Friday, November 5, 2010

Broga Hill and Deepavali

Bukit Broga. It became so famous now, ever since the astronaut took their wedding photo there. I knew about this place long before astronaut, when my friends when up that hill. But never that I intend to go up that hill. Ever. But since I am in the mood of burning some calories, I agreed with Leli and Yang's invitation. Jumaat, very early in the morning. But we got lost from the unclear guide given by Ila, we arrived at 9.30 am, when people are starting to come down. Yeh, people who actually were there from subuh (and some even before subuh, semayang jemaah kat atas tuh ke??)

Nampak api tak atas kepala?

I thought this is some sort of picnic walk up the hill. Hell, I was wrong. After being dormant for 4 years with no such activities, this is one hell of a climb up Broga Hill. Half way up, I know my muscles were burning with lactis acid. But I keep on moving. One small painful step at a time. 3/4 up, I know this is wrong. This is not for someone who never walk more than 1 kilometeres to tackle. But I'm almost up. I can't move my leg. How am I suppose to go down. I am giving up now. But lucky there's Leli and Yang, pushing me. Keep on saying I can do this. God help me. What have i put myself into?

Nampak macam YB kan.
Ntah kenapa siap melambai-lambai

I climb until I got to the swing that astronaut's wife were taking picture on. I'm almost up. 100 more metre to go. Then I look up. That 100 metre is steep. Really steep. Then I said it. I don't think I can do this. I have to stop. If there's a rope, I would surely pull my self up. My leg is failing me. But there ain't any. But having friends like Leli and Yang, I manage to somehow climb to the top. Uhhh... The first thing I did was, not enjoy the view up, but sit and put my head down. Hahaha...

See that. See that steep steep climb.
This almost kill me.

Was it pretty up there? They view was nice. Beutiful indeed. It's windy. Yeh, people with DSLR would take great picture. But we have only a digital camera. So we only manage this kind of picture below. That was taken after I lay down and rest for a while.

I didn't take any pic. I was saving any energy left on me just to breath. hahaha.. Pics are all credited to Leli's Cam, stolen from Leli's FB.

Going up, I given up a couple of times. There are moments that I actually wish that I would just die. Seriously. I remember thinking, "This is not a bad moment to die. Atleast I don't have finish the climb". Hahahaha... But still, somehow, I was up to the top. Fuhhh...

Going down, was easy, breezy indeed.

The aftermath? Tired? Sore musles?

Not really. I went home. Clean myself. I was expecting myself to be damn tired but I wasn't. I just took a 5 minutes nap. I thought I was about to go down for atleast an hour. Wow. I actually played badminton like I always did every evening. It felt like I didn't even went to Broga. Hoh!

Would I climb again? Indeed I would. But slowly. Broga is only 1.7km up. Maybe next time something higher. Something 1.8 km up. Hahahaha..... 100 metres does make a huge different ;P

p/s: Happy Deepavali to my dearest Kalarani Rajendran. Did you have a blast?


alantanblog said...

Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

Feel free to join Broga Hill Lovers - Facebook Group at

afirah said...

Hallu ter.. Love it even it was very tiring. Definately would "like" that FB group.