Friday, December 31, 2010

yesterday, today and tomorrow

Owh..tomorrow is a new year.

Recipe from

Yesterday, I made this . I call this kuih 'Pau sambal'. Gave some to my neighbour and she asked if this is 'kuih tahun baru'? And I was so blur. Kuih tahun baru?? Uh.. no. I made this to finish my sambal leftover from last sunday's 'Nasi lemak'.

(I mean, who the hell make kuih tahun baru right?)

Uhh..then I realise it was a joke. A very bad attempt of making a bad joke. No wonder she laughed and I was just dead clueless. Sorry neighbour.

Today, my neighbour locked her son out of the house more than 6 hours. From noon till now. I know it's non of my business, but that poor boy. Last time I checked he was in the drain in front of his house. What a way to celebrate new year eh? And what could he have done to receive such punishment? Lucky me my parents don't believe in torturing your kids to make them good people. I think we all turned out okay.

If I were him, I would pura2 pengsan in front of the house, just to make her dead worried. Stay pengsan until she drive me to the nearest hospital. Wait until I'm in the Emergency room and start shouting, " She left me under the sun for 6 hours! You MEAN MEAN MOTHER!!!!". Hahaha... Padan muka.

Anyways, tomorrow's a new year.

To those I love, I will always love.

To the haters, sorry dude, don't think I remember any of you.

To everyone, may tomorrow be better than now.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

HD in HP

Owhh... laptop rosak. To be exact my hard disk when kabuuushhh...

My laptop suddenly when blank. Asked my brother's friend to check it for me. You know, he is the computer geek. He said it was my hard disk. So I went to HP Centre to change for a new HD and reformatted that thing too.

All was told by my Dad. Step by step on what to do when I arrive at the service centre.

Honestly, if you asked me, What's wrong with my Laptop? I wouldn't have any clue!! If consider from one to ten level, my knowledge on how computer works, would be a negative two! Yup, I am that dumb! It's the same on my knowledge about cars. I know how to turn in on/off, how to use simple software and that's about it. Hahahaha...

Okay. That's it. I just wanted to say my HD went dead and all is fix.

Till then. Buhbye.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cat from hell

My own assasin cat from hell.

Introducing Chibi. Cibs for short.

I adopted this cat from PAWS. Almost a year old. When I saw her in PAWS, she was cute and so adorable. Sweet little purr.


Try to not feed her. Like today,when we were out of cat food. So no breakfast. She was really hungry. I mean REALLY hungry. She eats a lot. That's why she's so fat. Big belly with small feet and a small head. She looks like a cartoon cat.

But don't be deceive by her cute look. She is from hell. Especially when she's hungry.

Like what happened this morning. Since there's no more cat food, Chibi didn't get her breakfast and she is soooo hungry.

Can you guess what happened today?

My brother was walking out of the house to go to work. Chibi come running and start biting and chewing his foot! Hahahaha..

Chibi is very fierce with other cat too. Since she is at my house, no other stray cat ever came again. I also have an old cat, Abik, living together with Cibs. Cibs really love to mess around with Abik, but not in a gentle way but very very violently. Poor Abik tortured by Cibs. Chibi didn't meant any harm, but she is just very ferocious. That is just the way she play. Just born very fierce I think. :P

Want to try and mess with Chibi? You may get killed by Chibi, 'the assasin cat'! Hehehe....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blankie for my Daddy

I just made a blanket for my my Daddy!
Isn't it cute?

I bought two different pieces of fabric and attached it together. So this will be a two sided blanket.

When you feel a bit funky and alive, use the bright blue colour side.
When you feel a bit down and sleepy, use the white with small blue flower side.

It's so soft. I love the fabric because it's cheap. Only rm 5.50 a metre. and yet it is so soft.

And why the hell did I sew my Daddy a blanket?
He's been complaining about about his old blanket. He said it's so old that it's torn here and there.

So I just whipped a new blanket in just minutes.

Hahahaha... Tipu giler!! It took me awhile. Trying to figure out my Mom's sewing machine. Cutting and attaching fabrics together. Fuuuhhhh... ( It's hard work!)

I can only sewed something in a couple of hours if no exact measurement is needed. Like this blanket. Or a curtain.

I need two days to complete a horribly sewn Baju kurung. Hahahaha......

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How far would you go

As a women or a girl or a female, I want to ask you, how far would you go in the terms of relationships. Specifically, men. How far would you put yourself with them?

When you were younger or when you were still single, how far would you go in getting the intention of the guy you like? Would you
  1. make the first move
  2. fight with other girls for him
  3. write him a love notes
  4. send him gifts
  5. tell the whole school you like him
  6. say you like him in front of his face
would you?
And even after all that, the response is negative

Then you think you have to keep up with the game. Do more extreme stuff. Like telling the whole world that he's yours when he doesn't even have a clue. Being nice to his family, seeking approval and support, that you are the one for their son.

Me? I am an old fashion girl, very traditional, at least I think. The only first step I would do is just to get the guy to notice me, that I'm there, that I exist. And that's about it. Then I expect the guy to do the rest. And if there are ever slightest sign that he is not interested, then I'm backing off. No such thing as "I'm fighting for this guy" or such. I'm just not brave enough to such things.

But then, this might be the very reason that I'm still single.But I rather go single than asking a guy out. Segan lah. Kan?

Why this topic? There's a TV series on TV3, "Seribu kali cinta", every Monday to Thursday, 6.30pm. There's a character, 'Peah', who's crazy about this Nizam. And even Nizam told Peah so many times he doesn't like her, she never gave up.

