Friday, October 15, 2010

Global warming and recycling

Petang tadi pergi The Curve for lunch.. oppsss... bukan petang tapi tengahari. Makan sushi at Sushi King. There are having a exhibition of some sort on recycling, global warming and human contribution in front of Sushi King. There are also some pics, cartoons about this global warming and some were quite funny. And we were laughing so hard, that all the people there turn and stared at us all at once. Huh.

Then one of the officer came to us and handed this lucky draw card and a piece of paper where we should write what are our contribution to handle global warming. And then I wrote, I recycled, I use less plastic bags, and I try to separate my waste. (I could write more if I have more space...hehehe)

To tell you the truth, I didn't much of what I have written. Not that I didn't want to, but I guess living here in Msia, it wouldn't do any good. I recycled, but not to an extent of everything (like this family in the US, they recycle used toilet tisuues...yukksss...) Some certain stuff like newspaper, plastic bags and water bottles. I know I could do better. But for now, that's all I have.

About seperating waste, huh... I know country like the UK and Japan, it is compulsory for you to separate domestic waste (food, Vege) and separate the recycable stuff too. It is a very good idea. And it is very easy to practice. But living here, it wouldn't any good if I separate my waste. It still end up dumped in the same place anyway. And it's not even processed pon, semua nye dia tanam. Huh.

But I think to handle global warming, it is not about recycling but more about moderation. Not to waste stuff, using anything just enough. For example, electricity. Since I am living on my own and have to pay my own bills, I now always off the light and fan when I'm not in the room. I don't when I were at my Dad's... hehehehe... Never switch on the light if not nessecary. I open all the window so I don't have to switch on the fan. Open the curtain to let the light from the corridor to get in the house. I sleep with no light on. The room will be brighter as the light from outside came in.

We were also given a small booklet, with all the artist involved and also written their contribution to ease global warming. One said, 'I use public transport whenever I can'. Well, it's hard to implement that here. X gitu? It took 2 hours by bus, when it took 20 minutes by car, that is if you can get the bus to arrive on time. Which is a ridiculous saying, if you are in Msia, since there is no such thing 'jadual bas'. hahahahahaa...
And another person said, I sleep with my long pants on. Hahaha.. owh, this person is Swedish.If in Sweden, she wore long pants, so she won't have turn on the heater right? So, if here, we don't want too turn on the fan right or a/c. What do we do? uhuhuh... sleep naked under the star on the grass..yehhh... hahahaha... Don't do that, you don't want get cought by the tanjung rambutan pepel. hahahahaha...

Okaylah. Wether Global warming is real or not, it doesn't matter. We should make some effort in trying to save the earth and not putting 'pokok rambutan' in a glass and labled extinct. God bless us if that ever happen. Membebel panjang pun xguna. If you feel oblige to save the earth, then please do something.

Till then. Night all.

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