Thursday, February 24, 2011

Questions answered

Remember last time when I asked about why guys likes to stay in Girl's house. Well, question answered. After asking and interviewing a few male human, here's what they have to say.

First, girl's house are cleaner. Waaayyy cleaner than all guys houses. Well, I couldn't agree more. Our house does look like a proper house with everything in it's own places. A guy's house? There's shirts, beds, stuffs and God knows what all over the place. Okay, not all guy's house are horibble, there are few rare species who loves neat and clean house, and usually they live alone or with 2 person, so it's easier to manage the house. But generally, it's not.

Second reason, they don't have to do laundry or sometimes their bed. Well, it does sound reasonable. Rather than waste a tonne of water washing a few of our clothes, we might as well just dumped in a few of the guys clothes in the washing machine right? But I do not agree with this. I told them, this girl who have been doing all this, especially making the bed, is either deeply in love with him or something wrong with her head! Who the heck made their housemate bed?? Crazy shit right?

Third, when they got home, there's always hot-delicious smelling-home cooked meal. I wouldn't mind this. What is so hard about putting an extra piece of meat/chicken/fish/whatever into a dish for him, right? Besides, having a guy in the house, wouldn't be such a bad idea especially if they eat a lot. I love to cook, but sometimes don't feel like eating. But went you have a mouth that wants to eat, it is awesome!

But if I really have a guy housemate, there's no free ride baby. There's a day every weekend for all of us cleaning the house. It is mandotary. No show? Get out of the house. Atleast mop the whole house, or throw the garbage. About doing laundry, as long it's not underwear, I don't mind so much. About doing beds, good God! You're my housemate not my husband.

Then again, morally speaking, it is not good to live with guys. Yes, you can say it's just business and nothing personal. But what happened when you come to one of the moment when you get slightly crazy? Crazy eh? So rather putting yourself in trouble, might as well stay away from it.

And guys out there. Stop calling asking for room even clearly stated strictly only for female tenant. Hoping each time you'll get in. Stop and find yourself a good girl and get married. :P

Okay peeps. Later.

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