Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stud tail

I've been meaning to write about this for quite awhile, tapi x punya kesempatan.

Ever heard about stud tail?

This is my cat, Bubis. Yes, as in boobies. Bubs for short. He is a male cat, not that he has any boobs but he reacts when called bubis, so the name stuck with him. A few weeks ago, I saw that his scrotum turns black. Man, that scares me. Why the hell would scrotum turns black??

So I got him to the vet. He asked, so what's wrong. I said, his scrotum went black. He examined it, looking at it and in just 2 seconds he turns all red and blushed. He crossed his arm and start walking backward to a corner and start smiling cheekily at me. "Is this your first time having male cat pet?". And I say yes, truly my first time. Before, I had 3 female cats.

"Okay. How should I say this. Well, you know that your cat is ermmm.. coming of age... you know.. hormones...he wants female cat. Have he been... you know..." And went on and on explaining what should've been simple. Just say he is hitting puberty and wants sex. Good god. Then I said, Okay, I got what you mean. So what about his black scrotum?. He then explained about hormones changes made the skin secretes oil/grease. That black thing is actually oil. Not the scrotum rotting inside out. Fuhhh... He said about getting my cat neutered, it will reduce the stud's tail effect but not completely. I said, No. I'm doing something that kills the normal behavior of a living thing. My cat's a dude, he needs what dude needs. So let it be.

So the vet suggest something else.

Wash my cat's nuts and tail with degreaser/washing liquid. So this is what I've been doing. Washing scrotum every 3 days or so. If not, it will become like this.

pic from here

Skin infection if it's not treated well. It's yucky to holds my cat's nuts and wash it. But he is my beloved cat, what can I do. So if ever your cat have black nuts, don't get scared. It's just him growing up. Just wash it at home and save the embarrassement of a male vet trying to explain stud tail. Hehehehe...

Love you Bubs.

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