Saturday, February 12, 2011

House hunting

Owh.. it's really tiring!

My friend Dila (don't you notice she always make an appearance in my blog?!) move job to Kelana Jaya. She is now staying at her parents' in Ampang. She's been complaining about taking too much time coming and going from home to work. So she's looking for a new house to rent (or a room), somewhere near my house in Kota Damansara.

But we first went to check a room in Kelana Jaya, in Sterling Condominium. That place is beautiful. The house is big. According to the owner of the apartment that we're looking at, it has 4 bedroom. To me, it has 3 bedroom. Why? because the 4th bedroom was really small. I actually consider that as a stor. And that small small room is actually the one that she's renting out. Can you believe it?? So small, you can hardly put a bed in it, and it has a very small high window opening. And for RM 350 a month!! Good God! Hyperventilenting... Fuuhh Fuuhhh.....

Then there's another room at a different house but at the same condominium. He is renting the second bedroom. Not bad, with an aircond, a window with stunning view, quite spacious (enough for one person) but the only problem is it's expensive. RM 55o including parking. Isn't that expensive?

Then I said you can get a whole house if you rent in Kota Damansara for 550. So we went to KD.

But Dila wanted a house with guard as her mom won't approve one with none. Mum worried too much right? hehehe.. Places with guard 24/7 would be around 750 or more. My sis places (where I'm staying now) rent around 750. But houses around KD are like 'pisang goreng panas'. Today you put advert to lease, the next thing you know someone is already moving in. Crazy.

After going round and round asking and calling people, we only manage to get one apartment in Sec. 8 that is with in the price range. But she is renting the whole house. But Dila still wants it. She said the house is nice and she could afford the rent by her own. So that's it. I now have a buddy in KD!! Yeay... bulih buat teman jogging. Yeeehaaaa!!!

But it's really tiring. And who knows house is really expensive? I'm lucky to have a Sis. Hehehe...

Later peeps!

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