Saturday, July 31, 2010


It started to feel like Ramadhan. Hehehe... and I love Ramadhan. Shopping malls ans supermarket are now starting to decorate with Ramadhan stuff. They even started selling Kuih raya stuff too. Hoh!
Kami puasa semalam. Biasa lah, dah dekat nak Ramadhan baru sebok nak ganti puasa kan. Heh. Yang jadi rase macam dah start Ramadhan bile saya buat Ayam Percik untok berbuka.

It is different from the KL version. This is Ayam Percik Kelantan. Very easy yet soooo delicious. So I would definately suggest you to try it. Here's the resipi:-

  1. Perap ayam ngan bawang putih dan halia yang dah blend. Bakar ayam separa masak. Set aside.
  2. Tuang santan dalam periuk. Blend cili (or just use cili boh), bawang merah, bawang putih, halia, belacan dan tuang dalam santan tuh. Masukkkan asam keping, serai yang ditumbuk. Hidupkan api. Masak sampai dia pecah minyak. Gula garam secukop rase.
  3. Masukkan ayam yang separa masak tuh dalam kuah tadi. Masak lagi sampai ayam masak. Siap. Makan. Sedap. Jilat periuk. (seriously I did jilat peruk!) Hahahaha...
Bila dapat berbuka ngan ayam percik memang sedap. Seres rase macam dah puasa.

I went to Tesco with Daddy tonight. Heh, saje teman Daddy shopping sambil ambil barang yang aku xmampu nak bayar. Hahaha...

I love going shopping ngan Bapak. Sama macam ngan Mak dulu, shopping time is time to catch up with things. Usual topic bila borak ngan Daddy adalah...well, My mom of course. I know it is hard for him, but hey, this is why we talk kan? So that we can support each other. Suddenly I felt like I am stronger than my dad is. Tipu sangat!
Other than that, one topic he love to discuss with me is politics! Why Daddy why?? I was interested in politics before. Love to hear what he have to say about some certain things. But now, I am sick and tired of Malaysia's politics. It will never change. It will get worst and worst until we all go bankrup and we have to fled the country and live somewhere like zimbabwe or something. It sucks! So I stop caring. It doesn't matter if they reveal one corupted politician or even 100 politicians, or cronies, or whatever wrongdoing they have done, it will just be forgotten just like that. Nothings is going to change. The rich go richer, the poor just get poorer.

My political view; All I want is change. That is all.

Have all of you watch Inception? Please watch it and let me know what do you think about that movie. I love it. I love movies that get you confused and thinking about it many2 days after you've watch it. Heh..

To me, Inception is just Nolan's idea in putting in everyone's brain about that dream in dream in dream concept. He left the movie hanging, with lots of things unclear to keep people thinking about it. That, is his inception. To get people starting to accept that this dream in a dream idea seems possible and logic and rational enough. He is the one planting ideas in our subconcious. Hoh! one brilliant man he is. It get me thinking about it in my sleep.

Well, I think the idea of dream in a dream is somehow possible. But you certainly need loads of practice. It is not easy to control your dream. I always thought of dreams as a very thin layer of memory. That's why you can't remember your dream. About controlling your dream concept, I did it that when I was little. You know, when you were little you always pee in your bed. Hah! I know I did. I always dream that I was in the toilet, than I pee, not in the toilet but in my bed. So I told myself if I dream that I'm in the toilet, I have to wake up. It is not easy. You need practice of course. It is hard to tell that you are in a dream. But I did it. So it is possible to control your dream. But I don't do it anymore. Obvious right, hahaha... I don't wet my bed anymore.

But I love the story. It is kinda confussing at first, then you get the idea. To me, we are still watching Cobb's dream. Huh. If only he jumped with his wife.

Enough review. and enough writing. I'm sleepy. Night everyone.

I wonder how will it be if Kurt Cobain is still alive.
Seriously off topic. Just thinking nonsense.But, what if.....

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