Don't you find this kind of people annoying?

Monday, December 13, 2010

My poor little Baby

There's a BIG gaping hole in my car dashboard.

I was on my way balik kampung, the radio suddenly went silent.

It sure is horrible to drive 6 hours without any sound. Just quite and silent. Dead boring.

I just sent my baby to the service centre. Hope they will fix the radio and they'll be music again. It's not fun humming songs on your own.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Internet and The Social Network

I first got to really know the internet when I was in Form 2. When the only reason people use the internet is to chat. IRC was very popular. Back then when chat rooms channel like Mamak, Kampung etc was known by everyone. Back then when Cyber Cafes charge you like rm 7 per hour to use the internet.

The introduction to internet was made by my friend. I was actually curious to know what was this buzz about, saying internet was addictive. So my friend brought me over an internet cafe near our school, (that charge rm7 per hour of course). And good for me that she paid for me. Only because I at first refuse to follow her, because it seems so ridiculous to me to spend rm7/hour on internet (which is at that time sounds stupid to me)

She introduce me to mIRc. Wow! It was fun. To chat with people you don't know and you won't know who it really is. Who knows if you are telling lies or the truth. Who knows what I look like and what the other person too. It felt like freedom. Carefree. Just do you want and no one knows. It felt good. No wonder people get addictive.

But it didn't last long for me. I got banned from a room because this guy who wanted to chat with me got rejected. Sorry dude, there were just too many people and your nick sounds funny. I think that was the second time and it was my last in a cyber cafe. Beside, with an allowance of rm50 a month, I could never afford that super expensive charge.

Then there were Friendster and Myspace. I registered Friendster, and an email, just because you need one to register Friendster. Never use the email to actually email anybody. I have a Myspace but found it to be too crowded and too much, that I just left it to die. The internet is now only use for 2 things:- Friendster and to get copy paste infos for assignment. Ngehehe..

Then Facebook came. But I already have friends on Friendster. Even when the words in town was you should change to Facebook, I never was interested. Because at that time internet in my house, is still a dial-up. Remember that folks, the dialing tone. toot toot. Or maybe it was just me, hahaha. (did anybody else use dial up?? anybody?) So I didn't want to see sudden increased on phone bills. Until I finish my degree..only then I opened a Facebook account.


Because I was forced to.

I remember me and friends when somewhere (this I don't remember) and we took a lot of pics. And I want the pics. And these people keep saying, we'll tag you on FB. And they said F-B (not facebook). I was clueless, What the hell is F-B? Then I know it stands for Facebook. ahaha...

Now, I only have a Facebook account. My friendster is dead. I found FB easier, to keep track with friends, to send messages to everyone, to share pics, and to see who's gay or not. Hahaha..

Anyways, The Social Network (the movie) is DAMN good! Now I want a geek for me to date. ;P
Don't you just love a guy who knows it all. I know I do!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

makan malam

Beza antara makan malam murah ngan makan malam mahal.

Saya rajin g shopping. Kat Tesco, diorg lelong time hari Isnin pagi, untuk dia habiskan stok weekend dan mula kan stok baru hari selasa. So, kalau nak barang fresh datang Tesco hari Selasa dan Jumaat yer. Kalau nak barang lelong, sayur especially (untuk rabbit selalunya), datang hari Isnin pagi. Boleh la dapat sayur setengah kilo ngan harga 20 sen jek. Hebat kan.

Ok. Skang citer pasal dinner yang harga nye murah dan yang dibeli ngan harga full price.

Sila lihat gambar dibawah.

BBQ grilled beef, croquette, and stim brocolli and carrots

BBQ grilled lamb, croquette and stim brocolli and carrots

Bolih percaya x, makan malam nih dalam pinggan di atas adalah xlebih dr rm6 sepinggan?? Percayalah.
Beef dan lamb adalah yang dh marinate, dijual pada harga 50% kurang. Jadi harga nye lebih kurang rm3-r4.50.
Croquette tuh pulak dapat kat food court dengan harga rm 1 sebijik.
Sayuran pulak memang dah ade kat rumah.
Siap masak xsampai setengah jam.
Fast food. hehehe

Kemudian kita berbicara mengenai makanan dengan harga penuh

Grilled beef, fries and romaine dressed with honey mustard

close up.
Sausage adalah tambahan minit terakhir

Percaya tak makanan diatas adalah lebih mahal 2 kali ganda?
Full price sirloin beef. Mahal.
Fries. Xleh lah nak kira rm 1 macam croquette tuh kan.
Salad. Kene beli sepokok la. Cuma makan seprtuh pokok.
Mustard dressing. Sebab semua mende pon buat sendiri, jadi kene beli mustard satu botol. rm5.

Kesimpulan nya?

Rasa kedua2 makan same jek sedap nye. Yang beza cuma harga.

Saya lebih bersetuju pada makanan separuh harga. Jimat duit belanje.

Owh ini bukan makan malam yang kebiasaan. Saya orang Melayu, perlu makan nasi juga kadang2.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sidney Sheldon

Sidney Sheldon have been my favourite author of all time. He is the best of the best. I know my words of praise is no justice to how good he was, so I'm just saying I love his writings.

I first read Sheldon's "The best laid plans" when my sister brought back home that book. I'm not sure when was it, but I was in my teens. Hoh! that makes me sound so old! That book was the one that got me stuck with reading Sheldon's book. He got almost 20 book, and I'm proud to say I read almost all of it.

