Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A day with this cute little boy

Well, only four hours actually. Kids get tired really quick.

We went out to OU, just to stroll around. It was 12 o'clock went we arrived to pick him up, he was suppose to have his noon nap. I thought of maybe going out another time, don't want him to go grumpy later on. But instead he went. "Bik..bik (as in 'tubik' in east coast slang which means keluar).

All dress up and ready to go.

We went to the rainforest to see fish. And he start saying very loudly, Aishh..aishh (air)..pish..pish.. (fish). And start dipping hands in the pool.

Then we went hire a buggy ride. Owh he was so excited. Keep on shouting, Nak nak nak. So cute.

Then we just stroll around. Walking and walking, introducing him to stuff. He gets excited when he sees flower, and goes, Nge, nge, nge (bunga). and touch limau. Hehehehe...

Then I'm hungry. Only had chicken nuggets for breakfast. I'm pretty damn sure Wail was also hungry. So we went for porridge. Well, babies can't just anything. Porridge would be just right. His Mommy didn't provide us any food, just biscuits. He finish one whole bowl of porridge and said, Dap daap (sedap). He must be really hungry.

More walking until we came to the Oval centre, where there were doing Chinese New Year promotions. Then he start doing this. See below.

People start giving attention to him and joining him going upside down. Hahaha... See this guy.

Suddenly he doesn't want to go inside the buggy ride anymore. Keep saying, Naik naik naik. Which means he wants to be carried. Which also means he is damn tired. And it's time to go home. We return the buggy ride, which only cost RM 3 for the first hour and RM 2 for the next subsequent hour. Pay the parking ticket and get into the car. Even before the car left the parking lot, he was fast asleep in my Sister's arm. He must be really really tired to be sleeping just like that. Poor boy.

He continued sleeping at home, but only for 5 minutes. Then woke up with bright big eyes. And start asking to go out again. Fuuhh...

It was fun. Superb. Next time we are going for Wet World. Let's get wet baby!

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