Thursday, October 21, 2010

Google map

*Entry nih 2 hari lepas punya, tapi x sempat nak publish. Teeheeee...

Semalam temankan bapak pergi buat insurance kat etiqa. He asked me,' Kamu tau x dataran Maybank Jalan Maarof kat mane?". I said I think I kniow were it is. Having to have lunchs once in a while in Bangsar, I do reconize that very tall building with Maybank on it, so I assume it is that. So we went there, but unfortunately xbolih buat insurance, as thay have problems transfering NCB, coz the last insurance company got my dad's registration no. wrong. Deng!

So we have to go to the insurance company HQ which is at Jln Munshi Abdullah. Daddy asked me, Do I know the place? None of us know where it is. So he googled it. It is actually parallel with Jln TAR. Huh! Who knows.. Well, I guess everybody does, except us. Even so we know the location of that place, we are not that familiar with the roads. KL have a lot of one way street right? So I Google map it and get direction from UM to that place.

This is actually how I always travel around Kl. I Googled it. Even that I have been living in KL since ever, I am never good with KL direction. I only know how to go to UM, Midvalley and Jln TAR. Other than that, I am hopeless. I have freinds, relatives who sometimes ask for help in getting then around KL, small favors like sending them for interviews, job meeting and stuff. When they asked, "bolih x tolong hantar kan? Kamu tau kan tempat tuh kat mane?" My answer, "If I can Google it, then it wouldn't be any problem". I don't go out that much. Lebih senang kalau dok kat rumah atau keluar to places near home.

But one thing that always gets me in trouble when using Google map is finding my back home. hahahaha... Always googled the way there but never directions back home. Tapi nasib baik jarang2 jugak lah sesat.

I am no good with direction but given chance for me to study a map, I think I'll be okay. Like the time when we went to Paris with my sisters. When they were busy fighting each other I spend my night studying Paris city map. So when we went from Chetelle Metro station to Notre Dame, after taking some pics, and we want to go back to Chetelle, my Sis won't believe my sense of direction. When I said we have to go that way, she said we have to this way. Xpasal-pasal we got lost and end up on the other side if that river. I'm the one who suppose to ask a French man the direction to Chetelle. Macam lah reti cakap Perancis. "excusez-moi. parler anglais?" Dia jawab, "No" Ahh sudah... camne nak balik?? Pastuh bantai jek cakap, " Ngano nok gi Chetelle?" hahahahaha..... Agaknye dia dengar Chetelle tuh dia paham kot. Pastuh dia pon explain la kot bahasa Perancis macam konon2 kami paham. Ada la bahasa yang bolih dipahami jugak macam left, right, right, over bridge... ahahaha... Nasib baik sampai dan xsesat lagi dah.

Tapi yang best nya sesat nih kita dapat masuk jalan2 kecik yang tourist xpergi, dan pada pandangan saya dapat jugak lihat the real sense of people living in Paris. Dapat beli roti in small bakery yang rase dia super sedap.

Okaylah macam dah melalut pnajng dah nih. Banyak lagi sebenarnya nak citer esp time jalan2 kat Paris dulu, tapi maybe next time la.

Okay. Till then, chiow.

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