When I was in school, buying first hand book was rather impossible. With limited allowance, I can only manage to borrow books from renting stores. One shop that I like is one in The Mall. Since I was going back and forth from KL to Melaka every fortnight using the Komuter, I will stop to that shop so I could return a book and borrow another one. Eventually I finish almost all the Sidney Sheldon writings. I always says almost finish, because to tell you the truth, I don't remember which one I have read. Hehehe... (I couldn't remember the title, but certainly remember the story.)

Sidney Sheldon book is just mesmerizing. He is not the type who use fancy words, he writes so his readers would understand. I love the twisting plot. I love that at the end I always guess uncorrectly. I love that he change the whole thing at the very end, and you would go "ahhhh...". With Sheldon, there is always climax in every chapter. It gets your heart pounding every time. A page turner, I would say. I couldn't sleep, drink or eat until I finish one whole book. For that reason, I stop reading his book for awhile. I have assigtments to do, lessons to study and exams to pass. His book is like a drug. You will get addicted and the statisfaction is only after you finish every bits of words in the book.

I also like the way he always potraits a women. In his story, it is always a women, or more, who is dominant yet very gentle, lusting for power, telling the journey from nothing to something and using all a women have to conquer the world. And how he write bits of romance here and there. It nothing cheesy like romance novel. It's just enough to get you blush a little bit. Hehe..

I'm reading his book all over again when I have time. Good times. Buying his book when I have extra money. Trying to collect the whole series.

Do I have any fav author?

No. Would you suggest one for me?

My friend introduce me to Anne Rice. Vampires? If is not Edward Cullens, then he is not my type. I've tried Stephen King, but I found him too descriptive. I've tried just grabbing a book from the best seller section, but I don't find the story statisfying enough. Too much and just so predictable. I've tried Malay novel, but I found it too cliche. Malay novel is always romance, and most favourite subject is arrange marriage and how sweet it is to fall in love after marriage. Lame! But I do sometimes read Ramli Awang Murshid's, atleast it's not the typical love romantic Malay novel. Hehehehe... (jangan marah yer Leli!). But I've read Harry Potter and the Twillight Saga. Love it. But not something that I would read twice.

The last time we went to the book shop, my sister bought a Sophie Kinsella's book ( Her first book ever, can you believe it? She always says thick books are ridiculous. I' glad she starts reading now.) I know Kinsella is famous for shopohollic series, but I never try reading hers. But my sister said it's a good read. Funny. Cute and sweet. Owh, good for her, but I'm not looking for funny, sweet and cute. I need another Sidney Sheldon please.

Open for suggestion. Anybody? Anything please.

(Glad that the chaos of the proposition of introducing me to a guy is over. It's just a yes/no question. And for now, my answer is No. NEXT!! Hehehehe...)

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Can you believe this? I just post an entry about jodoh and future. And this happened.

My father called me and sounded so cheeky. He was like, "Aiyok, kamu. hehehehe...". Cheeky and spooky and very weird indeed. He then asked me to call my Aunt in Pasir Mas as she couldn't get me on my phone. So I called her.

Guess what happened?

She first asked me if I have a boyfriend. Someone special. Anything. And I said..."Mmm.. I don't know. NO,maybe. I think." Then she said, "Okay. I have someone I want you to meet. He is a nice guy. 30 y/o. Tall and handsome like your cousin. So?"

What the heck was that? It got me scared. What am I suppose to say? How do I refuse such things? Good God!

This is so unexpected. How do I say I don't want to agree to such things. Crazy.

Guys out there. If any of you like me, this is the very moment you start saying something to me.

Friday, November 26, 2010


It was not a good week. It is still not a good week.

It all started on Monday. Woke up that morning feeling cold. It was a gloomy day. I don't like it. The thing about my house is, it is always cold, even when it is blazing hot outside. My apartment is at the fourth floor. And it's in the middle of 'laluan angin'. So no matter what time it is, it is always cold and windy. First I like it. Then it started to feel like when I was in the UK. I want to feel the sun.

I have asthma. Nothing serious but at times it came and visit once in a while. Living in a cold house doesn't help much. Then Monday happened. It's gloomy and no sign of the sun coming at all. I started to feel sick. I know I'm down with asthma. Want to know how it feel likes having asthma? Try breathing while someone's choking you. Or try breathing using the a vitagen straw. and imagine doing normal everyday stuff while breathing like that. It's hell.

Why didn't you just pop some pills or something?

I don't have any medicine for my asthma. It's not bad enough for me to take medicine. I always just take a cup of hot tea and rub some tiger balm and lie down. It always work.
Jerebu 1997, that is my first time that my asthma when so bad that I need an inhaler. haha.. Some pills to reduce my inflammation.

The next day, I'm down with a fever. Why o why. I have asthma, sore throat, flu and now fever. It's not helping at all that I have fever, it just have to happen that the whole week it rains everyday. God.

I went to the pharmacy and got some Ibuprofen for my fever and Clarinase for my flu. I'm a big believer of body heling itself, especially with flu and fever. But having asthma at the same time, just made this ordeal 10 times worst. So I need help on healing. But the second pill of Ibuprofen, didn't do any good. I feel good at first, then down with the fever again.

Today, no asthma, still having sore throat, up and down fever, really cold feet. And to make things worst, this problem with Celcom. I don't want to talk about it. Stupid Celcom customer service. You guys suck. Go push yourself six feet under. You're doing everybody a big favor. down there.

Now, I'm wrap in my thick blanket. I'm feeling cold down to the bones.

I am going to sleep and hopefully wake up fresh and kicking.




Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tadi borak2 ngan Leli

Hari ini berblog dalam bahasa melayu lagi. Melayu rojak pon bantailah.

Tadi tengahari Leli tepon, ajak teman dia pergi majlis kawin kawan dia. Dia cakap xde teman. Since, aku free hari nih, so aku ikot lah. Kata Leli, cmnilah kehidupan orang single. Kalau dia ada boyfriend mungkin di ajak bf dia pergi. Tapi dia single, so aku pon single, so aku la calon paling tepat untuk temankan dia. Dan lagi di bebelkan dia, dalam perjalanan kami ke Wangsa Maju. Umor dah 26, tapi still xberteman. Kadang2 rasa bosan. Nak jugak keluar berdating macam orang lain. Kawan2 kami banyak yang dah kawin, yang nak terberanak tahun depan pon ramai.

Jadi aku tanya dia, lagi berapa tahun ko bagi? (Direct translation, How many years would you give?) Dia cakap 2, sampai umor 28. Lepas tuh? Kalau xde bf lg umor 28? Leli cakap, Xpe, kite extand lagi. Hahahahaha....

Leli cakap , dia nak kawin sebab nak punya anak macam orang lain, tapi aku yakin kalau tanya Yang (kawan ktorg jugak) dia cakap nak kawin sebab nak rasa nikmatnye. hahaha.. (you know what I mean)

So camne ngan aku? Aku pon ade had limit 28 tahun jugak ke? Hah!

Sejujurnya, aku xterasa lagi apa yang Leli rasa. Aku pikir mungkin sebab aku masih ada adik yang sanggup meneman kemana saja aku nak pergi. Baik shopping, tengok movie, makan dan etc. Leli dah jadi anak tunggal lepas kakak dia kawin, mungkin sebab tuh xde teman. Hidup aku sekarang ni banyak berputar antara aku ngan adik aku jek. Bila kawan ajak makan lunch, aku xleh pergi, sebab aku kene balik tengahari amik adik sekolah. Bila diorang ajak aku kuar hari minggu, aku xleh sebab kena hantar dan ambik adik aku tusyen. Yeh, diorang cakap aku kononnya kakak mithali, bukan memuji tapi memerli. Tapi aku peduli ape. Diorang xpaham, dan aku x bercadang unuk memahamkan mereka.

Bagi aku, aku masih punya tanggungjawab. Tanggungjawab untuk jaga adik aku, sampai aku pikir dia dah boleh berdiri dengan kaki dia sendiri. Mereka selalu tanya, Adik ko tuh kecik sangat ke sampai kene jagakan?. Dia hilang seorang Ibu masa umor dia 14 tahun, dia jugak anak bongsu. Agak2 korang macamane?
Diorang jugak tanya, Sebab tuh ko xde partner? Jawapan aku, yer. Sebab itu. Aku rasa selagi xlepas tanggujawab jaga adik aku nih, selagi tuh aku xleh nak commit hidup aku nih untuk orang lain. Nak commit hidup sendiri pon masih belum tentu bolih. Cuba korang bayangkan lah, andaikata aku punya bf. Nak pi dating lah hari nih, bulih? Dan aku jawab, xleh lah. Adik tusyen hari nih. Saya ada break 2 jam jek, masa dia tusyen. Jumpe masa tuh bulih?. Orang yang waras mana dapat terima alasan aku nih? Orang gila mungkin.

Pernah somebody tanya aku, Abih, awak nak hidup sorang2 jek, xnak berteman langsung? Haih, cmne aku nak cakap ek? Senang citer, aku cakap ini jek. Aku masih belum bolih commit dengan kau. Kenapa janji, kalau tau ianya xtertunai. Soal berpasangan, soal beranak, soal kawin, soal teman nak tengok wayang dan macam2 lagi, itu soalan kemudian hari. Bukan soalan sekarang. Aku bukan superwoman yang boleh buat macam2 benda dalam satu masa. Aku buat satu2. Sekurang2 nya biarlah adik aku nih abih SPM dan buatlah ape yang dia rasa patut. Masa tuh aku rasa aku dah bolih 'let her go'.

Soal pacar, soal teman, kalau ada jodoh ada lah. Kalau xde nak aku buat macamane? Aku tak punya limit tahun umor, kerana aku percaya soal hidup kita nih dah ditulis dan disusun oleh yang Maha menyusun dengan cantik nya. Setiap apa yang berlaku pasti ada hikmah disebaliknya.

If life gave you lemon, you make lemonade
but if it gave you apple, I'm for damn sure making my delicious apple crumble.

till then

Friday, November 19, 2010

Teringat zaman labwork dulu-dulu.

Agak-agak korang ape rase nya kalau korang terperangkap dalam keadaan 121 degree celcius, 15 minit dalam tekanan 15 psi. Woho...

Owh sunggoh kesian tikus itu.

Masa masih buat kerja dekat Lab mikologi, tikus membiak dengan sangat dasyat. Memang lab dah x sterile lagi. Even dalam laminar flow, dan selepas 15 minit UV light exposed, still, tidak mendatangkan sebarang perubahan. Kultur masih lagi contiminated. Semuanya tikus punya pasal.

Kemudian Dr. cadangkan untuk fumigate satu lab. Satu hari kami cuti. Harapannya, lab bersih balik. Tapi masih ada contimination. Masih ada tikus. Plate kultur yang ditinggalkan dalam laminar flow booth ada bekas gigi tikus. Diorang makan agar. erk.

