Monday, September 6, 2010

Anybody miss me?

I missed my 'jumaat' entry. Heh. What the heck, not that anybody even read this shit pon.. Hehehe.. It is just that jumaat is always my fun day, because tomorrow is the weekends!! I am always lebih rajin dan lebih bersemangat.

So why didn't I write last jumaat? Well, honestly I don't know. To tell you the truth, I don't really remember what I did on jumaat. I guess nothing significant enough for me to even remember it ek? WTH....

I'm going balik kampung on Tuesday night. Hehehe...I love travelling at night. Especially during Ramadhan. Sejuk, dan kalau saya menagantuk, I can't stop for a coffee break. It is a long journey balik Tganu. I'm so use to it, that I don't really mind driving all by myself and without a second driver. Sometimes balik kampung not because I wanted to balik kampung, but just the journey it self...hehehehe...

I remember masa bawak my friends balik kampung. Half way thru, They keep asking, "Dah sampai ke belom?" and "lambat lagi ke?". Hahahahaha.... Remember people, it takes minimun 6 hours to travel from KL - Tganu, that is with my car. I know my Dad can go only in 3-4 hours, esp during emergency. My car can't go fast. Kete cikai jek... hoho..

I'm not bringing back my laptop balik kampung. Malas lah. Then I have to bring it here and there, sebab takot hilang. So I will be gone....I think for about a week. If anything leave me messages on my phones or just leave a comment on the blog. I will be on9 thru the phone. (But not to update my blog lah kan)

So, I am wishing all of you A very happy Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Have a blast..

(I sometimes do wonder who actually reads my blog. I know some people does for certain. Like my friends and my sister. Anyone would like to introduce urself? I promise I buy you a cup of coffee...;P)


Queen4ADay said...

saye tgh angkat tgn=D

afirah said...

hehe...nini,selamat hari raye x rindu kt ko ke?