Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Yes. I went missing. Stranded in Mars with no internet connection. Right.

Sorry. Partly intended. Ngeh ngeh. Malas.

I got no idea what to write. I know I said something about Edin, Aidan and my sister's labour experience. Semua tuh dah basi kan. Lama sangat dah. So updating this blog with something I just did. Hoyeh, balik kampung.

With still no mood to write, no idea what to write, I'll just post some pictures. Here goes..

My house (okay, it's my Dad's) is not next to the beach.
Not like Che Wer's chalet. (Btw, I'm not coming here anymore. Ever!!)
You have to walk a bit.

Then, you see this. A wooden bridge. A river.
Where's the beach?
You have to cross the river first to get to the beach.
Our kampung is weird like that. ;P

Eh. Orang kampung. Bukan, itu budak kecik bulat.

Korang, ingat nih? Kita makan nasi masuk pasir kat sini.
Hehehe :0

And this! Who could resist this.
Yeh yeh. Skinny deeping. Remember?

Okay. That's about it. Hey, atleast an update. Hihi..

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