Kalau korang xtau, kultur plate yang contiminated, xnak guna dan nak buang, semua nya kene letak dalam autoclave bag. Untuk matikan semua contamination tuh, kene lah autoclave which is at 121 degree, 15 minit, dan di bawah tekanan 15 psi. Semua tuh akan kecut dan mati dan dibuang khas untuk diproses.

Satu hari, bila masa saya yang kene buang bahan buangan ni, tanpa disedari telah dibungkus bersama2 seekor tikus. Owh eeewwww... Jadi nak buat macamana? Xkan nak bukak balik, pastuh keluarkan tikus tuh? eeeeee... (sudah mula geli geleman). So, saya panggil seorang kawan dan bagitau dia kejadian tersebut. Dia cakap, "Xpe. Dia tikus jek. Masukkan aje dalam autoclave tuh".
Ok lah, kalau macam biar dia yang buat. Saya x nak bunuh tikus tuh. Tapi saya xnak lepaskan jugak. Geli dowh. Patuh dok terpikir, ape lah agaknya perasaan tikus tuh, bile suhu makn lama makin tinggi, tekanan udara lak makin tinggi..kesian tikus tuh..

Akhirnya kawan tuh yang bunuh. Saya tak tau bila dia on kan mesin autoclave tuh. Xtau jugak apa jadik ngan tikus tuh. Huhuhu..

Rindu pulak ngan lab mikologi.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hari Raya Aidiladha

Semua orang yang saya kenal balik kampung. Kawan2 Ulfah pon balik kampung. Jiran2 saya semua pon balik kampung. Tapi saya tidak. Bapak saya pon x balik jugak.

Tidak seronok.

I thought only East coast people celebrate Raya Haji dengan gilang gemilang. But apparently, I was wrong. I don't know why, but somehow I think this year everyone is so excited in celebrating Raya Haji. Ulfah's friends even made kuih raya. Mereka yang punya kampung di Perak, Johor, Melaka pon balik jugak. Hebat betol.

I felt left behind. Dah lah Raya Puasa pon xbalik Pasir Mas tahun nih, Raya Haji pon xbalik jugak. Sedeh.

Beraya di KL memang xde makne. Tapi bapak still nak masak makanan raya. So esok kami akan makan Nasi minyak, Gulai ikan (bapak saya org Ganu, makan ikan jek), rendang daging dan lemang. Dan yang paling spesel adalah tapai pulut. Sebab I made it. hehehe... Yeh I sound like an old women, buat tapai. Hahaha... But it is easy to make and I think I'm quite good at it. My late mother use to make tapai for Raya Puasa. And I always help (menyibok). Tapai pulot ni jugak saya bungkus dalam daun. Daun jambu laut (not sure nama dia betol ke tak) bukan letak dalam bekas plastik atau bungkus dalam daun pisang. Daun jambu ni pulak ambik kat kawasan rumah jek. Segan gila kot amik daun tengah2 malam. Hahaha...

Anyways, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to every muslim on earth.

I did say that we might do an open house this raya, tapi tidak jadi. But you all are always invited to come to my house. It is always open. You all don't need invitation during festive season. Please come and try my Tapai pulut. Hehehe..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New phone

My phone is so f@#ked up. I have been using the same phone for the past 3 years. Now, the screen is broken. I can only see half of the screen vaguely. The other half is totally blank and black. The phone cassing is hold with cellophane tape. The cassing clips is broken.
It's a Nokia 6288. A slider phone. 3 years back it cost me rm750. Bought it when I got my pay, working as an RA. The phone cost me my one month salary. You can get the same phone now for only rm 350. I was thinking of replacing the old phone with same model, but I think I am sick of looking at it for 3 years. So I want to buy a new phone.

Nothing expensive. My only around rm500. That new phone is suppose to have 3G, a camera, WiFi, a slider (hidden keypad), , touch screen, big screen, and the most important thing is... I can play that damn 'Angry Bird' game.

Why playing Angry Bird is so important?

My brother bought an Iphone. And I'm so addicted playing Angry Bird.

Why didn't I just buy an Iphone?

I couldn't afford one!! That's why. For me, phone over rm1k is just too expensive. It's just a phone. It shouldn't cost more than what I pay for my car. Right? But where can you get a phone with the specification that I wanted and within my price range?? Certainly not in this world. Phones are DENG expensive lah.

I went looking for phones. The salesman were trying to ask me to buy a second hand phone. Well, based on the phone specs and the price range, second hand phone is what will I get. But I didn't want a second hand phone. I want a new one. And it's a MUST that it is a Nokia. I've tried every brand there is, but only Nokia suits me best.

Then she tried showing me this copy Iphone. They made such a good job, it look exactly like the original Iphone. And it's only rm 650. If I didn't tell you it's a copy, you would believe it's an original. I was excited, that I could get an Iphone for only rm650. Cheap expensive looking phone. But remember one important thing of my specs in choosing this new phone?? I wanted to be able to play Angry Bird.

Then I asked the salesman, "Can I upload Angry Bird on this?"

She said NO!

Why owh why?? She said it's a copy. It look the same, but there's no way you can upload original Apple app.

Ciihhh.... Sunggoh kuciwa. From being in level 10 excited, I was back at level -2. Dissapointed..

I still got no phone. Still trying to figure out who's calling me, buy looking at the end of peoples number (last 4 digit) coz that's the only number I can see. Trying to make up message sent by those few word that I can see. hahaha... This is awful.

They say Nokia is coming out with a new smartphone. Nokia C5-03. It should cost less than rm1k. Unfortunately for me, it's not even launch yet. Sad.

