Thursday, October 7, 2010

things about me

I am a quiet person. Well, at least I think I am. I know people don't know much about me. What about this blog?It seems to be all about me, but I ask you one question, Do you get the sense of what I am when you read it?

I admit I don't talk about myself much. I don't like myself to be the subject of a conversation. Kalau korang nak mengumpat tuh, sila lah. I don't care. Let it be my sosial life, my problems, my personal life or anything, I am very secretive and very protective of my own self. Konon2 this blog is about all me, but the truth is, it is probably just the very surface of the real thing. I choose what I want to write, not that I lie, it is the truth, just not everything.

I am like this. Ever since ever. I don't talk about me to anyone. I bet any of my friends wouldn't even have a clue if asked what is my favourite food is? If they all got the answer wrong I don't blame them. I am never close to anyone. Never. Never have I open my life to anyone. Don't ask me why. It's just that I feel vulnerable if people know stuff about me. Hehehe... So I always keep everything to myself. In control, maybe. So people don't judge me. When they don't knoe much about me, they don't judge me. Easy.

I knoe it's not that healthy to keep everything bottled up, but what can I do. Find someone I trust? But who? I never let anyone close to me.

I bet you didn't know that I

  • love eating hot steaming rice with ikan sardin yang dalam tin tuh
  • once got middle finger bitten by a tikus while sleeping
  • when sleeping, always hold something in my hand. like my pillow or my bantal crocodile
  • if sleeping next to someone, I like to slip my hands under them (my sister hates me for this)
  • born in Kota Bharu, live with my grandmother for years
  • once had a pair of goose as pet, but they died of eating mom's flower plant that is poisonous
  • love this goose so much, that I cried my heart out when they died
  • listen to Eminem and adores him
  • my first album bought was Eminem's when I was 16
  • my fav Brit group is Blur
  • love listening to Blink 182 and I also enjoy reggae
  • always try baked rice if it is on the menu
  • had my first crush on a boy named Zakaria when I was 12..heee..
  • love cutting my own hair. Nak jimat duit
  • never told anyone about my personal, I mean personal life, to anyone
  • fav colour is always blue
  • loves to go to the dentist
  • only clean my teeth once every day, only once every morning
  • hate the colour orange
  • hate kiwi
  • always fold my tissue at the top corner before using it
  • have asthma, but its not that serious
  • couldn't see well with my left eye
  • never wore a skirt in my life
  • love guys who have nice teeth
  • x suke makan keropok lekor
  • once shared a room with my sister with painted rainbow on the wall..heeee...
  • loves chewing gum. Kecik2 dulu berangan untuk ada cewing gum satu almari

And a lot more that I still want to keep secret from everyone.

And still, I think no one knows what is my fav food.. hehehe...

peace and out.

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