Saturday, July 31, 2010

What a small world!

Can you believe it? I know I still can't.

Nini's akad was today. And as usual it is a sad moment. it went well. Now Nini is someone's wife.

Don't ask when I am going to get married. I am still asking around, asking who wants me. hahahaha.....

Anyways, this one women caught my eyes. I know that women. I know Nini's husband's mother. I know her. I am sure. Now I' m trying hard to remember where I know her. Then I look at his father. Then it stricked me. OMG! I know this people. I actually know the whole family. What a small world.

This is Ashraf that I knew when I was 6 y/o. Their family are friends with ours back then when we were in the UK from the 1990's. Hoh! How I know and recognized this people is still a mistery. I was 6. and knew them for a short period. I still remember them!

Hoh! There's pictures of all of us. I remember his sister spent the night at our house. Such a small world. Almost 20 years.

I am so excited. Very excited.

Congrats Nini. Semoga berbahagia sampai infiniti. Ashraf, please take good care of Nini.

I still can't believe you are that Ashraf I knew almost 20 years ago! Uncle Othman and Auntie Haniza, I am so excited to see you again. Hope to catch you all tomorrow at Nini's reception. Just to say hai. Hope you all still remembers me.

I am watching Cerekarama 'Takdir'. Ada Saheizy Sam. Berlakon jadi despatch yang nak kumpol 50k nak kawin. Heh! I'll marry you anytime! FOR FREE!!! hehehehe...

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