Going coo-coo over this broken phone.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hanyut, Faizal Tahir

I love this song.
Faizal Thair is one very talented fella.

I wish someone would wrote and sing something like this for me...
Such romantic lyrics. Sweet.

Kalau tengah merajuk pon x jadi nak marah.. Hehehe...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Broga Hill and Deepavali

Bukit Broga. It became so famous now, ever since the astronaut took their wedding photo there. I knew about this place long before astronaut, when my friends when up that hill. But never that I intend to go up that hill. Ever. But since I am in the mood of burning some calories, I agreed with Leli and Yang's invitation. Jumaat, very early in the morning. But we got lost from the unclear guide given by Ila, we arrived at 9.30 am, when people are starting to come down. Yeh, people who actually were there from subuh (and some even before subuh, semayang jemaah kat atas tuh ke??)

Nampak api tak atas kepala?

I thought this is some sort of picnic walk up the hill. Hell, I was wrong. After being dormant for 4 years with no such activities, this is one hell of a climb up Broga Hill. Half way up, I know my muscles were burning with lactis acid. But I keep on moving. One small painful step at a time. 3/4 up, I know this is wrong. This is not for someone who never walk more than 1 kilometeres to tackle. But I'm almost up. I can't move my leg. How am I suppose to go down. I am giving up now. But lucky there's Leli and Yang, pushing me. Keep on saying I can do this. God help me. What have i put myself into?

Nampak macam YB kan.
Ntah kenapa siap melambai-lambai

I climb until I got to the swing that astronaut's wife were taking picture on. I'm almost up. 100 more metre to go. Then I look up. That 100 metre is steep. Really steep. Then I said it. I don't think I can do this. I have to stop. If there's a rope, I would surely pull my self up. My leg is failing me. But there ain't any. But having friends like Leli and Yang, I manage to somehow climb to the top. Uhhh... The first thing I did was, not enjoy the view up, but sit and put my head down. Hahaha...

See that. See that steep steep climb.
This almost kill me.

Was it pretty up there? They view was nice. Beutiful indeed. It's windy. Yeh, people with DSLR would take great picture. But we have only a digital camera. So we only manage this kind of picture below. That was taken after I lay down and rest for a while.

I didn't take any pic. I was saving any energy left on me just to breath. hahaha.. Pics are all credited to Leli's Cam, stolen from Leli's FB.

Going up, I given up a couple of times. There are moments that I actually wish that I would just die. Seriously. I remember thinking, "This is not a bad moment to die. Atleast I don't have finish the climb". Hahahaha... But still, somehow, I was up to the top. Fuhhh...

Going down, was easy, breezy indeed.

The aftermath? Tired? Sore musles?

Not really. I went home. Clean myself. I was expecting myself to be damn tired but I wasn't. I just took a 5 minutes nap. I thought I was about to go down for atleast an hour. Wow. I actually played badminton like I always did every evening. It felt like I didn't even went to Broga. Hoh!

Would I climb again? Indeed I would. But slowly. Broga is only 1.7km up. Maybe next time something higher. Something 1.8 km up. Hahahaha..... 100 metres does make a huge different ;P

p/s: Happy Deepavali to my dearest Kalarani Rajendran. Did you have a blast?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hyderabad, India

I'm missing something this year. No travelling that involve any flights and walking miles and miles. I didn't go anywhere this year. Only twice going up to Cameron Highland. No walking around with maps in hand. No trying to speak the native language. No feet hurting like its coming off. Owh... I miss travelling...

Last year I went to Hyderabad, India for 2 conferences. I don't think I have mention this in this blog, so I feel like doing it, just to remind me of travelling.

I didn't know what to expect from India. Never been there, never knew anyone whose been there. Our flight was at midnght, but since our time was ahead from India, we arrive in Hyderabad airport also at midnight after four hours of flight. The very first thing that I notice about India was..... the air smell. It is a bit colder but there's something in the air, there's a smell that I don't know how to describe. My first thought, it smell like the bottom of muddy river. You know, a bit fishy, but muddy too. It stink. The airport is small and look like a rundown. Then we were put in a school bus that to me was a bit funny. It was decorated with shiny papers. See below... hehehe...

Any views from outside of the bus? NO. It was really really dark. No street lights, so I don't know what is even next to the airport. Then we travel like 40 minute from the airport to Hyderabad city I suppose. The roads use was actually the real road. Why I said this? I actually thought the driver were taking us through a short cut. The road was freaking awful. God.

Then we arrived at this road between buildings. It was a dark alley. Really really dark. No bobody would know if we were walking into a big hole in front. It was pitch black. We were ask to bring our luggage and of course we were dead clueless. What the hell are we doing in front of a balck alley. Then he said, "Your hotel is at the end of the road". Say what!!

This is the black alley.
Imagine it at night with no lights at all. Scary eh...

And to be welcome by this....

Uh... now that I get to look at this again I don't now how did I get thru THAT! The bed, I don't mind that much. But look at the toilet. Uhhhh... Please take note that I never use the toilet bowl. Just ewwww.... And don't ask where I did my business. Hahahaha... There's no hot water, not that I take my bath using hot water, to me the colder the better, but poor my lecturer, she is never use to this kind of place. The hard bed, awful roads, dirty toilet, cold water. huhu... Anyways, I sleep like a baby that night, too tired from the bumpy road I guess.

Woke up really early the next morning for conference. Even that the hotel looks like a rundown like most building in India, they provide breakfast. Not the kind you find in 5 star hotel, but enough to feel your stomach. I remember poori, and dhal ( I think), fruits and no idea what it's called. And this was my first time ever drinking balck tea with fresh cow milk. The taste? Like cow milk. My mistake that I made milk tea, I should've just drink that tea as it is. Uh...

