Monday, September 20, 2010


Uhhhhhh..... I'm miserable. My baby cat got hospitalised.

Kesian Emma.

She was first suspected to have a fever. Yeh, with 41 C body temp. She is not eating anything and puking out everything, until there's nothing. We went to the vet and she got shot for fever.

But she didn't get any better, instead it is getting way worse. She is now drooling all over, puking and pooping all over too. So we went to the vet again. This time she said, Emma might ate something poisonous. Uhhhh...sian Emma... She is so weak. She couldn't even stand up.

Now, she is hospitalised. Poor Emma. Poor Abik.

but hey, you might think Abik is going to miss Emma while she's away?

Teeetttttt... You are wrong!!

This is she...

Tido lagi bagus maaaa....

Also itroducing my small garden.

Yup, this is my front door. Hehehehe. There's nothing pon. Just some pokok with bunga-bunga kecik.

close up. cute eh... hahahaha... pokok nampak macam nak mati dah..

close up on the other section. Yang nih nampak macam hidup sikit kan.

And one more. Nak berlagak sikit.

I cooked this Mee Bandung right after I got my gas replece with a new one. Hehehe... I think this is the 'sedapest' Mee bandung I've made ever. Delicious!!
And it is very easy to do.

Till then. Chiow!

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Queen4ADay said...

mu...tulih resippi...kawe semenjok minggu lepah teringing nok makkey mee bandung