Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Oooowwwhhh... I'm back. Finally after spending 4 days in Marang, Terengganu. For Raya ofkos!!

Actually, we decided to go back home on Sunday, but as I start the car engine, I heard from the radio that the whole Higway was moving slow. Dang! I'm not gonna get stuck in traffic jam. So we unpacked the car and stayed for another night. Penat jek pi salam semua orang. Last2 x jadi balik lak.

So how was my Raya? It was awesome!

Raya for me is time for everyone to gather the families and eat! Raya was awesome because I got to cook, they come, we meet and they eat! It was even better when all the food LICIN and they even Puji memuji my cooking! hehehehe...
The menu was almost like last year. Menu utama adalah Lontong. Yeh, that's us. We don't usually cook the normal Pantai Timur menu. There's 4 house surrounding my house. All of them will either make Nasi dagang, Nasi Minyak, Laksa or Nasi impit and kuah satay. So we always try to cook something else. So this year, I choose Lontong. Not the normal Tganu raya menu, but they love it. Other than kuah lodeh and Nasi impit, I also cooked Kuah kacang, sambal sotong and beef rendang. Last year I made Satay, but this year, I am just too lazy to cucuk satay alone, so I made satay goreng instead...hehehe... Tapi sikit sangat, baru kol 11 pagi satay goreng dah habis.

( no pic of food, was too busy melayan orang ramai)

Tahun nih ramai la pulak yang datang. Nasib baik hari jumaat, jadi mereka berhenti la kejap daru datang beraya. Risau sebab belom pon pukol 12 makanan dah tinggal separuh. Huh..nasib baik cukop-cukop.

Enough of my Raya story. hehehe... Bila dah dewasa sikit nih, baru la rase kadang2 Sambutan Raya ni overrated la. But, I think now people realise the real reason why we celebrate raya. At least with people around me. No more people trying to replace the whole house with new stuff. You know, things like replacing sofas, curtains, carpets, and you-know-what.... So overrrated. We never did that. Cuma ada baju raya baru jek.
X gitu sis? hahahaha...padan muka dapat baju raya lambat...ngahahaha...

Anyway, I would like to tell you this. and tell me what do you think about it.

What if, you somehow falls in love with someone who just didn't want to commit. Well, you two were best friends before, but somehow somewhere along the way you just fall for him. You did everything for him, anything. And still, he says you are a friend.
You call him every night and day, spend every waking moment with him, and still he said "No, this nothing going on between us." He even said you are just friend like any other people is.

What would you do?

Well, all I got to say is... Just leave him. So obvious he is just not interested. Even could be call a coward, for letting your feeling grew even deeper for him. He obviously didn't have any guts to tell to your face that he is just not interested.
He didn't realise you like him?? What stupid idiot couldn't realise or atleast suspected something when you two were THAT close?

If you ever start dating someone, and after a certain period you feel like it's about time he said something, about feelings, or ask you to be his gf but he didn't. Do not wait! If he didn't say, ask him. If he wouldn't tell, push him in a corner and forced the shit outta him. If he still says you are a friend, be brave and strong and leave him! He is not going to change his mind and you will never change him.

That guy is just an idiot. It's his lost and not yours. Find happiness with someone else. You certainly deserve the best.

My conclusion? He is just probably not interested. Really?? Nah.. he is gay... Hahahaha...

(this is just for the lulz. You think?? And this certainly got nothing to do with me..For real!!)

>> To a certain someone. I don't care how much you like or adores me. It is just rude to stare at people! So stop staring!! It's so annoying.

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