Sunday, February 6, 2011


Sorry for not updating much. Been quite preoccupied with holidays and work and cityville. Heh! hahaha...

And I am reading a new book. Yes, I bought a new book. This is what happened when you introduce your sister to books. Now she is dragging me every week to the bookstore to buy a book. (note to big Sis: Please please please send those Sophie Kinsella's books that you have. I don't think I can afford new books everytime. Please!) She bought a new Kinsella novel while I bought Jostein Gaarder's Sophie's World. A book about philosophy. Yes, philosophy!

The word philosophy would just be boring right, let alone learning about it, right? But Gaarder made philosophy so fascinating. It's about a girl named Sophie Admunsen who received a letter written 2 question, Who are you and where the world come from? And a post card from a mysterious Albert Knag. Then she becomes the student of a fifty-year-old philosopher, Alberto Knox. Initially, he is completely anonymous to Sophie, but as the story unfolds he reveals more and more about himself. He started by introducing us to the pre-Socrates philosopher. How people in those days thinks and beliefs. It is rather interesting to know how philosophy evolve from Socrates to Plato to Aristotle. Then we went to hellenism, the rise Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

I'm only 1/3 thru, so I can only write until this.

The first 2 questions. Who are you? Simply everyone would just introduce your name, probably where you live and where you studied. But the real question was 'Who are you?'. What are you? Your purpose? Your origin? The second question. Where does the world come from? When I was little I always think about this. If we come from our mothers, where does Adam come from? and where is the earth situated? I always imagine us hanging on a thread in box. Hahaha... Still my question, who hold the box? Well, question that could never be answer by the adult. My father's answer would satisfy me for awhile, I just gave up after that. Then the question about fate, immortal soul and conscience. And how knowledge flows, as nothing is certain and exact.

I love this book. It makes you see the world differently. How we all don't have much different with each other.

One reason why no updates, I always read before I go to bed. I also write before I go to sleep. So when I found a good book, one will get neglected. Sorry.

Okay peace out everyone. Later peeps.
I just love all of you.
Feel the love??


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