Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yes, this is real.. No kidding!!

All I wanted is some time out. That's all...

I have canceled all my weekends plan, so that this unplanned plan can go thru. But the unplanned plan was also suddenly cancel. So what do we do when we have nothing to do during the weekends?

Owh..Let's count the carpet dust! That indeed would be really fun!

Rather than got stuck in jam, in my car, trying to climb those steep hill, with those very narrow road...right..

Rather than trying to hunt a place to stay..

Or even trying to get thru those millions of people just to buy some stawberries...right?

Better that we all stay home..that we all share this very memorable weekend counting carpet dust together. It is a school holiday, so we just stay home.

Don't bother about those nice smells of fresh roses and fesh lilies...those are just not compatible to what you can smell at home.. Don't even think about those super sweet 'jagung'. Just go to 'The Street in Ikano', just buy the same thing, with out any trouble at all...right??

Right indeed! okay...

So what do we do tomorrow? since I have no plans at all. (All the supposed was already cancel, so i'm out with nothing!)

Owh..we got some carpet's smaller but if we finished counting this carpet dust, we'll go next door, to the neighbours! No worries! We are totally occupied!

Indeed a super fun filled weekend!

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