Sunday, November 28, 2010


Can you believe this? I just post an entry about jodoh and future. And this happened.

My father called me and sounded so cheeky. He was like, "Aiyok, kamu. hehehehe...". Cheeky and spooky and very weird indeed. He then asked me to call my Aunt in Pasir Mas as she couldn't get me on my phone. So I called her.

Guess what happened?

She first asked me if I have a boyfriend. Someone special. Anything. And I said..."Mmm.. I don't know. NO,maybe. I think." Then she said, "Okay. I have someone I want you to meet. He is a nice guy. 30 y/o. Tall and handsome like your cousin. So?"

What the heck was that? It got me scared. What am I suppose to say? How do I refuse such things? Good God!

This is so unexpected. How do I say I don't want to agree to such things. Crazy.

Guys out there. If any of you like me, this is the very moment you start saying something to me.


hanimharis said...

wut the hek?? ko demam ritu sbb 'ular' nk dtg patuk r tuh!! perghhhh firahhh jgn tinggalkan dakuu :((

afirah said...

owh tidak. aku terus baik demam adelah. no worries beb. nobody is leaving. staying single here. hehehehe...

hanimharis said...

hahahahha ko jgn tolak rezeki.. rezeki xdtg bergolek golek..hahaha :))

Queen4ADay said...

tell me more!!mesti ade sequel!!