happened when you come to one of the moment when you get slightly crazy? Crazy eh? So rather putting yourself in trouble, might as well stay away from it.

And guys out there. Stop calling asking for room even clearly stated strictly only for female tenant. Hoping each time you'll get in. Stop and find yourself a good girl and get married. :P

Okay peeps. Later.

Monday, February 21, 2011

4-horribly-tiered Red velvet cake and an Ipad

Wah! I couldn't believe this but I baked a cake. Not just a cake but but 4-tier red velvet cake.

I don't know why but red velvet cake seems really famous these day. I don't know why either that I was possessed to even try making this cake. I found the recipe on the internet. Took the easiest method and this happened.

I'm a amazed with myself. It's not burned, it turn out exactly as it suppose to be. Well, atleast in terms of the taste. Hahaha... Not the looks. I couldn't get a perfectly round cake mold, so I end up baking in a aliminium tray that is smaller at the bottom and bigger at the upperpart. So that zig zag effect on the side. Hahaha...

It is filll with cream cheese filling and also the top part.For decoration I just dusted it with some cocoa powder.

And this. New Ipad. Yeehaa.

Owh it's only a bigger version of an Iphone. Nothing more.

Still I'm excited to use Ibooks and play Angry bird. Ngahaha...

Chiow people

Friday, February 18, 2011

Kucing manis (sweet cats)

Such a sweet couple. Bubs and Cleo.

Cleo hates Bubs more than anything. But no matter what she did, Bubs loves Cleo even more. Ahhhhhhhh.......

Cleo loves to sleep in the toilet. Bubs won't be far from her. He sleeps at the toilet door. They eat together. If it's fish night, he lets she eats first.

Bertafakur dalam tidur

He thinks he is one of us. When I'm in the kitchen, he is there too. If only he could help do the dishes! When I do my bed, he always lie on the blanket. Silly cat. Bubs also knows how to ask for fish. He will come and beg and beg and beg for fish with those bog round eyes and won't stop until I gave him fish. Cleo is totally the opposite. She knows she's a cat. She only eat and sleep. And she only eat what I feed her, never ever beg for fish. And she is really quiet. Good cat.

But I love you so so much Bubs and Cleo. You are my babies.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

just an update

My Sister just passed her theory driving test. Meh. It is easy..

She got the same score I did. 3 wrongs out of 50 question. Not bad eh. Now, she is scare to do driving lesson. I don't have problem driving lesson, since I know how to drive ever since I was 14. Ngeh, berlagak lah.

I remember my first day of the driving lesson. Cikgu penagajar tuh kalau xsilap nama dia Encik Zaki. First sekali jumpa, dia tanya, Bolih bawak kete? And I said, Bolih lah jugak. Patuh dia soh bawak sendiri kete. UHHH... gile ke? Saya mintak dia atleast tunjuk lah dulu sekali. Lepas tunjuk satu round of 3 point turn, side parking ngan bukit, en. Zaki tanya lagi, Dah bolih saya tinggal awak nih?. Okaylah En. Zaki, bereh! I drove around all alone every hour, doing the same thing for the whole 14 hours. Thank God there's a radio in the car. It's dead boring to do things you already know for a bazillion time.

But I stop half way thru as I was accepted to Matriculation. I have a few nore hours to go before JPJ test. So during semester break I finish the few hours and got my license during the break. JPJ test wasn't stressful but it was bloody tiring!! The long hours waiting for turns would drive anybody mad!!! But I passed the test with only just one trial. hehehe...

So good luck learning how to drive. Good luck passing all the test. Just chill and relax. Next time you'll be driving me places. Hehehe... but not with my car.

>> Dila starts advertising her new house, asking strictly only for female tenant. But the weird thing is guys start calling for that room. Huh?? Why? I don't get it. What is good about living in a female house? Cleaner house?? Or.... But wouldn't it be awesome if... nahhh... hahahaha....

Nite everyone. XOXO

Monday, February 14, 2011

Question and answer.

From Nini's

1. Apakah Status Anda?
This doesn't always mean relationship status, right? So what am I doing know? I'm currently on the floor in front of my TV. Hahahaha...

2. Ceritakan tentang diri anda
I don't know. But I can say I am friendly yet very shy at the same time. In other words, I'm complicated. :P

3. Ceritakan tentang blog anda
It's about me, family, friends, cats, house, car, food, music and whatever that moves.

4. Apa pendapat anda tentang dunia blog?
It's fun to write, whether someone read it or not wouldn't matter to me. But I love you who reads my blog.

5. Nasihat kepada kawan-kawan yang baru nak buat blog
Write. And write anything you want. (But diary blogging esp. when you just broke up with your Ex, is no fun to read. Seriously!!)

6. Nyatakan keunikan blog anda
You get to 'see' me. Where else can you find that?

7. Sampai bila nak menulis blog dan impian anda dalam dunia blog?
Until I got nothing to write about, which seems ridiculous now. I could talk and talk for hours.

(And I am not tagging anybody. Simply, feeling really sarcastic now, dunno why.)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Potato picnic day

No, it's actually dinner. Picnic, only because I cooked and bring all the food to Dad's house and eat together gether.

