Sunday, June 20, 2010

You're annoying

Okay.I am now in my new home. Woh! not easy to make it a home. Banyak keje. Banyak keje2 mengemas diperlukan. Kalaulah ada orang yang sudi membantu kan best..hehehe...xde lah sakit badan sangat..

Petang tadi semasa mengemas bilik, terjumpa lah satu beg plastik yang penuh barang.....banyak sangat.. So I opened it, trying to see what exactly it is.. trying to sort out what to throw and what to keep... and I found one bag full of greeting cards. Mostly Kad raya. I don't know why I kept it, but most of it was from friends, who I knoe and move away to some another place ( don't know why the try to keep in touch with me!!!) , and some from Sekolah Teknik. As I was browsing thru, I notice that I didn't know almost half of the card sender. I couldn't recall who it was and how I know them. ahahahaha.... The whole bundle of Kad Raya was mostly from my ex schoolmate in Teknik Melaka. MAN!!! I got almost the whole school writing Kad raya for me??!! ME?? The most ignorant person in the school. Hahahaha... And I don't remember replying to any of them. Well, maybe I did reply those people that I am close with. But, those people that I don't even remember their names??! uhuuu... I didn't remember being that popular... HUH! No wonder they've been trying to add me on FB...Haish!! But I didn't approve any of them! ngahaha...

Then the year 2002. Also a bunch of cards, send by those people who never gave up on me! ngahahahahaha.... I remember that I felt guilty that I didn't reply them the year before, so this year I wrote back. But it was short.

'Selamat Hari Raya'

Never put my address (macam xnak orang reply jek kan) hahahaha...

Then, that is it. The year after, no more cards. They have totally given up on me! hahahaha... Terasa jahat gile... hahahahaha...

Dalam banyak2 kad, ada satu kad that was written from the kid I use to ask to buy 'mercun' for me kat kedai belakang asrama. I don't remember wether I wrote back or not. I felt really sorry for him. Coz he really likes to call me on the phone, wasting tons of money just for a little chat, dan dia anggap saya like his big sister. Hafiz, if I did wrote back, than you are the one who didn't reply me. But if you didn't get anything from me, I'm terribly sorry. His sincere words just keep on bugging me! I just throw that card away, coz if I keep it, I'm afraid that tomorrow I'll be in my car and started to drive down to Melaka just to find this boy..uhuhuhu...:(

And there's also a card from a secret admirer. Woh! I seriously didn't remember having a secret admirer. You know, when you're in school, and you can sent in cards to wish just about anything under the sun, to anybody you want, with a bit of payment. So, I got this card, wishing me 'Good luck for SPM', signed Kamarul (Cipan), 5J3. Who is that? I don't have a CLUE! ( There's certainly lots of nicknames in school, but Cipan wasn't so famous kot, I just can't remember)

Then there's letters. Yes, handwritten letters! It is SO lame! I didn't how exactly I replied! must be even more LAME! but there's only 3 letters. Why? because after the 3rd letter, I never replied back. Why?

Huh! If you wasted yout time and money and energy to write to me, such long long long letter just to annoy me, then DON'T! Those letters was konon-konon nya from 'my best friend'. If you wrote just to tell me how busy your life was, because you were studying 24/7, yeh, unlike me, just to tell that your super school have those activities, this and that, while my school sucks, Then you are not getting any more replies. She wrote that letter not because she misses me, but simply to look down on me. She was at this super famous science school and I am in this super crappy Teknik school. Hey! guess what? I may not be a doctor, but I made it. My life is cool! huh!

She wrote to me, simply to tell me, that she was hanging out with my crush, my guy. Simply just to annoy me! Hah! You're annoying!! Saying 'uhhhh, that guy is sooo cool. He makes funny jokes. And I laugh so fucking hard!" Hell, I'm not writing back!


I actually throw everything out. I don't see why I still need to keep those cards. I barely keep in touch with a few selected people, yang xkenal lagilah xpenah contact langsung kan.. hahaha...

Okay. I'm tired, I want to go to sleep. Have a nice long sleep. See ya!

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