Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just a stupid story

Have you ever been in this situation?

You got to know about this very good news. The news that you've waited your whole life. The news that would change your life forever. You know you need to share this with someone else. You ought to share this with someone. You couldn't just content this to your self. It must be let out. But unfortunately, there's no one. No one at all. You are all alone. Where is everyone else? Well, somewhere somehow you lost them along the way. You are now by your own self.

But still, you try to call this one person who you thought still cares about you. But he didn't pick up. You left him messages, but it was never return. Finally he did picks up the phone. But the moment he opens his mouth, you knew that he didn't care anymore. The only reason he picks up the phone is to tell you, 'Do not call me anymore'. Even he didn't said this directly, you knew from the tone of his voice he didn't wants to hear from you anymore.

So now, no one knows about your good news. No one knows that there's something that was about to change your life. You are left alone with your good news. alone. completely alone. You loose all of them on your way up to the top.

Now, I ask you, "How's the view? Wonderful eh?"

Then you open your mouth, trying to answer my question.

and I immediately said, " It must have been good pushing me down here. But thanks anyway. I learn a lot on my way down. So enjoy the success alone eh. I'm here busy with all the people you used to know. We're going for a karaoke. Ahahahaha....".

just a story... (you think?!)..


Queen4ADay said...

kawe tak saba nk dgr cerite ni daley bahase kelatey pulok..

afirah said...

hoh..bakpo nok dgr kot bahaso kelate lok?