Then we were pcked up by bus to the conference, was it at some Technology Institute (IICT, I think), I can't remember but it the second conference was in Osmania university. IICT is gorgeous, not Buckingham Palace gorgeous, but it's better than the city it self. This place looks a bit like UM, old, but the different is, IICT is really up-to-date, equipment wise compared to UM.

IICT. It's green, cozy and cold.

Then the usual stuff we do in conference. Blah blah blah....But always one thing that I waited in a conference is lunch. hehehe.. and in between tea breaks too. But we are in India, who knows what we are going to eat right. Have you ever been in function in Malaysia where tea breaks and and lunch are serve? mesti penah kan. Usually tea breaks in Malaysia are almost like lunch right? With mee goreng, sandwiches, curry puff and pastry, with two different kinds of drink, right? But not in India. Can you guess what we get for tea breaks? Are you ready???? ................. A piece of biscuit. I'm not kidding. Seriously. They meticulously put one biscuit in each plate. Hahahaha... (Agaknya kalau diorang datang Malaysia, mesti terkejut beruk tengok tea break kita macam kenduri)

Then lunch. Since Islam is not really big in Hyderabad, I'm pretty damn sure the food is not really halal. They don't even have place for us to pray. So, I took vegetarian food. Yeh, they are people who only eat veges (We are in India derrr..). They have been eating vegetarian food since centuries ago, that have perfected the art of cooking veges, into something so delicious and marvellous. It's not those soya flavoured like meat or something. It's real veges, cooked and seasoned so well, it taste better than real meat. I'm loving eat. Superb. Two thums up from me.

Then, I was left only with my lecturer while the others went on a trip to see Taj Mahal. wuuuuuu... So we continue to the second conference. Hotel were a bit nicer. It was really new, that the smell of new paint is still there. But everything was okay. Then the next morning came. We were taken by bus to conference place, in Osmania University, it is the oldest Uni in India. Well, old it is. It is so old, that it almost look like a ..... errrr..... it's falling apart. Seriously. That place is huge. Conference place were kilometeres apart. I was late for my poster presentation because that place was really far away. I remember one time that I really need to pee. but the toilet there was on renovation or it was never completed?? Uhhhh.... To find another useable toilet? took me more than 20 minutes, that I almost pee in my pants.

This is one part of Osmania Uni. That is a window converted into a counter for students. Where else can you find that?? I took many pictures of the runwndown uni, but I don't feel like putting in up. Okay moving on with what at least I think Indian culture was after 10 days.

I saw this a lot a long the way in the bus going to the conference. People standing around holding a plate of food. They are having breakfast. Yup standing. You know, that we actually eat lunch standing holding a plate of rice. First it seems really weird for us, but is seems that it's just their culture, to eat standing. Weird.

You can also find lots of people selling stuff like this. On cart like this. This person were selling, obviously apple. Hehehe... And there's also people selling freshly squeze orange juice.

I'm pretty damn sure that I took a picture of a guy peeing on the road. But I don't know where it is, it's gone. Ter'delete' kot. We have to pass this place, an open space just beside the road to go to lecture hall. At first I thought I saw it wrong. Was that guy really peeing in public? Or my eyes have gone crazy? But having to pass that place so many times, I'm now really sure that place is like a public toilet. Then I took a picture. And coming back home showing people the picture to people. Hahahaha...

Most of the street in India are like this. It's dusty and smelly. Shops are small. Buildings are not finish. Well, it's never going to finish because Indians believe that it's good omen to not finish a building. Don't ask me why, ask them. We did went shopping on our last day in India. After spending 9 days of conferencing, this shopping day is what I look forward. I bought mostly fabric. It's damn cheap. Cheap. Super cheap. Owhhh... I really miss that.

This is one loooong entry. Dah macam karangan dah. 'When I went to India'. I miss India. I feel reluctant to come back home after spending 10 days in India. Even that it is smelly, dusty, being a total vegan, seeing people peeing publicly, and a lot more, I actually like that place. I miss the nice people. I miss the ride that feel like Formula One car. I miss everything. Uhhhh...

Next year? Planning to go to Japan and UK. Hehehehe...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

And it starts raining again

and it pours and pours..

I woke up really early yesterday. Only one thing in mind. To play badminton in the early cool morning. And it was raining. Why owh why?

It has been years and years since I play any all.. Can you believe it? I used to be active in badminton, sometimes play volley ball and love ping pong too. Other than sports I miss this one thing that I love. Outdoor activities. Camping, trekking... Uhhh... I miss those days. Semuanya terhenti bila start masuk Uni. Uh...UM x bes.

I bought this new badminton racket, since my old one dah huduh. Bought one for me, and one for Ulfah. X sabar2 nak main, balik jek dari OU terus gi rumah bapak and main depan rumah. Yup with my jeans on. hahaha... Bapak pulak yang baru jek sampai dari Lumut pon sama. Park kereta terus join ktorg main. Hahahaha... Bapak pon rindu nak main badminton jugak. I used to play every evening with Dad. I think after my Mom passed away, we never play badminton anymore. I don't really know why.

