Sunday, October 31, 2010

And it starts raining again

and it pours and pours..

I woke up really early yesterday. Only one thing in mind. To play badminton in the early cool morning. And it was raining. Why owh why?

It has been years and years since I play any all.. Can you believe it? I used to be active in badminton, sometimes play volley ball and love ping pong too. Other than sports I miss this one thing that I love. Outdoor activities. Camping, trekking... Uhhh... I miss those days. Semuanya terhenti bila start masuk Uni. Uh...UM x bes.

I bought this new badminton racket, since my old one dah huduh. Bought one for me, and one for Ulfah. X sabar2 nak main, balik jek dari OU terus gi rumah bapak and main depan rumah. Yup with my jeans on. hahaha... Bapak pulak yang baru jek sampai dari Lumut pon sama. Park kereta terus join ktorg main. Hahahaha... Bapak pon rindu nak main badminton jugak. I used to play every evening with Dad. I think after my Mom passed away, we never play badminton anymore. I don't really know why.

I actually start playing again when I realise I feel like I'm becoming like a potato couch.. Uhhh.. NOOO... So badminton is one way to move and sweat and have fun while doing it.
But now, the only problem is, bila aku dah start rajin nak bersukan-sukan lah dia nak hujan balik. Haiya!! Semalam sebab dah rajin gile nak bersukan-sukan, main jugak walau hujan renyai. Bila hujan berhenti pulak, angin kuat memang x hingat lah. Tapi x kira, denagn semangat berkobar nk jugak main badminton. Dua hari berturut2 main badminton.

Akibatnya? Now my body hurts! Imagine more than 4 years being dormant from any form of sports. The most I do is jog, if you can consider walking non stop in OU jogging. hahahahahaha....

Okaylah. My hands hurts. A lot.
I'm off.

p/s; To Zawani Rosli, Did you have a blast on your bithday? Happy 26th birthday. Semoga panjang umor, murah rejeki, dan cepat dapat baby qistina jr. hehehe... dan pada Farah, sorry x dapat datang wedding kamu. Tidak berkesempatan untuk hadir.

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