Sunday, September 26, 2010


It still feel like Emma is in the hospital. I kept on thinking about her. Looking around the house, it reminds me a lot about Em.

Emma loves to sleep behind the PS2 CD stack. If she went missing, and she's nowhere to be found, she is definately behind the CD stack.

When Emma gets bored, yelah dia sorang jek, xde teman nak main, She will come bite your feet as if she is chewing it. Huh...Sakit!

I love playing catch the tikus with Em. She is very playful and jump high. Hoh.

Uhhhhhh.... I soooo miss Emma.This is Emma zaman muda-muda dulu. Now she have join her siblings in heaven.

So, to mend my miserable heart, I need to find another cat. Thank god that one of Ulfah's friend gave this one beautiful cute cat.

Yup, that is a persian. Name? Xde lagi. Setakat nih cume panggil Itchy, sebab suka garu2. No, dia tidak berpenyakit. We did a med check up,Vet said she is healthy. Mungkin cuma gatal jek.

I never have Persian before, semua kucing adalah the normal domestic cat. So first time bela Persian. The thing about Persian is, they don't eat normal cat food. They eat that branded super expensive cat food. Haish!

We first bought Science Plan brand. Why? because it's ceaper than the brand he is eating now (IAMS). Guess what? He wouldn't eat it. Apparently it's not up to his taste. Ceh. Membazir duit aku jek. Jadi pergilah jugak beli Cat food brand IAMS. Huh.

But isn't He cute???

Uh...uh... This is for my Sister... Ini yang kami makan tengahari tadi..hehehe...
Sile jeles!

Ketam masak lemak cili padi!!!
sedap bangat!

Kerisi goreng.
Nak buat cam sumbat cili tuh
tapi xreti.
Sila tunjuk ajar

Dengan ulam timun dan sambal belacan.

Okay. That's it. Till then.


Queen4ADay said...

aarrr..nomey2 nyee...aku dh xde kt mesia ni la ko nk bele kucin ala2 lilo kan..waaaa...tomey2nye..rase nk sepuk2 muke die..
name itchy bes!nk name itchy (ke ko nk aku bg kan ko name ala2 rebikmeng??)

afirah said...

hahaha....memang comel.
tapi name itchy tuh xlekat la. aku dok panggil oren la. kejap2 jadi bobo la. ntah.
tapi kuit kan...