I actually start playing again when I realise I feel like I'm becoming like a potato couch.. Uhhh.. NOOO... So badminton is one way to move and sweat and have fun while doing it.
But now, the only problem is, bila aku dah start rajin nak bersukan-sukan lah dia nak hujan balik. Haiya!! Semalam sebab dah rajin gile nak bersukan-sukan, main jugak walau hujan renyai. Bila hujan berhenti pulak, angin kuat memang x hingat lah. Tapi x kira, denagn semangat berkobar nk jugak main badminton. Dua hari berturut2 main badminton.

Akibatnya? Now my body hurts! Imagine more than 4 years being dormant from any form of sports. The most I do is jog, if you can consider walking non stop in OU jogging. hahahahahaha....

Okaylah. My hands hurts. A lot.
I'm off.

p/s; To Zawani Rosli, Did you have a blast on your bithday? Happy 26th birthday. Semoga panjang umor, murah rejeki, dan cepat dapat baby qistina jr. hehehe... dan pada Farah, sorry x dapat datang wedding kamu. Tidak berkesempatan untuk hadir.

Friday, October 22, 2010

tiada faedah.

Petang tadi lepak2 kat rumah jiran. Orang yang aku panggil Kakak rupa2nya sama umor ngan aku jek. Mungkin dia nampak berumor atau dia rasa dia lagi tua dari aku sebab dia dah kawin dan punya dua anak, sulong umor 9 tahun dan baby Danish umor baru nak masuk setahun. Pergi hantar makanan sebagai balasan dia bagi aku sup ayam hari tuh(3 minggu lepas!)

Aku masak mee goreng. Okaylah, bolih buat makan petang atau makan malam jek. Sebenarnya mee ni adalah makanan ketiga Aku buat untok bagi kat jiran nih, tapi semua xsempat nak lepas dari pintu rumah, Kami x jadi nak bagi. Hahahaha... Mula2 buat ayam masak merah. Tapi dia xde kat umah pulok. Jadi kami makan sendiri jek. Kemudian buat pulak Ayam percik, yang ni pon sama xlepas dari rumah. Tetiba rasa macam masak sikit sangat dan x cukop nak bagi pada jiran. Hehehehehe.... Kami melantak sendiri2 lagi.

Sebab dah lama sangat simpan pinggan dia, kene lah jugak buat something untok bagi dia makan. Nasib mee goreng nih berjaya keluar dari rumh dan menuju ke rumah jiran. Dan mula lah kami berborak-borak. And I mean borak yeh, bukan mengumpat. Hahahaha....

Okaylah. update later, if anything interesting happened, you'll be the first to know. Bye.

*Kan dah cakap entry nih xde pekdah, sape soh korang bace?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Google map

*Entry nih 2 hari lepas punya, tapi x sempat nak publish. Teeheeee...

Semalam temankan bapak pergi buat insurance kat etiqa. He asked me,' Kamu tau x dataran Maybank Jalan Maarof kat mane?". I said I think I kniow were it is. Having to have lunchs once in a while in Bangsar, I do reconize that very tall building with Maybank on it, so I assume it is that. So we went there, but unfortunately xbolih buat insurance, as thay have problems transfering NCB, coz the last insurance company got my dad's registration no. wrong. Deng!

So we have to go to the insurance company HQ which is at Jln Munshi Abdullah. Daddy asked me, Do I know the place? None of us know where it is. So he googled it. It is actually parallel with Jln TAR. Huh! Who knows.. Well, I guess everybody does, except us. Even so we know the location of that place, we are not that familiar with the roads. KL have a lot of one way street right? So I Google map it and get direction from UM to that place.

This is actually how I always travel around Kl. I Googled it. Even that I have been living in KL since ever, I am never good with KL direction. I only know how to go to UM, Midvalley and Jln TAR. Other than that, I am hopeless. I have freinds, relatives who sometimes ask for help in getting then around KL, small favors like sending them for interviews, job meeting and stuff. When they asked, "bolih x tolong hantar kan? Kamu tau kan tempat tuh kat mane?" My answer, "If I can Google it, then it wouldn't be any problem". I don't go out that much. Lebih senang kalau dok kat rumah atau keluar to places near home.

But one thing that always gets me in trouble when using Google map is finding my back home. hahahaha... Always googled the way there but never directions back home. Tapi nasib baik jarang2 jugak lah sesat.

I am no good with direction but given chance for me to study a map, I think I'll be okay. Like the time when we went to Paris with my sisters. When they were busy fighting each other I spend my night studying Paris city map. So when we went from Chetelle Metro station to Notre Dame, after taking some pics, and we want to go back to Chetelle, my Sis won't believe my sense of direction. When I said we have to go that way, she said we have to this way. Xpasal-pasal we got lost and end up on the other side if that river. I'm the one who suppose to ask a French man the direction to Chetelle. Macam lah reti cakap Perancis. "excusez-moi. parler anglais?" Dia jawab, "No" Ahh sudah... camne nak balik?? Pastuh bantai jek cakap, " Ngano nok gi Chetelle?" hahahahaha..... Agaknye dia dengar Chetelle tuh dia paham kot. Pastuh dia pon explain la kot bahasa Perancis macam konon2 kami paham. Ada la bahasa yang bolih dipahami jugak macam left, right, right, over bridge... ahahaha... Nasib baik sampai dan xsesat lagi dah.

Tapi yang best nya sesat nih kita dapat masuk jalan2 kecik yang tourist xpergi, dan pada pandangan saya dapat jugak lihat the real sense of people living in Paris. Dapat beli roti in small bakery yang rase dia super sedap.

Okaylah macam dah melalut pnajng dah nih. Banyak lagi sebenarnya nak citer esp time jalan2 kat Paris dulu, tapi maybe next time la.

Okay. Till then, chiow.