Beef steak, veges, baked potatoes with sour cream and potato skin filled with grilled chicken

Steak was just a piece of meat seasoned with salt and black pepper. With some black pepper gravy.
Veges are just cauliflower, broccoli, and carrot boiled.

Baked potatoes were superb. Very easy to make. Here's how:- Boil potatoes until cook. Cut out an opening on top of the potato. Scoop out a little bit of potato. You can keep it and eat it later as mash potatoes. Fill potato with sour cream and some bit of daun bawang. Cover with Mozarella. Baked until golden brown.

My first time making my own baked potato. Not bad eh?

Potato skin filled with grilled chicken. I have some chicken meat leftovers. So instead of making all the potatoes into baked potatoes, I use the leftovers to make something different. Here's how:- Scoop 70% of the potato leaving the skin. Set aside. De-bone some chicken meat, mix with sour cream, salt and pepper, and daun bawang. Fill in the potatoes skin and top with Mozzarella. Baked until golden brown.

This is also my first time making filled potatoes skin. My Dad loves it. I found it a little bit dry. I never had potato skin before, don't how it really taste. But I've seen someone making in on TV. Bantai ajelah.. Janji sedap.

And to top up everything else, is a good old apple crumble for dessert. Ngehehe... It would be really really good if my Dad have some vanilla ice cream to eat with that pipping hot apple crumble. Still, it is superb!!

Every picture ws taken when I already packed them. That's why you can see plastic bag covering it. Hehehe..

Okay people. Chiow.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

House hunting

Owh.. it's really tiring!

My friend Dila (don't you notice she always make an appearance in my blog?!) move job to Kelana Jaya. She is now staying at her parents' in Ampang. She's been complaining about taking too much time coming and going from home to work. So she's looking for a new house to rent (or a room), somewhere near my house in Kota Damansara.

But we first went to check a room in Kelana Jaya, in Sterling Condominium. That place is beautiful. The house is big. According to the owner of the apartment that we're looking at, it has 4 bedroom. To me, it has 3 bedroom. Why? because the 4th bedroom was really small. I actually consider that as a stor. And that small small room is actually the one that she's renting out. Can you believe it?? So small, you can hardly put a bed in it, and it has a very small high window opening. And for RM 350 a month!! Good God! Hyperventilenting... Fuuhh Fuuhhh.....

Then there's another room at a different house but at the same condominium. He is renting the second bedroom. Not bad, with an aircond, a window with stunning view, quite spacious (enough for one person) but the only problem is it's expensive. RM 55o including parking. Isn't that expensive?

Then I said you can get a whole house if you rent in Kota Damansara for 550. So we went to KD.

But Dila wanted a house with guard as her mom won't approve one with none. Mum worried too much right? hehehe.. Places with guard 24/7 would be around 750 or more. My sis places (where I'm staying now) rent around 750. But houses around KD are like 'pisang goreng panas'. Today you put advert to lease, the next thing you know someone is already moving in. Crazy.

After going round and round asking and calling people, we only manage to get one apartment in Sec. 8 that is with in the price range. But she is renting the whole house. But Dila still wants it. She said the house is nice and she could afford the rent by her own. So that's it. I now have a buddy in KD!! Yeay... bulih buat teman jogging. Yeeehaaaa!!!

But it's really tiring. And who knows house is really expensive? I'm lucky to have a Sis. Hehehe...

Later peeps!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Sorry for not updating much. Been quite preoccupied with holidays and work and cityville. Heh! hahaha...

And I am reading a new book. Yes, I bought a new book. This is what happened when you introduce your sister to books. Now she is dragging me every week to the bookstore to buy a book. (note to big Sis: Please please please send those Sophie Kinsella's books that you have. I don't think I can afford new books everytime. Please!) She bought a new Kinsella novel while I bought Jostein Gaarder's Sophie's World. A book about philosophy. Yes, philosophy!

The word philosophy would just be boring right, let alone learning about it, right? But Gaarder made philosophy so fascinating. It's about a girl named Sophie Admunsen who received a letter written 2 question, Who are you and where the world come from? And a post card from a mysterious Albert Knag. Then she becomes the student of a fifty-year-old philosopher, Alberto Knox. Initially, he is completely anonymous to Sophie, but as the story unfolds he reveals more and more about himself. He started by introducing us to the pre-Socrates philosopher. How people in those days thinks and beliefs. It is rather interesting to know how philosophy evolve from Socrates to Plato to Aristotle. Then we went to hellenism, the rise Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

I'm only 1/3 thru, so I can only write until this.

The first 2 questions. Who are you? Simply everyone would just introduce your name, probably where you live and where you studied. But the real question was 'Who are you?'. What are you? Your purpose? Your origin? The second question. Where does the world come from? When I was little I always think about this. If we come from our mothers, where does Adam come from? and where is the earth situated? I always imagine us hanging on a thread in box. Hahaha... Still my question, who hold the box? Well, question that could never be answer by the adult. My father's answer would satisfy me for awhile, I just gave up after that. Then the question about fate, immortal soul and conscience. And how knowledge flows, as nothing is certain and exact.

I love this book. It makes you see the world differently. How we all don't have much different with each other.

One reason why no updates, I always read before I go to bed. I also write before I go to sleep. So when I found a good book, one will get neglected. Sorry.

Okay peace out everyone. Later peeps.
I just love all of you.
Feel the love??