Thursday, November 11, 2010

New phone

My phone is so f@#ked up. I have been using the same phone for the past 3 years. Now, the screen is broken. I can only see half of the screen vaguely. The other half is totally blank and black. The phone cassing is hold with cellophane tape. The cassing clips is broken.
It's a Nokia 6288. A slider phone. 3 years back it cost me rm750. Bought it when I got my pay, working as an RA. The phone cost me my one month salary. You can get the same phone now for only rm 350. I was thinking of replacing the old phone with same model, but I think I am sick of looking at it for 3 years. So I want to buy a new phone.

Nothing expensive. My only around rm500. That new phone is suppose to have 3G, a camera, WiFi, a slider (hidden keypad), , touch screen, big screen, and the most important thing is... I can play that damn 'Angry Bird' game.

Why playing Angry Bird is so important?

My brother bought an Iphone. And I'm so addicted playing Angry Bird.

Why didn't I just buy an Iphone?

I couldn't afford one!! That's why. For me, phone over rm1k is just too expensive. It's just a phone. It shouldn't cost more than what I pay for my car. Right? But where can you get a phone with the specification that I wanted and within my price range?? Certainly not in this world. Phones are DENG expensive lah.

I went looking for phones. The salesman were trying to ask me to buy a second hand phone. Well, based on the phone specs and the price range, second hand phone is what will I get. But I didn't want a second hand phone. I want a new one. And it's a MUST that it is a Nokia. I've tried every brand there is, but only Nokia suits me best.

Then she tried showing me this copy Iphone. They made such a good job, it look exactly like the original Iphone. And it's only rm 650. If I didn't tell you it's a copy, you would believe it's an original. I was excited, that I could get an Iphone for only rm650. Cheap expensive looking phone. But remember one important thing of my specs in choosing this new phone?? I wanted to be able to play Angry Bird.

Then I asked the salesman, "Can I upload Angry Bird on this?"

She said NO!

Why owh why?? She said it's a copy. It look the same, but there's no way you can upload original Apple app.

Ciihhh.... Sunggoh kuciwa. From being in level 10 excited, I was back at level -2. Dissapointed..

I still got no phone. Still trying to figure out who's calling me, buy looking at the end of peoples number (last 4 digit) coz that's the only number I can see. Trying to make up message sent by those few word that I can see. hahaha... This is awful.

They say Nokia is coming out with a new smartphone. Nokia C5-03. It should cost less than rm1k. Unfortunately for me, it's not even launch yet. Sad.

Going coo-coo over this broken phone.


Queen4ADay said...

haha..buak mase sekarey ni gune lenglaing je loh..gapo terok sangak kondisyeng die mek??btw..kawe paka ifong empak..hehe..nnt kawe donlok angrybek ke mu=)

afirah said...

mu tuh dok jepon. esok kalu tubik iphone5 mesti mu beli doh. untung mu dok jepong. aku nok pesey iphone so (satu)