Thursday, February 17, 2011

just an update

My Sister just passed her theory driving test. Meh. It is easy..

She got the same score I did. 3 wrongs out of 50 question. Not bad eh. Now, she is scare to do driving lesson. I don't have problem driving lesson, since I know how to drive ever since I was 14. Ngeh, berlagak lah.

I remember my first day of the driving lesson. Cikgu penagajar tuh kalau xsilap nama dia Encik Zaki. First sekali jumpa, dia tanya, Bolih bawak kete? And I said, Bolih lah jugak. Patuh dia soh bawak sendiri kete. UHHH... gile ke? Saya mintak dia atleast tunjuk lah dulu sekali. Lepas tunjuk satu round of 3 point turn, side parking ngan bukit, en. Zaki tanya lagi, Dah bolih saya tinggal awak nih?. Okaylah En. Zaki, bereh! I drove around all alone every hour, doing the same thing for the whole 14 hours. Thank God there's a radio in the car. It's dead boring to do things you already know for a bazillion time.

But I stop half way thru as I was accepted to Matriculation. I have a few nore hours to go before JPJ test. So during semester break I finish the few hours and got my license during the break. JPJ test wasn't stressful but it was bloody tiring!! The long hours waiting for turns would drive anybody mad!!! But I passed the test with only just one trial. hehehe...

So good luck learning how to drive. Good luck passing all the test. Just chill and relax. Next time you'll be driving me places. Hehehe... but not with my car.

>> Dila starts advertising her new house, asking strictly only for female tenant. But the weird thing is guys start calling for that room. Huh?? Why? I don't get it. What is good about living in a female house? Cleaner house?? Or.... But wouldn't it be awesome if... nahhh... hahahaha....

Nite everyone. XOXO

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