Monday, February 21, 2011

4-horribly-tiered Red velvet cake and an Ipad

Wah! I couldn't believe this but I baked a cake. Not just a cake but but 4-tier red velvet cake.

I don't know why but red velvet cake seems really famous these day. I don't know why either that I was possessed to even try making this cake. I found the recipe on the internet. Took the easiest method and this happened.

I'm a amazed with myself. It's not burned, it turn out exactly as it suppose to be. Well, atleast in terms of the taste. Hahaha... Not the looks. I couldn't get a perfectly round cake mold, so I end up baking in a aliminium tray that is smaller at the bottom and bigger at the upperpart. So that zig zag effect on the side. Hahaha...

It is filll with cream cheese filling and also the top part.For decoration I just dusted it with some cocoa powder.

And this. New Ipad. Yeehaa.

Owh it's only a bigger version of an Iphone. Nothing more.

Still I'm excited to use Ibooks and play Angry bird. Ngahaha...

Chiow people


Aku said...

kebetulan.... wife aku pun buat kek ni. taste is good tapi tu la.. finishing tu yang kelam sikit. rasa-rasanya, tangan kena yang berseni juga kot... contohnya, indon yang biasa melepa batu=bata dan simen.. hahaha.

afirah said...

hahaha...betol gak la. kalu indon yg susun batu buat mungkin akan lebih berseni. Tapi jadilah selagi rase dia sedap.