Friday, November 26, 2010


It was not a good week. It is still not a good week.

It all started on Monday. Woke up that morning feeling cold. It was a gloomy day. I don't like it. The thing about my house is, it is always cold, even when it is blazing hot outside. My apartment is at the fourth floor. And it's in the middle of 'laluan angin'. So no matter what time it is, it is always cold and windy. First I like it. Then it started to feel like when I was in the UK. I want to feel the sun.

I have asthma. Nothing serious but at times it came and visit once in a while. Living in a cold house doesn't help much. Then Monday happened. It's gloomy and no sign of the sun coming at all. I started to feel sick. I know I'm down with asthma. Want to know how it feel likes having asthma? Try breathing while someone's choking you. Or try breathing using the a vitagen straw. and imagine doing normal everyday stuff while breathing like that. It's hell.

Why didn't you just pop some pills or something?

I don't have any medicine for my asthma. It's not bad enough for me to take medicine. I always just take a cup of hot tea and rub some tiger balm and lie down. It always work.
Jerebu 1997, that is my first time that my asthma when so bad that I need an inhaler. haha.. Some pills to reduce my inflammation.

The next day, I'm down with a fever. Why o why. I have asthma, sore throat, flu and now fever. It's not helping at all that I have fever, it just have to happen that the whole week it rains everyday. God.

I went to the pharmacy and got some Ibuprofen for my fever and Clarinase for my flu. I'm a big believer of body heling itself, especially with flu and fever. But having asthma at the same time, just made this ordeal 10 times worst. So I need help on healing. But the second pill of Ibuprofen, didn't do any good. I feel good at first, then down with the fever again.

Today, no asthma, still having sore throat, up and down fever, really cold feet. And to make things worst, this problem with Celcom. I don't want to talk about it. Stupid Celcom customer service. You guys suck. Go push yourself six feet under. You're doing everybody a big favor. down there.

Now, I'm wrap in my thick blanket. I'm feeling cold down to the bones.

I am going to sleep and hopefully wake up fresh and kicking.




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hanimharis said...

alololo ciannya..ulfah yg spm,kakak dia plak demam.. nervous ke? hahha. take care beb :)