Tuesday, June 1, 2010

UM, Gerard Butler, Banjir

I was on the road and a lorry honk me from the side. woho..Only then I realised that I was holding both my phones using both hands and at the same time holding my car sterring! hahahaha...nasib baik bukan pak polisi..

I have two phones. One with Celcom line and another with Maxis. Most family member uses Celcom and most my friends uses Maxis. It is too expensived to use Celcom to call Maxis. That's why I have both line. Celcom is for 'urusan rasmi', Maxis is for 'berpoya-poya'..hahaha.. I got free internet on Maxis, so that is cool! yeh...don't ask me how.. I don't know. All I know it's free..


I'm broke! My 'gaji' have been pending for the last 2 months. I though its was because of this 'system gile' in UM, so I though I'll wait.. but! 2 bulan tanpa gaji, mane bulih tahan dowh.. So I'm not waiting anymore.

Marched down to Bendahari to ask about my 'gaji'. Took a number and wait..and wait.. 10 minutes later, my number was up. I then explained to kakak kaunter about my problem. She asked, "ada nombor gaji x?" I said "ada, tapi saya x ingat la" "Ok xpe la. Saya cek guna name kamu"

And I wait..and wait..and wait.. 15 minutes later, kakak kaunter muncol.

"Adik, nama adik xdelah. Kami xde terima surat arahan bayaran pon. Mungkin HR x bagi surat lagi pada kami. Baik Adik pergi tanye HR. Kami xtau la. Memang xde rekod pon.Cuba lah tanya HR, nanti-nanti datang la sini or just call pn. Azizah."

(nanti-nanti?? Xde Kak. 5 minit lagi saya datang balik. Dah dua bulan gaji xdapat nih? Kang saya makan pasir kang! sape nak tanggung??. HR bukannye jauh sangat, sampai nak suruh saya datang dua tiga hari lagi. Saya tau la orang HR tuh garang, ingat saya x berani ke nak pegi tanye?? Tunggu Kak! Saya pi naik atas jap, tanye HR!!!Dah la tunggu lame gile! Haih!!!) Dialog dalam hati jek..

"xpe lah kak. Jap lagi saya datang balik." dialog betol..

So, I walked upstairs to censelery and went to HR. Yer, orang HR memang garang. So bile masok, saya senyum, bagi salam dan puji kakak tuh dia cantik...hahaha...(lebih2 lah!! xde la puji dia cntik, setakat bagi salam n senyum yang super fake jer!)

HR said they have sent the letter on 3rd May! receive and stamped by a 'Cik Suhana'. HR asked me to go find this 'Cik Suhana' and yelled "Where is my damn letter!!". No kidding..hahaha..

So I went back to Bendahari and told kakak kaunter letter have been sent. ("and now you go find the damn letter!!")

She found my letter somewhere hidden(in the dustbin, I reckon). She's is a bit old, this Puan Azizah, about the same age as my mother. Kesian pulak tengok dia serba salah sebab dia tertinggal surat saya. Nak marah pon xjadi lak. xpelah. Another week wouldn't make any different mehh... I can wait...


I got a chance to catch a movie with Wani, in the afternoon. Imagine! I haven't seen any movie at all in 2010. So this is big. Finally,a movie!! I wanted to watch Robin Hood, but the movie was at 3.15 pm. So, we watch 'Bounty hunter'.

People, if you love your money, (and in my case, 2 month without gaji!) don't go see 'bounty hunter'. Yes, there is Gerard Butler. But he is not HOT in this movie. Seriously NOT WORTH watching! Dah la xpenah tengok movie lagi sepanjang 2010. Patuhj tengok lak citer macam hampeh! BOOOOOOOO...

'Bounty hunter' is not funny, lame jokes, super slow story and soooo predictable!!

Baik tengok citer 'The Ugly Truth'. This is so recommended! hahahaha....There's dirty jokes and they are SOOO DAMN FUNNY!!! I can only watch this with girlfriends. To me, it's a bit odd to share dirty jokes with kawan lelaki..xseswai...
So I recommended this, go get this CD and watch it!! FUNNY!! So funny, but you have to understand the jokes. There are times where only me and a few of the other viewers were laughing. It's either they don't understand the jokes or they are too 'malu' too laugh. But it's damn funny!

Gerard Butler in this movie is SOO HOT!! Superb! ngahaha..


Petang pulak, dah start hujan. Lebat gile! When arrived near SS16 PJ, the road was flooded. But still, I drive my car bacause everyone was going thru too..BUT, suddenly, the battery signal when ON! OH SHOOT!! What the hell is that suppose to mean?? Batteri xdok? or my car was about to go kapoot? waaaaa...wahai kereta, sila lah jangan mampos ditengah2 hujan!

Nasib baik, x jadi apa2...fuuuhhhhhhhh...lega!

And as ussual jam here and there.. This is not so bad after all...hahaha...just making a posting for this lame blog...hehhe..sape soh ko bace?


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BOOOO ing is surely needed for this movie! we shud have boo it in the movie hall itself...BENCI!
Dah la lame gile x tgk movie..and this movie is just CRAP!